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Reprint Policy Summary

As one of the biggest health and wellness sites on the Internet, SparkPeople receives many requests from others who want to share or reuse our content. That's why we created a simple process to allow third parties to share our articles under the following conditions:

  • Other entities may use selected SparkPeople articles (listed below). Note that you must use the article in its entirety and must cite SparkPeople as stated in our Terms and Conditions

3 Steps to Reprint Articles

As mentioned above, you have our permission to reprint the designated articles below. To use SparkPeople article, follow these 3 steps:

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2) Select an article from the list below, then copy, paste and use the article.

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Fax all pages of our article in your publication to "SparkPeople Reprints" at 513-241-6478. Please include the name and date of your publication. Email all links or eNewsletters where our articles are published to

If you have any questions about reprinting articles please email