Trim Your Tummy

By , By Suzanne Bowen, of Woman's Day

Whittle Your Middle

Got 10 minutes? Then you have enough time to work this workout into your routine. These six simple moves can put you on your way toward a tinier tummy. So what are you waiting for?



Mountain Climber


1. Start in a push-up position, hands flat on the floor and below your shoulders, legs extended behind you. Your body should be straight.

2. Bend your right leg and bring it in toward your chest, then straighten it and return to starting position. Repeat with your left leg. Alternating legs, slowly do as many as you can for 60 seconds, making sure to keep your hips and butt low.


Side Hip Drop


1. Lean on your left elbow with your body, right arm raised. (Your elbow should be directly below your shoulder.) Extend your right (top) leg as you lift your body and bend your left leg behind you, keeping it on the ground.

2. Lower your hips a few inches, then lift back up. Slowly do as many small dips as you can for 30 seconds, then switch over to your right side and repeat.

Arrow Arm Crunch


1. Start on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Focus on using your abs to lift your upper body off the floor as you straighten your arms and bring your hands together (like an arrow pointing to the center of your legs).

2. Reach to the left side, then back to the center, then to the right side and back to the center. Repeat for 30 seconds, rest, then do another 30-second set.

Click here for 3 more tummy toning exercises!

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    What is your favorite core exercise? Wil you be trying these exercises?

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    can we get these excercises on the fitness tracker? thx. Report
    Thanks for the post . It is really helpful and i m loosing my weight and trimming my tummy with your help. thanks a lot. Report
    Where I tend to agree to some extent that no exercise can really target a specific area, these exercises are still worthwhile when combined with workouts which target all areas of the body. No, we don't have have that lithe form that is pictured on the blog, but we can firm up what we do have by eating right, exercising and doing toning exercises. That's what they're intended for-to tone. They don't really whittle anything away, but for someone like me, who has lost to my goal, but still have some flabby areas to work, it's great to find some that will help with those trouble areas. I am working out now with weights to begin my firming, toning and muscle building segment of my strength training routine. I do hope that you don't throw this idea out as something that's unrealistic, b/c it's not. Every exercise has it's place for someone. Maybe not for all, but nor is Zumba right for me! So, pick what works for you at your level and just don't give up entirely on having a lean, tone look once you're where you want to be with the rest! Report
    I agree with the ones who are disappointed in SP with blog and others like it. Mixed messages are the norm here anymore. This is not the SP I joined 2 1/2 years ago. It looks to me as if this is being targetted to the thin, young and athletic.
    :( Report
    I could barely make out the tiny illustrations whereas the opening photo was easy to see. I did not expect this link of blog it lacked any realistic suggestions. Frankly it was "Tacky" not up to the standards I expect of these blogs.
    Dude, lean waists are made in the kitchen (i.e. by eating less), not in the gym. Report
    I use to be able to do these exercises when I was younger but a little too hard for me right now. They are awesome though. We have to listen to our bodies and sometimes readjustments are necessary. that is where I am right now! Report
    I'm getting really disturbed at SP over the last few months. People getting banned for posting honestly on their private blogs, untrue health messages like this one being the main cut of the articles and the redesign has cut out the health news. Pay areas now? This isn't the site I joined. Report
    Thought these exercises look great, no extra equipment needed. Going to try all of the this evening. Report
    I am going to try these excerise today. Report
    Included with other exercises they are good for working the core. But there are NO spot reducing, or trimming exercises for just certain areas. This sounds like some infomercial. For a trim tummy . lose fat and exercise the underling muscles. And even then an older, former obese person might not achieve the tight abs of a younger person .These are a lot like the yoga and pilates I do daily. Report
    I've done some of these moves and when done regularly with a healthy food plan, they bring results. Report
    "Whittle your middle" and "Trim your Tummy" are phrases directly counter to Spark People's message that spot reducing is a myth. While core exercises are important, the language used here is misleading. When choosing guest blogger articles, please, PLEASE make sure that their language is in line with your overall message. Mixed messages from you just muddle the mix. Report
    I've tried these; operative word being TRIED! Personally a little advanced for me, but if I keep trying I should be able to do them in 10 years or so... Report
    If you are watching what you eat and exercising like you should, then yes, the stomach exercises will tone or whittle your mid-section. If you are heavier than you want to be then you will probably not see the muscles until you loose the weight but doing any type of exercise will burn calories. Doing standard deliberate exercises will continue to burn fat throughout the day and even more so if you add cardio with it. This is a suggestion to add to your daily routine to reach your own personal goal. It is not an easy fix to your weight loss. Losing weight correctly takes time and is a lifestyle change. Remember that everyone messes up but you just have to shake it off and keep going. Report
    I find this a disturbing piece to read on my main Spark People e-mail of the day. The picture of that model is the classic perfectly formed body that almost none of us will ever achieve or even wish to achieve. I hate to see Spark presenting images that aren't what most of us are about. Impossible goals is what causes so many people to give up, and this seems to promote that. Report
    woe, wait everything in moderation don,t do these unless your already in pretty good shape! core exersizes are greet but we need balence first! Report
    Not for me! Report
    Look way to hard for me to even try. With my bad back and hip arthritis, this is all I would need for a full-fledged flare up of both. For some on Sparkpeople these might be great excercises; however for many of us, these are just discouraging Report
    I will try them. They look tough but worth adding for core strengthening. Report
    This is crazy! Report
    Completely agree with previous posters, there's no such thing as spot reducing! Do the exercises and tighten your muscles definitely, but until you remove the layer of fat over them you won't see a "whittle" tummy. Report
    I have to agree with many other commenters. This is exactly the types of headlines that we don't want on sparkpeople. Are the exercises a benefit to your overall health, YES. Would they be a good addition to a workout... Sure! But don't tell us they will whittle your middle. There is no known way to get rid of belly fat by targeting exercises. Report
    Really Sparkpeople? First the streaming adverts for companies with messages like, LOSE 10 POUNDS THIS WEEK!!!!, now this.

    The only way to see the muscles in your abs is to have a very low BMI. This is unrealistic for most people.

    Shame on you Sparkpeople.

    I am really disappointed that Spark would serve up this unrealistic blog to it's members...
    we deserve better Report
    This is the kind of blog/advertising/fakey message stuff I don't expect on Spark--unrealistic headline coupled with unrealistic picture--as well as the implicit message that you can spot change, while the reality is you can tone muscles.

    Sorry there's no way to NOT like a blog entry. Report
    *delete double comment* Report
    While these definitely help strengthen and tone the abdominal (tummy) muscles, it is unfortunate that no mention was made of the fact that most Sparker's results will look nothing like the model. Any fat layer over the abdominals will not be "trimmed" by this. The muscles will be toned, the abdomen will protrude less, but excess fat must be lost through cardio + proper eating portions. Report
    I am going to try these this afternoon. Report
    I printed them out. This is something I can do! Thank you. Report
    Looks good. I love Coach Nicole's 12 minute pilates ab workout. Tighter muscles = tighter tummy!!! Report
    won't know until I try!! Look tough but I will try them!!!! Thanks (I think) Report
    I have done each of these exercises in a boot-camp/circuit training class. They are tough but I like them. Report
    Increasing core strength is good. But from everything else I've read on SP and other sources I doubt that it will lead to a "tinier tummy". You can't target fat around your waist, or any part of your body for that matter.. Report
    These look TOUGH, but good. I'll try them. Report
    I am going to try this excerise today. Report