Top 10 Reasons to Preorder 'The Spark'

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Around the SparkPeople offices, the excitement is palpable. Ours is an upbeat and motivating environment normally, but the closer we get to the launch date for "The Spark," the more energized we get.

Each day as we navigate the site, we see the "I Pre-Ordered The Spark" icons, read the Message Board posts about the book and respond to inquiries about why people should preorder it. The Spark is catching on!

While The Spark truly needs no explanation--it's that phenomenal--we wanted to share with you a few more reasons that you can share with your still-unaware and unconvinced friends!

So why should you preorder a copy (or two) or The Spark? We'll tell you why--with comments from members who are part of the book's pilot program.

  1. You can trust The Spark. Just like SparkPeople isn't a quick-fix diet site, The Spark isn't peddling a diet gimmick or get-thin-quick scheme. Its proven, sound advice on health and fitness, along with its plentiful dose of motivation, is as useful for someone thinking about embarking on a journey to better health as it is for someone who's a weathered traveler on that road.

    "This book is truly remarkable. It has been inspirational and has given me confidence that my Buddha belly's days are numbered. I have already lost 2.5 lbs since Sunday and I seem to be losing fat even faster than weight. I can do 20 push-ups; started out on Sunday at 12. I figured out that I love apples! Eating 2 a day is one of my fast break goals. Also learned how important it is to be surrounded by good filling low-calorie healthy food. I take Laughing Cow cheese and Greek yogurt everywhere I go. But beyond that, just reading this book has elevated my mood and, in spiritual terms, my consciousness. I read four pages last night and got chills four times. No book has had that kind of effect on me since I read The Power of Now six years ago, and that book was life altering. Every line in it resonated with truth. The Spark is radically sensible. The approach and philosophy are simple, healthy (as opposed to crash diets), gentle, kind and comforting. It's one of those rare books that readers ask, 'Why hasn't anyone said this before?' That is a classic ingredient of a bestseller, and has the potential of making SparkPeople a phenomenon (we have to help it do so through word of mouth). Nothing would be healthier for a culture suffering from an obesity pandemic. There IS something new under the sun, and we are reading it." LOSEBUDDHABELLY

  2. You can avoid standing in line at the mall. Sure, you can wait until Dec. 29 to pick up a copy of The Spark at your favorite book-seller. But why not save yourself the trouble of standing in line and driving to the mall by ordering a copy from the comfort of your own home?

  3. You can help Spread the Spark. As you well know, SparkPeople is a 100% FREE site. We don’t spend millions and millions of dollars on advertising and marketing. We don't need to. Instead, we rely on members like you to tell your friends, family, and neighbors about our site. Buying this book, which will be available at most places books are sold, is a great way to Spread the Spark.

    "I went to my annual physical yesterday and astounded my long time doctor with my weight loss. He was so astounded that he asked me to come to a meeting he runs every month for a group of people looking to have a Gastric Bypass done. He thinks that my success, coupled with the information about SparkPeople would be very helpful for each and every person" Anonymous

  4. You'll be ahead of the curve, a trend-setter. The Spark is going to be a hit. You know it, we know it, and soon the rest of the world will know it. At the company water cooler, in carpool lanes and all across the web, people will be talking about The Spark. Copies of the book will fly off the shelves faster than $100 flat-screen TVs during a Black Friday sale. (We hope!) Don't be left out of the conversation! Order your copy early to ensure you're in the loop.

  5. You'll earn 2,000 SparkPoints. If you order early, you'll receive double points for your order–1,000 when you preorder and 1,000 when the book launches! Do you know how many Message Board posts you'd have to make, articles you'd have to read and cups of water you'd have to track to earn that many points? (Answer: Plenty!) You can finally splurge and buy yourself a personal chef or hybrid car (on SparkPeople). Plus, you'll be entered to win weekly prizes, including iPods, fitness products and more.

  6. You'll get a great deal. These days, booksellers are slashing prices on their inventory. While the cover price is $24.95, the book is selling for less--up to 34% off. Save yourself some money and buy online.

  7. You're getting an exclusive! The Spark contains info you won't find anywhere else on SparkPeople, and in addition to the book, you'll receive free access to an EXCLUSIVE online program that includes:
    • A SparkPoints tracker with chances to win prizes!
    • New content, recipes and workouts from The Spark
    • Downloadable tools, trackers and journals for the 28-day program

  8. You can give the best gift of all, the gift of health, just in time for New Year's resolutions. Every Jan. 1, gyms are overflowing with people who vowed that this will be the year they'll get in shape. Crash diets, hard-core workout plans and expensive gym memberships are soon abandoned. This book is as easy-to-follow as the SparkPeople site, so you can help yourself (or a loved one) get on the right track to a healthy lifestyle that will last a lifetime.

    "Really thinking about goals besides weight loss has been a real eye-opener for me. Ever since my MS diagnosis, I haven't dared to set any goals. But now I have started to dream again. Not only dream, but actually write them down and share them with my family. THANKS CAN NEVER BE ENOUGH!!!" LYNNANN43

  9. Your life will change in just one month. This program only takes 28 days, but the effects will last a lifetime. The Spark distills the best of SparkPeople's tips and advice into a simple, fun, easy to follow program–all new and available only in this book!

    "My favorite part of this week was goal setting. Before now, I hadn't really ever made any goals based on my core beliefs, values, and overall vision for myself. Sure, I thought I was setting goals properly and I've been successful reaching many of the goals I've set in the past (like my weight loss goal). However, because of the ground work we did last week, thinking about these things and making the vision collage, when it was time to set goals I had a real AHA moment. I could finally see the connections between my ideal vision for my life and the goals I was setting. The connections between my vision, my long-term goals, my medium term goals, and the short term actions steps became MUCH more clear, and it was much easier to establish goals and make a plan that seemed do-able. Suddenly, my ideal life doesn't seem like some far away, unreachable fantasy life. Now that I know how to match my goals with my values/beliefs and vision for myself and how to break the goals into manageable steps and achievable goals, that life is something that I can make happen. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I have direction." AAANNE

  10. You get a free workout video. And did we mention that when you preorder "The Spark," you get an exclusive 10-minute workout video from our new DVD "The Spark: Fit, Firm & Fired Up in 10 Minutes a Day" (in stores this January)–yours today! Hosted by our own Coach Nicole, this workout is sure get you in shape.

Those are our Top 10 reasons why you should preorder The Spark. What's your favorite reason to buy it? What would you say to someone who thinks The Spark isn't for them?

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For me, SparkPeople has saved my life. In April of 2008, I started seriously journaling and staying with SP. I am 4' 8" short, I had weighed 237.7 pounds, and wore a size 40 W.

Today is day 548 of following SP and journaling. I now weigh 166.7, wear a 16 - 18W depending on brand or style.

I have a neuromuscular disease that keeps me from being able to exercise too much, I go into excruciating spasms or total paralysis for a few hours, but despite that, SP has helped me lose that weight.

If I were able to only choose one site to have on my computer, it would be SP. When I have problems with my computer and cannot access SP, I feel lost.

ALL my DRs have been proud of me and have checked up on SP and they have given me their thumbs up. They are glad that I am in no rush to lose weight. I am doing it slow and easy.

I am excited about receiving the book. I just ordered it today.

I tell everyone I meet about SP and I hand out SP calling cards. Now, I am touting the Spark book.

Thank you SparkPeople. Report
I preordered from Amazon, but I did not receive the bonus points, icons,or anything else. I DO hope that I will receive the book, though.

I can't say enough noce things about the SP Site, and I anticipate the same from the book! Report
NATRONA32 Have you checked the Sparks Store online ? They have a daily inspirational calendar, and a monthly calendar with stickers. To keep track of your goals.
I found the Spark Store at the bottom of the page, on most of the Sparks pages. There a many SPARKS products available. Try that. I ordered some really cool items. Have fun. Report
I ordered the book for my self and my wife to read.
I also ordered the audio version to listen to in my car on the way to work and back as I have a 45 minute drive to work. Report
I pre-ordered- cause I want to share with my Luddite friends.
Thank you, Chris! You are changing lives. Report
I ordered mine the same day I joined. Can't wait! Report
I can not wait until I get the book! This will be a great resource tool! Thanks Spakpeople! You rock! Report
If you have preordered you need to send your mail recipt to this mail id to get the gift cert and other perks.

I think that may be the reason for the icon too..

I can't wait to read it. I think it will be great for people who aren't into technology and being online a lot. This way, they too can get the benefits of this wonderful Web site. :) Report
i want mine NOW. can not wait. how do we get the icon and also the credit in the store etc.. i dont think i have gotten any of the gifts promised but maybe we have to wait til the book comes. Report
I ordered mine right after the announcement came out. I can't figure out how to get the icon either... HELP! Report
I also preordered The Spark through Amazon. Haven't figured how to get the icon, etc., yet. Can't wait for the book! Report
I preordered this some time ago but don't believe I ever got a notification, my first 1,000 points, etc. I notice some have an icon on their SP about preordering the book but I didn't see how to do that on mine. Is it too late? Did my order not even go through or what? Can somebody check on it for me and let me know how to put the icon on my SP (after the fact)? Thanks! Report
Who should I get a copy for? My family is thin. One is thin/medium size with Chrons. Report
I am very excited about this book!! I preordered my and am anxiously waiting for it!! : )
How do I get the pre-ordered icon? Report
Yes, I preordered mine in October.. I don't like having to drive to the mall or stand in line.. Plus the lower price and the 2000 extra Sparks points are nice too. Report
I ordered mine more than a month ago Report
I have ordered mine already Report
Have ordered mine and am really looking forward to receiving it. As someone said it's a way of giving a bit back to Spark for all they do for me. On top of that having the core info in hard copy will be great. I also look fore
ward to the DVD. A win-win in fact. Report
I just love this site and I tell every one who would listen about it. Oh yes, I have pre-ordered "The Spark ". Where ever I go I take a book along. Report
I preordered "The Spark" but have yet to receive any awards for doing so. I did not receive a gift certificate for $20, nor did I receive the 10 min. DVD. I am however excited about the book and will be getting more than one. Each of my daughters, (all Spark Members) will be receiving a copy. Report
Thanks. I already preordered, times 2. One for me, one to give to a friend.
Janet Report
As a long-time member of SparkPeople (new account and old one), not sure what would be new in the book.

However, I have to agree with another poster as this might be a good way to give back to SparkPeople. Report
Hope you all enjoy your books. Perhaps it'll hit libraries down the road. I'm on a tight budget and don't live in the USA. It means the cost of the book is around $15-20 more for me - between the change in money, tariff tax on books etc. Maybe one day it'll go paperback. I will look in the bookstores in the summer and see it comes down. Enjoy. Report
I preordered mine a month ago. Now I gotta get my points. Report
Favorite reason to buy it: NOT STANDING IN LINE AT THE MALL!

"The Spark" solidifies the common sense that is so badly needed today: results do not happen overnight. The effort you put forth snowballs into something bigger and before you know it your life has changed! I'm looking forward to reading it. Report
I don't know how much information in the book will be new to me, but I am excited to read it and have the words in front of me any time I need to reference something away from the computer! I ordered the book in the Kindle edition (I emailed SP and it does still count for all the extra bonuses if you buy the Kindle edition!!) so I can read it on my iPod at the gym or wherever.

And I know SP wants to stay a free site, but the site has helped me so much that I'm glad to be able to give back with a book purchase too. Report
LYNNANN43: You ARE special! :) Keep on Sparking! Report
I have mine pre ordered Report
Those are our Top 10 reasons why you should preorder The Spark. What's your favorite reason to buy it?
-- not standing in line at the mall or that I get to pay less! I hadn't given it much thought, but I think i will pre order...

What would you say to someone who thinks The Spark isn't for them?
--- BLASPHAMY! The Spark is for EVERYONE!! B/c the Spark isn't about a fad diet, even the healthiest athletes can find this to be useful.

Now... does the Spark have a calendar? Now that is something I can REALLY use! Wall calendar, desk calendar, daily planner... I use these things every day... Report
WHOA! I'm quoted in the blog. I feel so special:D Report
I am going to order this tomorrow! That's when I get paid! :o) I can't wait to get it! Report
The timing of publication is ideal. It ties in with the post-holiday period and with New Year resolutions.

It's also a win-win situation - we get a book that will be a practical support and, for a small payment (compared to gym or slimming club memberships), we can put something back into Sparkpeople. It's also good that some resources will be available for people who don't have easy access to the internet. Report
I am so incredibly thrilled to get this book - I can't wait! I plan on doing a presentation to my company in January about, and I plan on giving away a couple of copies of the book as door prizes.

Spark is changing lives - mine included! Report
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