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Lying Double Leg Raises with Medicine Ball Exercise

Lying Double Leg Raises with Medicine Ball

Starting Position Hold a medicine ball (or unweighted ball) between your legs, just above your ankles. Lie down on your right side with your body in a straight line, head supported in your hand, top hand on the floor for support, and abs engaged.

Action EXHALE: Squeezing the ball and keeping your toes and knees pointed directly forward, slowly lift both legs off the floor. INHALE: With control, slowly lower your legs back down to the floor to complete one rep. Finish all reps on this side and then switch sides.

Special Instructions Keep your abs engaged and think about using your obliques at the side of the waist to help you lift and lower your legs. Only lift your legs as high up as you can while maintaining good form and control. Do not use momentum.

Make it harder: Instead of relying on your top hand for support on the floor in front of you, progress by using that hand less and less and eventually take it off the floor completely for a greater challenge.

Muscles Worked:Inner thighs, outer thighs, abs, obliques