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Ravenous: The Practice of Food

An excerpt from Dayna Macy's memoir, "Ravenous: A Food Loverís Journey from Obsession to Freedom." This is a must-read for anyone who's ever had emotional issues with food.
Posted 3/1/2011  6:05:00 AM By:   : 103 comments   27,532 views
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What We're Reading: The Latest in Healthy Living

We've rounded up the latest great health titles. What are you reading right now?
Posted 2/23/2011  6:00:18 PM By:   : 44 comments   20,032 views
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Quiz: The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick

Wonder why some people get sick all the time and others are seemingly a picture of good health? A new book might hold the answers.
Posted 11/16/2010  4:00:00 PM By:   : 70 comments   58,656 views
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Is It Time To Relax When It Comes To Your Health?

Have you ever fallen into the trap of feeling like you have to become perfectly healthy and do everything exactly the way the experts tell you to?
Posted 1/19/2010  5:41:03 AM By:   : 116 comments   24,718 views
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Take Stock of Your Behaviors and Stay at a Healthy Weight, Naturally

People who make mindful eating second nature may appear naturally thin, but they're paying attention to what they're eatingóand how much they're eating, and when.
Posted 1/14/2010  2:08:26 PM By:   : 127 comments   28,882 views
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SparkPeople's Best Day Ever

Dec. 29 was practically a holiday at the SparkPeople headquarters (except we all worked really hard!)--it was the day our dream came true!
Posted 12/30/2009  4:00:00 PM By:   : 152 comments   30,813 views
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Learn How to Preorder the SparkPeople Book

We've been telling you about our book deal for months. Now, you can preorder your copy of "The Spark"--and get some great prizes. This is one offer you won't want to miss!
Posted 9/28/2009  6:07:12 AM By:   : 144 comments   27,139 views
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The (Surprising) First Step to Getting Fit

NFL star Terrell Owens recently wrote the book "T.O.ís Finding Fitness." He shares tips on taking the first step to getting fit.
Posted 9/23/2009  12:38:12 PM By:   : 42 comments   19,789 views
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An In-Depth Talk with the Author of 'The End of Overeating'

Listen to an interview with Dr. David Kessler, author of the ground-breaking new book "The End of Overeating." He figured out why we're powerless around certain foods.
Posted 9/16/2009  4:21:06 PM By:   : 103 comments   25,004 views
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How to Disinfect Your Home -- Naturally

Author Ellen Sandback shared this guest blog post, an elegant and simple solution to killing bacteria in your home, from her book, Green Housekeeping .
Posted 9/14/2009  2:44:17 PM By:   : 136 comments   55,819 views
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7 Tips for Controlling Your Hungerís On and Off Switches

Authors of the best-selling book "You: On a Diet, "Michael F. Roizen, M.D. and Mehmet C. Oz, M.D., shared these tips on keeping your hunger in check.
Posted 9/8/2009  9:55:34 AM By:   : 84 comments   28,679 views
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Could You Give It All Up to Follow Your Dream?

Eustace Conway is a man who never accepted the word no, who never worried about how others perceived his life, who never gave up on his dream.
Posted 6/11/2009  12:07:53 PM By:   : 84 comments   16,428 views
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Son of 'Post' Editor Wrote His Own Happy Ending

Quinn Bradlee grew up in privilege but spent much of his youth in sick and watching life pass him by. Now he has created a website--and written a book--to help others like him!
Posted 5/27/2009  1:53:46 PM By:   : 42 comments   10,667 views
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Are You An Apple in a Lollipop World?

Identifying your body type and learning to love it are two different things. Do you know your body type?
Posted 3/26/2009  6:30:50 AM By:   : 226 comments   27,578 views
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10 Requests to Add to Your Dining Repertoire

The author of 'Your Big Fat Boyfriend' shares 10 tips on slimming down your restaurant orders.
Posted 3/4/2009  10:00:54 AM By:   : 55 comments   9,186 views
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