Streaking Her Way to Success 2,000 Days in a Row

By , SparkPeople Blogger
This is a featured "SparkStory", one of the classic posts from our members that provides support, encouragement and inspiration to the SparkPeople Community. 

SparkPeople Member: NORASPAT

In 2009, I came across “The Spark” while at a bookstore with my husband. I had never heard of SparkPeople, but had recently (and surprisingly) been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I purchased a copy for myself, as well as three more as Christmas gifts for my sons. Shortly after, my son set me up with my first computer so I could make the most of everything the book had to offer. I was 66 years old, and had no clue how to use a computer or navigate the site.

Soon, though, I met two friends on the site: Judy in Canada and Mary in Indiana. Every day, I had questions and they were there, helping me set up my SparkPage and explaining different features available on the site. Six years later, we’re still close SparkFriends. Eventually, one of them told me about SparkStreaks, which quickly became very important rewards to me.

I joined The Diabetes Weight Loss Challenge, and started losing weight. I saw my fasting blood sugar getting lower and, eventually, I was even able to stop my diabetes medication all together. The diabetes SparkTeams keep me accountable and logging in. While I cannot say I enjoy the computer, the trackers are keeping me healthy. 

Today, at 72 years young, I now have more friends in the Spark community than I have where I live. Some days, I get snowed in and I enjoy having the opportunity to stay inside, give support when I can and blog and read about the success and struggles of other members. It brings me joy to welcome newcomers to the community on the Message Boards. The SparkPeople community keeps me happy, and I am certain they are the reason I now have a streak of over 2,000 log-ins! 

While I was initially oblivious to my long streak, once it grew and grew, I become committed to keeping it going. We love to travel around Maine, and throughout all of our travels, I would take care to find a library or restaurant with Wi-Fi or find places where we could sit outside just to log in and enter my fasting blood sugar. I also always carry my glucometer, which helped remind me to find the Internet. 

When I started SparkPeople at 66 years old, I could not operate a computer and I had high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol issues and more. Now, after six years with SparkPeople, my health issues are under control and I can walk four miles, plus I am able to work out with resistance bands despite arthritis in my hands. I love this place and owe my good health to SparkPeople. You never know how SparkStreaks might inspire you to change your life!  I’m over 2,000 days into my log-in streak, and have no intention of stopping now!

How have SparkStreaks helped you stay consistent with your goals?  Share in the comments below!

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