The Most Popular Health Headlines of 2013

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Every December, we editors here at SparkPeople love digging through all of our content from the past year to see what our readers (you!) liked the most. It is so fun and rewarding to look back on what we’ve done throughout the year, and compiling this annual list helps give us a better idea of the exact kinds of topics you want to see on our site—which helps us create more high-quality and relevant content for you!

2013 was a year of healthy snacks, fun workouts, controversial health topics, and more. Check out these top 15 headlines of the year to see if there’s anything you might have missed (starting with number 1). Happy reading, and here’s to even better headlines in 2014!  

Is Coconut Oil Really Healthy? (January) There's been a lot of buzz lately about the benefits of coconut oil. But should you believe the hype? We've distilled the research on this tropical delight to help you decide.

The controversy over coconut oil really struck a chord with our readers—this was the top story of the year! Our Registered Dietitian’s take on this polarizing oil is a must-read.

55 Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories (January) This list of quick and easy snacks is a must-have for any health-conscious eater. Print it out and put it on your fridge for when you need some snack-spiration!

This list features a fun and printable graphic to keep handy in your kitchen. “Pin” it to use later!

The Best Snacks for Carb Counters (February) Eating between meals can be tricky when you're watching your carbs. Stay within your ranges and take the stress out of snacktime with these perfectly portioned options!

Some great suggestions for people with diabetes.

Burn 400 Calories in 20 Minutes
(May) Put a little swing in your step with these kick-butt kettlebell routines that blast calories in record time!

Hooray for kettlebells! These quick workouts are a great place to start if you’ve never worked with them before.

80 Retro Workout Songs
(February) Based on YOUR votes, we've put together the ultimate playlist of hits from the '50s and '60s. Make any workout more fun by groovin' to these feel-good classics!

These classic tunes make for surprisingly motivating workout music!

5 Big, Fat Diet Myths
(January) Is fat-free the way to be? How much should you really be eating to lose weight? We're clearing up the answers to these questions and more!

We love articles like this—simple, helpful and educational.

Can Juicing Help You Lose Weight?
(February) Can you really drink your way slim and absorb more nutrients by squeezing your fruits and veggies? We're setting straight all the myths and truths about juice.

Some good discussion in the comments here!

Kiss Your Love Handles Goodbye!
(February) Melt away your muffin top with these six multi-functional moves. (Bonus: No equipment means no excuses!)

If you like no-equipment workouts, you’ll LOVE this one!

The Skinny on Detox Diets
(March) Detox diets have often been touted as a healthy solution for weight loss and higher energy. But are these diets sustainable--or even safe?

Another fun and controversial topic—get ready for a debate!

6 Ways to Say ‘Yes’ to Weight Loss
(March) You don't have to say "no" to everything when you're losing weight! Instead, use these smart, positive tips to look and feel your best--and drop major pounds.

A simple take on weight loss with a positive message

Ditch the Deprivation, Drop the Pounds
(January) Tired of feeling hungry all the time? In our 4-week challenge, you'll fill up on the right foods--and get built-in support to help you reach your goals!

This was a new SparkPeople Challenge that we created this year! A good one for those just starting out with healthy eating.

Your Best Year Starts Here! (January) You've planned out your goals for 2013, but do you have a plan for sticking to them past January? Use these simple tricks to keep your motivation high all year long.

It’s about that time of year again! “Pin” this one to come back to as we start 2014.

11 Fit Picks for Spring
(March) Revitalize your healthy lifestyle with help from these expert-recommended food and fitness products.

Coach Nicole shares some of her favorite things for spring. (Some awesome holiday gift ideas here!)

9 Ways to Melt Mega Calories
(July) Want to get on the fast track to better results? Here are some surprisingly effective ways to boost your calorie burn.

This is a fun compilation of some of our best articles about cranking up the calorie burn. A really helpful resource!

29 No-Cook Meals for Hot Days
(July) These fast, fresh and wholesome meals don't require any heat to make--and pull together in minutes!

“Pin” this one for later--you’ll thank us when June finally rolls around again!

Which story was your favorite of the year? What topics would you like SparkPeople to cover in 2014?

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