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Leaning Pull-ups on Smith Machine Exercise

Leaning Pull-ups on Smith Machine

Starting Position Not pictured: Adjust height of barbell so that it is at or below chest level when standing. Lock the bar in that position on the Smith machine. Face the machine and place hands shoulder-with apart on the bar, with an overhand grip. Place feet on the other side of the bar and lower yourself into the start position (pictured). Straighten arms, legs, and back and engage the abs.

Action EXHALE: Bend the elbows to bring your chest towards the bar, keeping legs and back straight.

INHALE: Slowly straighten arms to return to start position to complete one rep.

Special Instructions Keep head and neck in a neutral position, and avoid locking knee and elbow joints. If you have a weak grip (i.e. weak wrists), do not attempt this exercise.

Muscles Worked: Upper back

Exercise Categories: Advanced Gym Machines Upper Body Strength