Three High-Protein Breakfasts to Boost Weight Loss

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You have most likely heard it said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Some research suggests breakfast is an important part of a healthy eating plan that can help you achieve and maintain your best weight. A new study suggests that a protein-rich breakfast could also be a key to appetite control.

The study, conducted by assistant professor from the MU Department of Nutrition and Exercise and Physiology Heather Leidy and colleagues and funded by the National Pork Board and the American Egg Board—Egg Nutrition Center, found that a higher protein breakfast results in "improved daily satiety and evening appetite control."

The study examined the effects of both dietary protein and eating frequency and the influence on appetite and satiety during weight loss. Surprisingly, in the overweight/obese men in this study, eating six times a day did not significantly influence hunger, fullness, or overall desire to eat compared to eating only three times during the day. However, starting the day with a higher protein breakfast provided a decrease in desire for late night eating and preoccupation with food, which provided better appetite control and satiety when following controlled calorie intake for weight loss.

In the study, the normal protein breakfast contained 14 percent protein, 60 percent carbohydrate, and 26 percent fat compared to a high protein meal of 25 percent protein, 49 percent carbohydrate, and 26 percent fat. A combination of the reduction in carbohydrates along with the higher protein intake from high biological value sources (pork and eggs) could have contributed to the increased feelings of satiety and appetite control. Regardless of the reason, this study supports our belief that meals balanced in macronutrients are beneficial to manage hunger while trying to lose weight.

Here are three higher protein, lower carbohydrate breakfast ideas to help you start and finish your day strong while on your weight loss journey.

Egg, Ham, and Cheese Whole Wheat English Muffin and Grapes
Scramble two-thirds cup of egg substitute and place on toasted whole-wheat English muffin. Top with a one ounce slice of extra lean ham and American cheese. Enjoy with a side of grapes.
Calories – 392
Carbohydrates – 44 grams / 45 %
Protein – 34 grams / 35 %
Fat – 12 grams / 28 %

Mexican Egg and Shrimp Pita with Peach
Scramble one-third cup of egg substitute, mix in two ounces of prepared shrimp, and place in a whole-wheat pita. Top with two ounces of low fat shredded cheese, two tablespoons each of salsa and low fat sour cream. Enjoy with a large, fresh peach.
Calories – 396
Carbohydrates – 40 grams / 40 %
Protein – 39 grams / 39 %
Fat – 9 grams / 21 %

Sausage and Rice Scramble with Greek Yogurt and Kiwi
Scramble two-thirds a cup of egg substitute with a half cup of prepared brown rice and an ounce of pork sausage. Serve with plain Greek-style yogurt and a fresh Kiwi fruit.
Calories – 373
Carbohydrates – 43 grams / 46 %
Protein – 37 grams / 39 %
Fat – 5 grams / 13 %

What is your favorite higher protein, lower carbohydrate breakfast?

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Thanks for the ideas?
However, if I'm going to eat eggs, I would far rather eat eggs, and not some sort of substitute.
I do believe that a couple of eggs at breakfast can indeed be a help to starting the day and to keeping hunger pangs at bay.

I'd just like a bit more practicality, especially in my new low-finance situation - aka newly very limited available cash for shopping of any sort. Report
I copied the ratios and I'll try to figure out a meal I'd actually eat. I'm sure I can find a high fat vegetarian breakfast that is 25% protein. Report
I love Fage 2% or 0% with fruit or sugar free grape jelly, or smeared on a flat out flatwrap.

Baking chopped apples with cinnamon and sweetener then cooking for 2 minutes, cooling, and then fage on top: baked apple pie Report
my favorite is a Whole Wheat waffle (Nutra-Grain works well) w/ a sugar-free vanilla yogurt and fruit. protein, carbs, dairy, fruit...yum. Report
Broccoli and cheese omelet works great for me. Another low carb option is a cup of full fat cottage cheese with blueberries and almonds. It is not animal product free but it is not eggs for those of you who do not eat/like eggs. Report
My favorite: One slice of whole grain toast with a slice of cheddar, piled with slices of tomato, broiled. And when there is bacon I will put a slice on top. Yum and substantial, no sugar roller coaster.
Thanks for all the ideas !! They all sound delicious and healthy. Great way to start the day Report
I haven't read thru all the feedback, but routinely use tofu as a substitute for scrambled eggs. I use a couple recipes called scrambled eggs(using tofu)...I have even replaced an all time favourite of mine, egg salad sammiches with tofu salad is your friend to find the right tofu egg replacement. The protein is better, I believe?? Use cumin to give the colour factor but WOW... Report
There are some great breakfast sausages out there made of turkey - every bit as good as pork breakfast sausage and very low fat. For me, there's no replacement for a real egg on occasion. Report
For all of you who were concerned about the eggs (not the actual vegetarians who are right in that each recipe included meat).... these recipes were using egg SUBSTITUTE not actual eggs. Report
These all sound yummy Report
Anything without eggs and (especially) meat? I'd love some good vegetarian ideas for a high protein breakfast. Report
My favorite breakfast is an omlete made with fat free feta cheese, ground turkey (cooked the night before), and asapragus tips. I also have a cup of coffee with my whey protien powder (low carb) mixed with it.
my sister is not an egg eater, so she usually does beans for breakfast (she will mash up pinto beans or whatever and eat them like oatmeal with a little splenda on them and drink her protien enriched coffee). Report
some great ideas for beginners Report
@PumpkinPhD I agree... None are kosher and none are vegan either /pout Report
If I eat a big breakfast, I will eat more during the day....I dont know why....may be Im the exception to the rule.....The less I eat in the morning the less hungry or anxious Im the rest of the day. Report
My favorite low carb breakfast is a Santa Fe Breakfast wrap. I saute some chopped onion with roasted green chilies in a little olive oil and a couple of beaten eggs, top with some shredded cheese. Put in a low carb tortilla, top with a little salsa and roll up. If you are in a hurry, you can wrap it in foil and take it with you. Report
2 Hard boiled eggs and and 1oz of sharp chedder cheese. Yum! Fills me up till noon.... Report
Agree Beachnut13 and Redpeppers! Report
I enjoy two hard boiled eggs - whites only - stuffed with 50 grams of smoked salmon and topped with fat free yogurt - half teaspoon each. Throw in a whole wheat english muffin and fresh berries and you get lots of protein, some carbs and very little fat. I also enjoy this if I have not been getting enough pro ten throughout the day. Filling, nutritious, and if you like smoked salmon, really yummy. Report
these each sound yummy can't wait to try! Report
1/2 c eggbeaters and 1 oz cheddar cheese, microwaved for 2 minutes with whatever fruit is in the fridge. Report
Love poached eggs on toast. Report
I like an egg fried in a lightly sprayed pan, one hormel sizzler link (I fry and drain 2 packages at a time, freeze and zap in the microwave) with one slice of my homemade whole wheat bread. Report
While I agree that it is important to have protein with every meal in a balanced diet, I can't help but feel wary of a study sponspored by the "pork board" and the "egg board." This is obviously self-promotion for these lobby groups and free advertising to MILLIONS of sparkpeople members.

Come on Sparkpeople! You can do better than this! Report
It sounds like this study (like most) focused on men. A woman has much higher seratonin (which affects appetite, mood & fat production) needs than men and the prime time of day for our bodies to produce it is in the a.m.. A breakfast that is predominatly good carbs maximizes our bodies natural ability to produce seratonin. For me a good carb breakfast has taken away the majority of my food cravings and diet related mood swings. I can actually differentiate emotional eating from food cravings now because I rarely have the latter! Now I can focus on the emotional aspect of my sugar addiction without feeling out of control because my seratonin levels have stabilized. Report
i love to eat oatmeal and 1 banana and 1 boiled egg am good Report
I do agree that a high protein breakfast will leave you more full. But the study is sponsored by the Egg and Pork industries - so I'll take their research and results with a grain of salt and a dash of pepper. Report
Glad to see commenters talking in terms of real eggs and not egg substitute. If you eat eggs, there is absolutely nothing wrong and quite a bit good about the lowly egg. And, while I'm not a complete vegetarian, I agree it would have been if vegetarian or vegan options were included. Report
I get up at 5-5:30 M-F. First I drink 16 oz of water within 30 min. Then I have 1 of standard breakfasts about 7 AM: First I eat a serving of fruit. Then I have a bowl of Old Fashion Oatmeal w/fresh ground flaxseed and a sprinkle of lt brown sugar & 1 c. skim milk, or 3/4 cup of Special K w/almonds or Total w/1 cup skim milk, or a med. fresh potato cut into small pcs. cooked in olive oil, onion, red pepper and 1-2 eggs over easy or scrambled with onion, red pepper, spinach, and topped w/low fat cheddar cheese & 1 c skim milk. Then around 9 AM I have a morning snack of yogurt. For additional variety I might try the three choices listed above. But I would not eat like that on a regular basis because I think it is too much food and too many calories and I haven't eaten a bagel or english muffin for months. Besides my "Meatless Monday" that SP suggested in the 30 day Bone Density calendar, I prefer to have meat for lunch and supper. Report
I have found that eating protein in the morning really helps me too. Report
My thinking was similar to RedPeppers (about 35 down). I believe that protein at breakfast keeps you full, but I questioned the motives of the two funders. Report
I had a high protein breakfast this morning before going to my housekeeping. I had 32 room to clean today. If it won't for that breakfast this morning I don't think I would have made it through the day. I saved the carbs for lunch for mid day pickup. Report
Protein yes...the best at boosting morning energy(that lasts) and keeping the hunger at bay. I like yogurt and whenever possible eggs in the morning. Even a slice of cheese hits the spot! I frequently eat wheaties w/ milk or soy milk (both have protein) but the cereal just doesnt have the staying power like a good amount of protein does -for me. Report
I actually agree with this though there are days I just cannot cook a good high protein breakfast. I like to mix my options up. Eggs and toast are an absolute staple for me. I also like yogurt or oatmeal in the morning (agrees with my stomach) Report
Not exactly what I consider low carbohydrate: when breakfast uses up all the day's carb allotment. BUT very tasty! Report
I like a boiled egg, oatmeal with a bit of fruit tossed in, and yogurt. Report
My go-to breakfast when I am on the run is a handful of nuts and either string cheese or a Laughing Cow wedge. It really fills me up and keeps me satisfied. A high carb breakfast is a disaster for me. Report
I switched to a high-protein breakfast about five years ago, when I realized cereal and fruit and toast left me ravenous by lunchtime. Even with a couple of high-carb snacks in the morning, I was still hungry. People who eat high-carb breakfasts, give protein (and incidentally, fat) a try! Fat calories are no different at breakfast than at any other time of day, except that they keep you satisfied longer.

I almost always eat a hard-boiled egg (yes, I eat the yolk, too), a high-fiber homemade bran muffin with raisins and walnuts, a carton of yogurt, and a cup of coffee. That's it till lunch, unless I do my 60-minute walk in the morning. Then I add a protein bar and eat lunch later. I also like my egg sliced with a few sauteed onions and peppers on one of the Arnold thins with my yogurt. Vegetarians can do the high-protein breakfast easily! Make a favorite tofu dish, eat beans--there are all kinds of products you can substitute for eggs and pork. And the fact that the Egg and Pork Boards supported the study doesn't make high-protein less valid. Protein is neither only animal or only vegetable--and both are great satisfiers!

And don't forget some fat, too! Balance, people! Balance! Report
I wish I could eat eggs, but I can't. Also, the kiwi doesn't work real well with my tummy either :( I must be the exception to the rule; a high protein breakfast or any other meal for that matter, doesn't make me feel any fuller than any other food. I usually have whole wheat toast and a cup of tea. Report
only problem is they all include eggs, I have never eaten an egg, never will. Report
I agree with DESIDERATA~GIRL. I do try to eat a high protein breakfast, though I do it without animal products. Report
Eggs, ham and cheese.....what a great way ato start the day! Throw in a side of fruit...even better! Report
I have never cared about eating breakfast in the morning. Report
I usually have a boiled egg sliced up onto a piece of wheat berry toast, with two pieces of low sodium bacon and a tablespoon of salsa. I top it off with a cup of vanilla bean coffee with a spoonful of local honey added. Think I'll have that again tomorrow! Report
I start my day with a high protein for breakfast, can't have eggs because of the cholesterol. So, I eat lunch for breakfast or have a scramble of egg white and vegie with pepper jack cheese, fruit instead of juice. Report
I like two poached eggs on a dry piece of toast, and a piece of fruit. Report
Although the breakfasts sound delicious, they are (in my opinion) too high in fat for breakfasts. I would never eat that many fat grams for breakfast, preferring to stick with hot or dry cereal, skim milk, & fruit. BUT...I might try one of them for a Friday or Saturday night dinner! Nobody said you had to eat breakfast foods only at breakfast. I also add that I save most of my fat grams for the evening, as I tend to be an evening eater! Report
I fee really sick to my stomach if I eat a high-protein breakfast. Instead I have whole grain sprouted bread & coffee, sometimes a glass of fresh carrot juice at 6.30. At 10.00 I have greek yoghurt with vegetables (tomato, cuke, broccoli, avocado, asparagus). At lunch I have either lentil or beans w/ veggies or maybe fish. When I eat eggs, they are from a real farm not a factory. We have started eating locally raised meat and in smaller quantity. Report
I think a high protein breakfast may help with hunger control but as a vegetarian I'm a bit stuck on what I could make. I find it weird though that this 'study' was "funded by the National Pork Board and the American Egg Board"! I'm sorry but I don't trust such studies because I think they would be biased. Report