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Lying Double Leg Raises Exercise

Lying Double Leg Raises

Starting Position Lie on left side, legs straight, knees together, resting head on left hand or extended arm. Place right hand flat on the ground in front of you for balance.

Action EXHALE: Keeping legs squeezed together, lift both legs simultaneously up into the air. Hold for 1-2 counts here. Be sure that feet are flexed and toes point forward.

INHALE: Lower to start without letting bottom leg touch ground to rest to complete one rep.

Switch sides and repeat to complete one set.

Special Instructions This is a very small movement- you should only be lifting legs a few inches off the ground.

Make it harder: Try holding in highest position for 30+ seconds instead of (or in addition to) doing repetitions.

Muscles Worked: Inner thigh, Outer thigh, Hips, Obliques