How SparkPeople Employees Squeeze in Quick Workouts

We all have days when finding an hour to exercise just isn't an option. That doesn't mean you should skip your workout. Instead, you just need to get creative about how you'll fit in some activity. The people behind are avid exercisers, too, but sometimes they don't have time for their full workouts. Here are some of their tips for squeezing in a workout on the busiest days.

  • "Fitting in exercise takes planning. Many times I will get up early and get my run in before I begin my work day. If that is not an option, I always carry a duffel bag with workout clothes and shoes in my car. Even if I have to shorten my runs or workout routine, I live by the mantra, 'Something always trumps nothing.'  A short, easy 3-mile run trumps not running at all." -- Nancy, resident expert and certified running coach
  • "I am an early riser so I get my workout in early in the morning before anyone wakes up in my household. And, I also try to do some cardio at lunch if I have time. A few of us in the office have joined together to do a variety of challenges, so we fit in some push-ups and crunches in the afternoons three days a week." -- Beth, marketing team
  • "On my busy days, I try to take several breaks from work and do short 5-10 minutes of fitness at a time. Breaking it up like that makes it easier for me to focus on my work and other things that I have to do while I stick to my fitness goals. Also, when I go out, I tend to park further out in the parking lot to squeeze in a little extra walking and I always take the stairs. I find that even doing those little things that may not seem like much, can add up to helping me with my fitness goals." -- Denise, resident expert
  • "I get up and get my workout in before anything else. I'm pretty busy with four kids, so if I don't do it early, it's likely I'll never get to it." -- Josh, tech team
  • "I try to exercise while thinking about a work project in my head so I can still be working and also get my exercise minutes. I often get my best ideas this way!" -- Chris ("SparkGuy"), founder and CEO
  • "I either work out first thing in the morning or just to a 10-minute 'quick pump' workout in the office that's not so intense that I get super sweaty and need to shower, but good enough to help me maintain my strength training progress." -- Sean, marketing team
  • "Either do it first thing in the morning or I put it down as an appointment on my calendar." -- Tim, marketing team
  • "I hop out of bed and just get moving as early as possible either with a quick 30-minute run or body weight exercises like push-ups, crunches, lunges, squats and jumping rope." -- Grant, marketing team
  • "With work, volunteering and carting around two busy teenagers, every day is a busy day, which is why I am up by 5:30 a.m. to exercise first thing in the morning. For me, if I don't get it done then, I am likely to let others fill my evenings with activities and needs and I bump myself to the bottom of the list." -- Tanya, resident expert
  • "I put an elliptical in my 'bonus room' above the garage. I save up reading material for work and go up there and catch up on reading while I'm on the elliptical. Sometimes I do work conference calls from there, too! I work out much longer if I'm busy and not feeling like I need to rush back to my desk. (It helps that I work from home.)" -- Tami, marketing team
  • "All days are busy, so I usually break it up: 10-15 minutes in morning (something aerobic), 10-15 minutes at lunch or in the afternoon while waiting to pick up my son from an after-school event (fast walk), and 10-15 minutes in evening (weights, balance, stretching). Plus, I always take stairs, park in the last row of parking lot, hand deliver some messages at work, walk to the bathroom farthest away from my desk, etc." -- Becky, resident expert and registered dietitian
  • "If I have a yoga class or group run at night, I put it in my BlackBerry and block out that time. If I don't have a set workout in mind, I get up an hour earlier to make time for it. If I know I need to exercise during the day, I wear my workout clothes to the office. I'm also learning to embrace 10-minute strength-training workouts. I forget how quick it is to do a few sets of squats, lunges, push-ups, etc." -- Stepfanie, content team and certified yoga instructor
  • "Most days I work out first thing in the morning or at lunch. However, a really busy day probably means I've reached night time without doing either of these. If that's the case, I throw in a 20-minute yoga DVD as soon as I get my kids to bed." -- Paul, tech team
  • "Fortunately, my neighborhood is often my gym. Flat streets are hard to find, so even a 20-minute run is a great workout. When I'm tight on time, I try to start my day with abs and push-ups and will finish the day with resistance band workouts. That balanced with a 20-minute run is great. In my day, 10 minutes of exercise yields great results." -- Samantha, resident expert
  • "I often do push-ups during the work day as a short break. I run first thing in the morning before my family wakes for the day." -- Rachel, resident expert
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