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Stuck in a Snack Rut? It's Time to Break Out

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Think outside the 100-calorie pouch. Beyond granola bars, apples and vending machine junk food, there's an entire world of snacks out there. Shake up your snack routine with one of these 10 savory snacks.

Mini Chicken Fiesta
Fill a small corn tortilla with 3 ounces of chicken. Sprinkle on 2 T cheddar cheese and top with 2 T salsa.
189 calories, 3 g fat

Simple Carbs-n-Protein
Eat 1 hardboiled egg with 3 pretzel rods.
198 calories, 6 g fat

Punched-Up Popcorn
Pop 1 bag 100-calorie popcorn.
Shake on:
1/2 t cumin
1/2 t garlic powder
1/4 t chili powder
100 calories, 3.5 g fat

Better than Wings
Dunk celery sticks in 2 T blue cheese dressing.
90 calories, 6 g fat

What a Pita
Fill 1 mini whole-wheat pita with 2 T hummus.
160 calories, 6 g fat

Cheesy Dunker
Dunk 1 string cheese into 1/4 c marinara sauce.
95 calories, 3.8 g fat

No-Cheat Chips and Salsa
Drag 15 baked tortilla chips through 1/2 c salsa.
150 calories, 2 g fat

Beans in a Pod
Steam 1 c edamame. Sprinkle with good sea salt. Shell and eat.
179 calories, 7.5 g fat

Bean-n-Guac Rollup
Fill one small corn tortilla with 1/4 c mashed black beans.
Top with 1/4 avocado, diced, and add 2 T salsa.
199 calories, 8.7 g fat

Lett-uce Eat Tuna
Mix 3 ounces tuna with 1 t lemon juice and 1 T light mayo.
Season with black pepper to taste.
Place mixture in 1 cup of lettuce leaves.
144 calories, 4 g fat

Creamy, Crunchy, and Tangy
Toast 1 slice multigrain bread.
Spread with 1 T goat cheese and then 1 sliced tomato.
133 calories, 4 g fat

Do you eat the same snack every day, or do you shake up your snacks? What is your favorite savory snack?

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Not intrigued with any of them. Report
CHERYLHURT 4/27/2020
Excellent Report
QUEENFROG 3/14/2020
More like meals to me. But some great ideas here! Report
PICKIE98 11/7/2019
Let-uce eat tuna! Report
Nice recipes Report
thank you Report
Great ideas, thanks. Report
Some of these are more of a mini meal, 200 calories for a snack? Good ideas but nothing new for me. Rather than sea salt on edamame use "No-Salt" substitute. I would try cutting the portion & dipping in peanut sauce. SP needs some new articles. These are getting stale. Report
Great article Report
Thanks for the great ideas! Report
Thanks for the options. Report
Some great ideas. Report
thanks Report
My kids and I are always trying to come up with delicious, quick snacks or light meals. Look forward to trying some of these! Report
Definitely going to try some of these. Report
I am going to try all of the snacks. Thanks Report
I'm so glad I read this... all the ideas look great! Report
Love the hummus idea and the lettuce and tuna! Report
I seem to be basing my snack choices on the deficiencies in my meal plan for the day. If I'm low in fiber, then I have popcorn or avocado. If I am low in calcium or potassium, I'll have a fat-free yogurt. Or something along those lines. Sometimes I just get my "fix" for something I've been craving. Snacks are definitely an important part of my diet. Report
I love love love all of these ideas! I was in an apple rut and these seem to be just what I was looking for : ) Report
wonderful ideas - thanks for sharing! Report
Wow those are some great snack ideas!! Report
I'll have to try some of these ideas, seasoning the popcorn sounds yummy! I stay away from the 100 calorie pouches, mostly because i can't only eat one. It is not enough food to satisfy me! Report
Thanks for all the yummy sugestions. I am so stuck on the 100 calorie pouches that I forget to look elsewhere. These look so much tastier and healthier, too!! Will definitely give them a go Report
My favorite snack is an apple sliced up with 2 tablespoons of reduced fat peanut butter! I usually slice the apple the night before, put it in a baggie with some lemon juice and then put the peanut butter in a small portable container. Its great for a 3p.m. snack attack and holds me till dinner. Report
great snack ideas Report
Thanks for the ideas. I hope you come up with some more snack ideas, sweet and salty, that are not under 100 calories but are still within a good range. Report
I'm definitely going to try these. Thanks! Report
I love pop corn & pita w/humus. Although I'll have to try the spiced up pop corn version. Report
i love chips and salsa as a snack. that and pita bread and hummus. it is sooo good! Report
Wow what good ideas I always have tuna in water still have to try hummus haven't as of yet. Love pita's you can stuff, bake and do so much with them!! Report
I do tend to stay in a rut with my healthy snacks. You've given me some great ideas to try. Thank you! Report
great thanks i want to try them all out thank you.. I have done the popcorn thing and it is very good.. my sister has done it for years and got me hooked on it.. now i use it a lot.. Report
I'm going to have to try these out! Some of them sound really filling -- like a meal. Can't wait! Report
Great ideas! I love the chicken breast with salsa burrito. I will try the seasonings on popcorn that sounds really good.

Let's stop complaining about the pics and at least thank SP for the great snack ideas. Report
Despite the Food Porn images, the ideas are great. And I knew when I looked at the pics that they were only sample pictures, not ACTUAL pictures of the snacks. C'mon guys, lighten up. Report
I would also like to comment on the fact that about half of the pictures could in no way represent what the food would actually look like. Both the snacks containing tortillas were definitely flour pics, not corn. And the pita snack showed white thick pita, not whole wheat. And unless those lemons by the hummus are teeny tiny, there's no way that hummus dish contains only 2T. Same with the "1" T of goat cheese spread on the toast. Spark has always emphasized knowing the right serving size and these pictures do not help in that. Report
Can't wait to try the popcorn seasoning. It sounds great ! Report
You are as bad as the fast food joints....showing pictures that do not reflect the actual recipe. A 1/4 cup of mashed black beans only makes a thin layer across the top of a small tortilla. A tablespoon of cheese spread is also just a thin layer. Please don't try and fool us....we're SparkPeople who have learned about portion size!! Good ideas, though, for snacks. Report
It drives me crazy that SP puts any attractive picture with a recipe/idea rather than the one made from the ingredients in the picture. What is the actual meal that bad looking? Is the flour tortilla more appealing? grated cheddar (or other hard cheese) has a lot more calories than the string cheese mentioned. I remember an article on the daily spark about "food porn", well by misrepresenting the food with other pictures you are guilty of it as well. Report
Thanks so much! I've done a few of these ideas on my own but I'm looking forward to trying a few others, especially the beans in a pod and the guac roll up. I've never tried edamame and this would be a great intro to them. Report
I am a boring eater, meaning I eat the same things day in and day out. Until I listened to the audio book "French Woman don't Get Fat" It inspired me to try new things and experiment with spices. Report
Thank you for this idea! I am a snacker. Trying to find healthy snacks AND some creative new snacks is difficult. I love the chicken fiesta idea. I think that I am going to try that one tomorrow! Report
Thank you for some new ideas. I am always looking for fresh ideas to keep from going back to bad eating habits, which I do from time to time. Report
I usually eat a lot of the same things, but this morning I changed it up and ate probably a half-pound of peanut brittle, because I feel like I'm starving to death for sweets all the sudden! I think TOM is near, so I'll get over it. The rest of the day will be good, if I don't puke from it. Report
I love to snack on 1 whole grain piece of bread with peanut butter and homemade jelly. Report
Seems to be quite yummy. Just want to have it! Thanks for the lovely information.



I wish these snacks were in a vending machine. Now that would be HEAVEN Report
Couple new snack ideas and they sound sooooo good. Thanks. Report
Couple new snack ideas and they sound sooooo good. Thanks. Report