The SparkGuy™ Experience

The SparkGuy™ Experience is a service experience for SparkPeople members designed to help them achieve their health and fitness goals and extend that success to all aspects of their lives. Our internal expert, whom we have cordially named "SparkGuy", will guide you through your experience.  SparkPeople's SparkGuy™ service provides exclusive access to motivational resources, instructional multi-media, and a supportive network of over 11.5 million friends who have lost over 18 million pounds and have completed over 2.4 billion fitness minutes and who are there to support and encourage one another to even greater heights.

The Spark Book
SparkPeople's founder and SparkGuy's alter ego, Chris Downie, released his first book, entitled The Spark, which was published by Hay House in December 2009.  An expanded paperback edition followed soon thereafter. Writing and publishing the book was a team effort involving the resident experts from SparkPeople and its members, too. The Spark tells the inspiring account of how Chris founded SparkPeople and distills the best of the SparkPeople program--along with new strategies and secrets of success--into an easy-to-follow 28-day plan.

SparkGuy's SparkTeam® 10 Minute Fitness Club  
This SparkPeople Team is for anyone willing to build consistent fitness habits by doing at least 10 minutes of fitness at least four days per week. There are over 240,000 members of the SparkTeams® programs using the SparkGuy philosophy, supporting one another daily, and celebrating successful achievement of milestone goals. 

SparkGuy's SparkPage™: Woohoo! and the "SparkGuy" Blogs
Don't miss the best tips and advice available through SparkGuy's blog pages and interacting in the SparkPeople on-line Community. SparkGuy corresponds directly with SparkPeople members every day. There are more than 10,000 personal messages to members from SparkGuy, offering encouragement and congratulations alike.

Motivational Speaking
SparkGuy frequently speaks at meetings and events and has "spread the Spark" to millions through multi-media interviews and appearances with FOX, "Entertainment Tonight," The New York Times, It's Your Health radio and more. SparkGuy highlights the success of millions of SparkPeople members and encourages millions more to join them.

As quoted in Fitness magazine in 2011, SparkGuy inspires a community of members that quickly learn "Helping someone else be successful helps you stick to your own goals." By improving your own fitness, and encouraging others to do the same, you can improve your mind and "fitness" level in all areas of your life.

SparkGuy is a trademark of SparkPeople, Inc.  All rights reserved.