30 Tactics to Outsmart Your Unhealthy Temptations

On your quest for a healthy lifestyle, you'll frequently encounter the beast called temptation. Slay him once, and he returns stronger and smarter. Slay him again, and he rises from the ashes to lure you away from your good habits. Fear not! You can win the battle with these 30 tactics to outsmart temptation!

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Member Comments

I actually found most of these ideas helpful. I do agree #25 is a little extreme. I take the extra food, portion it & freeze it immediately, before I even sit down to eat, so the temptation is gone & I now have to wait for it to defrost & cook it. Not all things work for all people. Take what you can from the article, some of these tips are really good. Thanks for writing this. Report
Awesome Report
Thanks for the great tips! :) Report
thanks Report
Thanks, but will save the big portions for later on the week. When you are on a limited budget food can get expensive to bu. Report
Thank You so much for the tips and the calendar. Report
Great tips in the calendar! Report
Increasing fruits and veggies does nothing against stopping cravings, makes the cravings worse. Haven’t worked in decades of doing it. Fruits and veggies are just “OK”, but really not that good, if they were, we would not have had these years of constant nagging......thin
k of the nagging and prodding, tips to put cheese on them, sauces , vile tasting herbs. Does not help. That’s the way it is. Report
great stories Report
I us3d to feel guilty for throwing food away. Then I would put it in the fridge and throw it away a week later after it grew mold and became a science experiment. Solution - when out, hubby and I split a meal; at home, I am learning to cook for 2 instead of a crowd. Report
Definitely not a fan of wasting food. Save it for later, share with a loved one, but don't waste food. That's the mentality of self-absorbed society. If you can't handle it, then perhaps treat yourself in a different way as opposed to going to a restaurant. Report
#25 soloution is simple. Get smaller plates, I use a kids sized plate for my meals and I always feel full. My mind is set that once its all gone you are full and this has worked for me Report
For me it is easy to outsmart these because I never deny myself anything, if i want the burger from mcdonalds I have it. I have found that eating healthy foods however, limits the cravings for the "not good" foods. It is amazing how increasing your fruits or veggies can curb the cravings for sugars, salt and grease . Report
I think #17 is counterproductive
/false. There's no single indulgence that will set you set you back "weeks of work," as it says. A cookie will not do that. A cheeseburger will not do that. The problem is, if you keep asking yourself, "what are the consequences of THIS indulgence?," the answer is always going to be, "one single indulgence isn't going to make or break my diet." And then you can justify it, over and over again, which IS a big deal.
Some of you are being bit picky with these, especially #25. The point is, don't eat everything on your plate!!! What you do with it is up to you!! I give mine to my dog. Am I awful for not giving half of my uneaten food to the homeless??? What??!!??! If it is a high calorie treat, uh, nooooo....I'm not saving it for tomorrow. It was a treat today!


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