Keep Exercise Fun and Adventurous

Remember playing baseball or soccer as a youngster? Getting together with your friends after school or on a Saturday afternoon and playing for hours at a time? Now what was the point of playing? To get in a good  workout, or just to have fun?

Now think of today. Do you frequently find an excuse not to go to the gym, or just wake up and tell yourself you don’t really need to run today? Could it be that you’re missing some of the fun? That’s right, FUN! Did you forget about having fun with exercise?

Somewhere between constant visits to the overcrowded gym and waking up at 6 a.m. to go walking or running, fun may have taken a backseat. Sadly enough, we probably do not even realize our workouts are lacking the fun we used to enjoy on the ball field when we were younger. Now is a better time than ever to get that feeling back, and start jumping at the chance to workout.

The Spark Diet encourages you to venture out of the gym and made exercise fun again, to be an adventurer!

First off, workouts do not have to consist of just lifting weights or running around the neighborhood. Who says you can’t still play baseball or soccer? There are recreational leagues for all ages and abilities all over the place. Maybe you can get your spouse involved and find a co-ed team. There are plenty of leagues out there too – tennis, basketball, and many more! Keep your eyes peeled and you’re sure to find one to your liking.

A fitness goldmine is the local park. What can you do at the park except walk the dog, you ask? How about hiking, rollerblading, biking, mountain biking, and canoeing to name a few, all of which are great exercise. And instead of being stuck inside a cramped, sweaty gym, you get to enjoy the outdoors!

Of course, you can get very adventurous and go after sports such as kayaking, climbing or cross country skiing. You might not be able to do all of these depending on where you live, but you probably have access to at least one.

Or take advantage of everyday activities you might normally avoid. Some of those chores can also be a great workout. Many dread the first sign of winter because they know it means shoveling the driveway. What a great workout this can be, though, for your arms, legs, your entire body. Same goes for raking leaves. If you get ambitious, you could volunteer to do it for your neighbor too!

These are just a few ideas and examples to get the fun and adventure back in your workout. The key is to find whatever gets you excited and give it a shot!

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Member Comments

thanks Report
Great article! Report
Thanks. Report
Great article. thanks Report
Great! Will these in mind. Thank you for sharing. Report
This article helped me come up with a plan as to where I was going to walk my dogs daily. Then I researched places to go to explore and move even further for a month. I won't let winter or age be my dog ate the homework excuse. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
I agree 100 percent with MILLIFRED. Report
Why is it that playing a game can be considered a workout but if gardening is our recreation we are supposed to consider that exercise just a side benefit, not a real workout. I would like to see some of these people who workout at the gym or go running start digging in a garden, lugging around heavy bags of mulch and doing all the bending and stretching involved in planting or harvesting a garden try it and see if they don't get a good workout that includes cardio, strength training, and stretching as well as plenty of fresh air and vitamin D from all that sunshine! Report
Maybe that's why they call them "WORKouts" not playouts. Report
I belly dance. I also teach it. And, I've recently gotten certified to teach Zumba. When I tell people what I do, I always get the same response, "Oh. I'd love to do that!" Well, then why don't you? Life if too short. Make a list of all the things you wanted to do as a kid and just go do 'em. I started belly dancing, and it wasn't long before I tapped into my inner ham and started doing it in front of people. I was hooked. Performing in a local troupe and teaching keeps me young and prevents me from getting lazy. After all, I have troupe members and students counting on me!!! Report
this is great. i am going to try one of these, most likely soccer. Report
2 days a weeks I work at a food bank and that is my exercise those days and it is exercise! I always feel I did a great workout plus I am doing something for someone else.

I try to go to the Y at least 2-3 times a weeks and the other days I will do a on line workout or take a long walk at the mall or at a shopping center. When the weather is warmer I will swim. Report
There are things we should not out grow as we age, having fun in a safe, healthy way that builds skills and challanges us is (in my book) one we should never be to grown up for. With work we are told that if we find a job we love we won't work a day in our lives. Same can go for exercise, find a sport or activity you really really enjoy! Report
I think that finding a physical activity that we enjoy is one of the *keys* to weight loss, and especially maintenance afterwards. Report


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