How to Measure for Exercise Intensity without a Heart Rate Monitor

The Talk Test has been a generally accepted method of measuring (aerobic) exercise intensity for a long time now, although fitness experts have questioned whether or not the test is accurate across populations and different types of exercise. The test is self-administered to help exercisers determine whether or not they are exercising at the appropriate intensity level (think target heart rate) or when they need to take it down a notch.

Basically, if you can carry on a light conversation while exercising, then you are in a good intensity range. Once your speech starts to break, slow, or cause discomfort, you’re working too hard.

Researchers at the American College of Sports Medicine found that people who can talk comfortably during exercise are likely to be working at the appropriate intensity, and that this test is a good way to predict intensity levels, even corresponding to exercise prescriptions (like the target heart rate) from doctors or trainers.

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Not everyone completely understands the target heart rate method. Not to mention, not all machines (or people!) have heart rate monitors, and sometimes you just don't want to stop, count, and time a heart rate check during exercise. The Talk Test has been confirmed as a simple and accurate method of gauging intensity that doesn’t require any equipment or learning. Try your own Talk Test during your next workout (and compare it to your normal heart rate count if you’re skeptical). You may be able to replace your heart rate monitoring with this simple test during all of your workouts, or at least when counting your pulse is inconvenient.
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This is not a good way for me, I get winded just walking and have to push myself to go longer and also rest when it gets too hard to breath. Report
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I bought a fitbit2 over Thanksgiving but have yet to use it. I have been debating if I really need it. I can use my phone to tracker the miles I walk outdoors so it's only for heart rate and calories. I'm hesitant to track calories burned with a HRM again because then the workouts I enjoy become nothing but a means to an end. And tracking heart rate wasn't good for me in the past because some days I just tire more easily than others but my polar HRMs in past never took that into account. I want exercise to be natural and something I look forward to doing. If I'm using the FitBit2 then it's mostly or only a means to my weight loss goals. I want my health, happiness, and lifestyle to improve greatly with weight loss being the wonderful benefit of living healthfully. Thank you for this information! Report
This was a good reminder when I am working out Report
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Be an inspiration to those around you by making the most of each day. Report
This is an interesting article. Thanks so much!! Report
Subce I have shortness of breath after a few yards of plain walking, not a good test of intensity! Report


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