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Standing Hip Adduction with Band Exercise

Standing Hip Adduction with Band

Starting Position Make a loop at one end of the band and place it around your left ankle. Hold the other handle in your right hand. Stand with your right foot on the band with back straight, abs engaged, right hand on hips and knees soft. Lift your left leg off the floor just slightly, foot flexed.

Action EXHALE: Keeping both legs straight, use the inner thigh to pull the left leg towards the midline of your body.

INHALE: Slowly return left leg to the side, returning to the start position to complete one rep.

Finish set on this leg and then switch sides.

Special Instructions Keep abs in, knee on balancing leg soft, and eyes fixed on a focal point to help maintain balance. Do not lean to the side as you move. Make it easier: Bring balancing leg closer to the handle you’re holding to decrease resistance. Make it harder: Bring balancing leg closer to the working leg (the "loop" end of the band) to increase resistance.

Muscles Worked: Inner thighs