Sometimes When I Look at Myself...

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Sometimes When I Look at Myself

 Sometimes when I look at me,
I see this person looking back,
And all that I can think of,
Is everything she lacks.
Her hair is brown and common,
Her eyes a bluish green,
She keeps her smile to herself,
As she doesn’t want it seen.
She’s heavyset and not athletic,
Her body not to her liking,
But actually she’s a butterfly,
Quite beautiful and striking.
Breaking through cocoon walls,
Made her very strong,
She never knew she had it in her,
But she had it all along.
Maybe she doesn’t always see,
The beauty from the mirror,
But she sees it in the faces,
Of those who really hear her.
She calls out to give strength,
To anyone who will listen,
“Love yourself and choice by choice,”
You too will come to glisten.
It’s never all or nothing,
It’s never one last meal,
It’s all about your journey,
And how you choose to heal.
Learn to fly with stained glass wings,
That glisten in the sun,
The cocoon is hard to get through,
But flying is such fun.
What do YOU see when you look at yourself? What do you like most about yourself?

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MOINSDEMOI 10/21/2020
Thank you for giving us a pep talk as we suffer through Covid-19 virtually alone. It is no longer, "I want to be ...", it is "I will be". Report
GRANNYOF05 11/19/2019
Great poetry. Loved it. Keep up that beautiful smile. Report
PWILLOW1 11/12/2019
Beautiful poem Beth. Thanks for sharing Report
Beautiful, beautiful poem! Thank you! Report
Thank you for sharing this. It is beautiful. Report
Beautiful poem! Report
Thank you for sharing such an intimate part of your soul. Report
Lovely! Thank you! Report
Thank you!
Inspiring poem. Report

Thank You For Sharing. It was Beautiful. Report
Great poem thanks Report
Thanks for posting. Report
Inspiring poem... made me think on my own life I thank you. Report
wonderful poem Report
Absolutely lovely! Report
Beautiful poem Beth. Thank you. Report
How beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
Thanks for sharing. I use to write poems but haven't in a long time. This is a great and very insightful poem. Report
Simply, elegantly beautiful. Thank you. Report
Beautiful poem from a beautiful lady. Thanks Beth. Report
How beautiful Report
Very beautiful and inspirational. Report
You are beautiful! Your smile is radiant and your eyes sparkle. Thank you for sharing your success and awesome poem. Report
Awesome! Thank you. Report
Beautiful Beth! I like that you chose a picture with the dumbbell in it! It shows me you care about You and that is so important! Ever since we met at the Library in North Indiana, many years ago now, I have watched you blossom into that butterfly. Fly Beth Fly! Laura Report
Very inspiring & motivational Report
BEAUTIFUL!!! Just like you! Report
Thank you, I love the uniqueness of your message. The love behind it shines through. Report
We really miss your blogs. Take care, ok. Report
You are so talented! Why did you stop writing for SparkPeople? I miss your blogs! Report
Beautiful! Its a shame you are not still writing blogs for Sparkpeople. Its nice to hear from someone who has actually on the journey.. Report
Awesome Report
Thank you! Report
I love your poem, and your picture shows a lady of grace, life and joy! Thank you for sharing! Report
Thank you for sharing your creative talents with this beautiful poem. Report
AWESOME BETH !!!! Report
Beautiful poem! Loved it. Report
You are absolutely the most inspiring person, for me, on Sparks. I love reading each and every one of your blogs. I am encouraged by you and rooting for you. Thanks for sharing so honestly! Report
The poem is almost as beautiful as you. Report
Your blog is just as beautiful as your smile! Report
Awesome! Report
thank you for sharing this wonderful poem, I know I can't be the only one this hit home with Report
That was beautiful and thanks for sharing. What I like most about myself is I make people LOL all the time---it's a gift that I've come to treasure. I wish I had realized it sooner I might have been able to make a living as a comedianne. Oh well! Report
Awesome poem! Thank you for the gift! Report
You are a lovely person; people who are at peace with themselves radiate beauty. I am still in a decades-old struggle with myself; I am petty with my mirror image and do not like what looks back at me. I know I really need to change this. Report
Your poem was inspiring as well as insightful. You were able to put to words, what I feel, is a reflection of many of us. Report
Love it! Thanks so much for sharing. Report
Thank you!!! This is wonderful. Report
You are a delight. Report