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Reverse Flys with Band Exercise

Reverse Flys with Band

Starting Position Grab each handle and place one foot on the center of the band, staggering the other foot behind you. Stand tall with back straight, abs engaged, knees soft, and arms extended underneath your shoulders. Bend forward slightly from the waist, bending forward leg and extending back leg.

Action EXHALE: Keeping elbows soft, slowly pull arms out to the sides and up to chest level as your squeeze your shoulder blades together.

INHALE: Slowly return back to the start position to complete one rep.

Special Instructions Do not arch or round the back. Keep the abs engaged to protect your lower back. Keep wrists straight and in line with the forearms. Make it harder: Stand on the band with both legs, placing them wider than the hips (closer to handles) for more resistance.

Muscles Worked: Upper back