SparkPeople Reprint Policy receives many requests from individuals, companies, and organizations who want to share our content (such as recipes, exercise demos, articles, and email newsletters) with others. Although all of our content is copyrighted and cannot be used without our express permission, we created a small list of articles that third parties may use, as long as they abide by specific guidelines. (You can click here to see the list of articles, along with the requirements for reprinting them.)

No other SparkPeople content is available for reprinting.

Our terms and conditions cover our reprint policy (which encompasses all other articles that are not listed here):

You may not reproduce, distribute, modify or create derivative works of, publicly display (including by framing any content), or commercially exploit any part of the Website except as necessary to view the content on the Website and create a reasonable number of copies of portions of such content (without modification) for your personal, non-commercial use. All rights in the Website not expressly granted by SparkPeople to you are retained by SparkPeople.

What this means is that you cannot use the content from our Websites or email newsletters for anything other than viewing it yourself.

You can print pages for your own personal use, as long as you do not share those printed pages with others. Individuals, companies and organizations can also post links directly to any page on our Website, and you do not need our permission to do so. Here are a few additional examples of what is not allowed:
  • You may not post our content on any other Website or blog
  • You may not use our content in a newsletter, handout, magazine or newspaper
  • You may not copy and paste our content into emails or email newsletters
  • You may not quote our content without our express permission
However, SparkPeople will sometimes license content to large-scale national publishers for a fee. If you are interested in this option, please email