Casual Dress = Weight Loss Success

A recent study from the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse looked at the relationship between clothing and physical activity while at work. Researchers studied 53 people in a variety of professions and tracked both their daily activity (measured by pedometers) and how casually or professionally dressed they were.

Results showed that people took an average of 491 more steps each day if they wore casual clothing to work. That means that just by dressing comfortably, study subjects increased their daily calorie burns by eight percent!

Action Sparked
Take advantage of your company's casual Friday or business-casual dress code. The easiest way to increase comfort, even in a polished-professional environment, is to wear practical shoes. Dress for comfort and you’ll be more likely to walk to a co-worker's desk, take the stairs…even walk the dog when you get home (rather than just letting him out in the backyard). No casual days at work? Have your own casual evenings and weekends. Or better yet, leave a copy of this study on your boss's desk.