What I Love about My Body Now

By , SparkPeople Blogger
That headline, “What I Love about My Body Now,” implies that I ever loved my body in the first place.  No, I never did.  I hated and loathed ever part of it, except my face and hair, and even those had their moments.  I can’t say that before SparkPeople I ever did love my body.  Now, I’m wowed by parts of it, blown away with what it can do, and amazed at its ability to heal.
Let’s start with healing.  This very week, I got off of insulin shots!  I was taking two types plus 3 oral medications.  BIG!  I remember the doctors telling me that weight loss surgery was the only way for me to get off of insulin and heal.  I’ve stopped taking my blood pressure medication and my cholesterol is good, as well.  That is proof positive to me that, although I still have chronic pain issues from herniated discs, pinched nerve bundles, fibromyalgia, bad knees, and degenerative disease, I CAN improve something.  Around my 200-pound weight loss mark, my doctors plan to help me with some of my pain issues surgically.
What am I wowed by?  I am wowed at every muscle I see emerge.  One of these days I’ll take some muscle shots for my gallery.  I have more defined biceps, calves and hamstrings.  My hands look so much smaller--I look so much smaller. I catch myself looking in the mirror more, but sadly I do not see the person I see in pictures.  I keep my camera handy because the mirror plays tricks on my eyes, with the old me staring back. The camera somehow picks up on the new me.
I treat my body to manicures, new lipsticks, pedicures, and bubble baths frequently now.  I also treat it to clothes I LIKE.  I’m no longer stuck wearing things from special order catalogs, nor from specialty plus shops.  I bought a winter coat in red the other day.  I chose red because it makes me happy and feel vibrant.
I don’t short-change my body when it comes to workouts either.  My body and I need that time to heal, be "wow"-worthy, stay mobile, and do amazing feats I never thought possible.  Last month I did a 5K with my walker.  Yes, that blew me away!  I’ve done yoga in public and am now capable of more than a warrior and a tree pose.  I like to swim and do recumbent (seated).  I use an arm bike, a trampoline, a ball, weights, bands, and a yoga strap at home.  Most of these pieces of equipment do not require that you be on your feet and are great for people who are mobility challenged.
What do you love about your body now?