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INTERVIEW: How Ellie Krieger Developed Her 'Healthy Appetite' for Life

Ellie Krieger, host of the Food Network's Healthy Appetite, talks with the dailySpark about vitamin D, getting kids to eat well and her foolproof quick dinner plans.
Posted 5/12/2009  1:49:21 PM By:   : 64 comments   22,712 views
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SPENT: Tactics to Regain Energy in Life and Feel Great Again

Dr. Frank Lipman, author of "Spent," shares tips on how to regain energy and feel great again.
Posted 5/4/2009  2:26:33 PM By:   : 77 comments   20,795 views
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From a Newlywed Gone Soft to a Hard-Bodied Marathoner

Magda lost more than 30 pounds and learned to run, bike and swim underwater. She's now a veteran marathoner and triathlete. Redbook magazine is sharing her story, too!
Posted 4/29/2009  2:14:20 PM By:   : 102 comments   21,578 views
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'I Ran 7 Marathons on 7 Continents at Age 55'

Linda Quirk ran her first marathon at 35. Now 55, she recently returned from Antarctica, after having run seven marathons across all seven continents.
Posted 4/15/2009  11:40:39 AM By:   : 92 comments   19,567 views
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What You Can Learn from America's Top Sports Nutrition Expert

For 27 years, Dave Ellis, a dietitian and strength-building expert, has worked with collegiate and professional teams across the US. Now he's talking to the dailySpark!
Posted 4/7/2009  10:38:51 AM By:   : 53 comments   23,347 views
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Meet the Guy Behind All Those Cool Videos on SparkPeople

A few weeks back, we shared a peek inside the SparkPeople offices. You said you'd love to know more about us, so we've launched a new series: Meet the SparkPeople Team.
Posted 4/6/2009  11:07:38 AM By:   : 104 comments   13,889 views
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Secrets and Recipes from 'The Biggest Loser' Nutritionist

We recently received an email from Cheryl Forberg, the nutritionist for The Biggest Loser. We invited Cheryl to write a guest blog for the dailySpark, and she accepted!
Posted 3/24/2009  10:03:57 AM By:   : 143 comments   34,007 views
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A Minute with: Chef Tyler Florence

Chef Tyler Florence recently took some time to answer some of our kitchen questions!
Posted 3/2/2009  6:22:12 AM By:   : 58 comments   17,321 views
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A Minute With: Triathlete, Firefighter and "Engine 2" Author Rip Esselstyn

World-class professional triathlete turned firefighter Rip Esselstyn knows how to eat right and stay in shape. His "Engine 2 Diet" has yielded astounding results!
Posted 2/25/2009  2:22:50 PM By:   : 61 comments   17,927 views
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A Minute with...Dietgirl Blogger & Author Shauna Reid

Recently I chatted with a talented young writer named Shauna Reid, better known as Dietgirl. Seven years ago, Shauna weighed 351 pounds. Now she's a happy, healthy 175 pounds.
Posted 12/30/2008  9:00:00 AM By:   : 117 comments   22,160 views
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What Are The Healthiest Meals on Earth?

Check out our interview with nutrition expert Dr. Jonny Bowden, author of "The Healthiest Meals on Earth."
Posted 9/30/2008  12:37:51 PM By:   : 34 comments   10,893 views
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