Stacy London Promotes Looking Good At Any Size

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Stacy London, co-host of TLC's show "What Not To Wear" is known for being critical of people's choices when it comes to fashion. She's even brutal at times when it comes to what's wrong with your wardrobe. But even though she might make negative comments about the shirt you're wearing, she will never comment on your size or tell you that you need to lose a few pounds.

London says her job is to accentuate the positive aspects of a person's figure and help them embrace their curves--not to make them feel bad because they don't wear a size 4. She doesn't feel that it's her job to question the health of the show's makeover candidates, but rather to help them see how a new scarf or pair of pants can take the focus off of those "trouble spots".

London knows what it's like to struggle with weight and fitting into the right clothes. She admitted that she's dealt with weight problems for a lot of her life, so she knows where many of these people are coming from. She thinks that learning to dress with style can make you feel good about yourself, regardless of the number on the scale. And if you feel good, that might give you the motivation to make changes in other areas of your life--like diet and exercise.

I know that when I'm not feeling good about myself (regardless of the reason), I spend less time caring about what I'm wearing or what I look like. But I can see how it could work in reverse: You look good, so you start feeling good, and that gives you the push you need to start taking better care of yourself. Even if they are critical of what these people are wearing, I think it's great that this show promotes looking good at any size, whether you're a size 2 or size 22.

What do you think? Do you watch the show? Do you think it sends a positive message about size?

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When I was a Senior in High School, I was fairly depressed for awhile. Nothing that required medication, it was other things in my life--that I let get to me--bringing me down. In general, I dressed like a "scrub". Ok--so I was a little bit of a hippy. Thrift Store Cords that were 3 sizes to big were my favorite pants (and while we weren't rich, I certainly had no need to shop in a thrift store). One day, my dad asked me to do him a favor. He went into my closet and pointed at all the nice clothes I had, that actually fit, and asked me to wear only those for one week rather than my usual droopy cords and t's. He didn't tell me why, but I love my father, so I said ok. By the end of the week, while I certainly wasn't "cured," I did feel a little of the weight that had been on my shoulders lifted. My father noticed and said, "when you look good, you feel better--and you look great in those clothes...and I can tell you feel better." I had never told my parents that I was depressed or what was weighing me down, my father is very in tune with my emotions though and just knew...

It was then, and is still now, soooo annoying that my father is almost always right! Report
I think it's a very fun and positive show! I get lots of ideas and my daughters and I giggle when we shop, "OOoohh, Stacy would love this . . . " of some such comment. I totally enjoy the show! Report
Personally I'm not a fan. I've watched it a handful of times, and some of the people who came on had a neat style of their own. Well they got told to change it, and Stacy certainly isn't nice about it. We don't all need to dress like her to be fashionable. Report
Yes, this is one of my absolute favorite shows!!! I am truly a WNTW fan! I have watched it for years now, and have seen most of the episodes! I have loved that Stacey and Clinton teach people how to dress their bodies correctly...whether they are a size 2 or 12, whether they are tall or short or curvy or stick-straight. :) If anyone ever needs really great advice about clothing, hair, makeup, and especially learning to accept and love your body, watch this show! Report
I love What Not to Wear And have watched it over a year. Both Stacy and Clinton are focused on what a person should wear to look better and they don't ever make hurtful comments about a person's size or shape! Report
I love WNTW and have always appreciated this very thing about the show. They always dress real women and because some of them look like me, I get to see what kinds of styles suit me best too. Report
I love her show. I think that she and Clinton are great at helping people improve their self esteem with their style. I also really like that they don't always have tiny people to make-over. They often have plus sized people and people who are older than 25! It is a fantastic show!! Keep it up Stacy! Report
I adore her and Clinton, that show is fantastic. They work wonders for people and yet have a little laugh at their expense when they wear something outrageous. They NEVER preach about someone's weight, they only try to make them feel good and they do indeed dress all body types. I remember one episode with a new mom who was obsessed with her dislike of her own figure. They just kept telling her how to be happy and to stop focusing on things that make her miserable. Why can't more shows be like this?! Report
I absolutely love this show and have been a fan since the beginning. I thought I was cute before, but now, I dress even better, because I know what works for me, so that's what I look for. Forever it was about what was on sale, then I added what would fit. Well those things still are paramount to my purchase, but I also have a greater since of what works on me and what is complimentary and most importantly, when I feel awesome, I look awesome. Looking good comes from within, the clothes just accentuate your positive attitude and self confidence. Report
I thought I was the only one who loved this show! Seriously - it's great that so many of us understand that the criticism is aimed at the clothing choices NOT the person's size. I get lots of ideas from this show. Report
I love the show as well. As many have mentioned, that they work with many body types and ages, and they only criticize the clothes and not the person.

I think it is such a positive message they send out... that you should dress for today, and not the body you want to have someday. As I am sure many of us can relate to the ups and downs of weight and fitness, it can begin to feel like life is waiting to happen for that magical day when we reach "all" of our goals. But life is too precious to be constantly waiting instead of living it.

They also show that it is important to present yourself positively and in your best light, and that is not necessarily because of vanity. And it doesn't even have to take that much extra time. Presentation shows the world a lot about your personality. As I think someone on the show has said... now the outside matches the inside. Show the world who you are! Report
I love the show. My husband can't stand it and always leaves the room. I, too, wonder what her weight problem was. It would be inspirational to know what it is, she looks great! Report
I've always enjoyed the would be interesting to hear what her weight problems were.... Report
I think the show is really great for people to watch because so many people make fashion mistakes. I also love their humour and I laugh all the time watching Stacey and Clinton go to it, and laughing burns calories too. It's all good. Report
I love the show what not to wear,they never comment on a person size but they tell it like it is on what the person is wearing!!! i like the good advice at the end of the day that they give. Report
I sometimes watch the show and really enjoy it. But Who really has the $$$ to shop in NY? I'd like to see somebody do a show on how to find "stylish buys" at a thrift shop. I DO enjoy how the show brings out people's natural beauty. Report
I've never seen the show, and if it's on Friday nights, I can't tune in (Sabbath eve). But I am a firm believer in looking the best you possibly can, no matter what size you are. I have a thick waist, so the best look for me is anything that bypasses my waist. I avoid belts and tucking anything in. My best look is either a scoop-neck tee or a ballet tee over EVERYTHING--skirts, pants, jeans, whatever. I generally buy armloads of them in any color that flatters me at the beginning of every season and wear them to death, then donate my used ones to a local facility that feeds the homeless. I used to wear heels all the time, but now that I'm getting close to 60, I'm starting to favor flats. (I still have a few insanely high pumps, though. I have NO idea what I was thinking!) Report
You know, you can find out what is right to wear for your size by just searching the internet. There are many places you can afind ideas and some places you can create a virtual you so you can see what you'd look like in items. Report
I love the show and am a member of the What Not to Wear Team ...look us up and come join us. Report
I love this show and I have taken a few of these tips to heart and they work wonders!! I even bought a pair of leopard print shoes just because.... by the way they look great with jeans!! Report
Absolutely. I am glad there is one show on TV where people are shown how to dress based on their size instead of the size they want to be. I would love to be shown how to dress & be comfortable with my size. Report
I love Stacey and Clinton! I know when I started gaining weight I wanted to hide under the baggiest clothing I could find - and I noticed that I also stopped taking the time to care about how I looked in general. Putting on a little makeup, taking pride in my appearance and finding good clothes that fit, no matter what my size, put a little pep in my step every day - and I am beautiful no matter what the scale says! Report
I also watch the show and find them really inspiring...they definitely work with the person to make them feel good about who they are "now". Report
I really enjoy this show! I understand how clothes are supposed to fit (like where the back pocket of jeans are supposed to sit on your butt) much better now because I watch the show and I would like to think that I look better too!
For the people making comments about the lack of "bigger" people on the show. I think we have to remember that people are nominated by friends/family for the show and also that some people do say "no" when asked to be on the show. I have also seen numerous shows that had larger than size 8 women on them, or women with disproportionally large chests (like me) or hips. It's also nice to see that the tall, skinny people have as much trouble finding clothes that fit right as those of us who aren't so tall and skinny.
I would LOVE to be on the show, not only to be able to go shopping in NY but to meet Stacy and Clinton! Having Nick and Carmondy do my hair and make-up would be pretty awesome too! Report
I love this show! I wished I could be on it so they can help me pick out clothes that look right on me. I'm not good at clothes shopping either like most of the contestants that are on there. They are really good at their jobs! Report
I watch this show from time to time and think they give good tips on making changes. I think we tend to get in a rut and don't always see ourselves as others do. It is nice to hear honest opinions sometimes. But I do wonder how many of the victims on this show keep up the style changes, Or for that matter can afford to shop where they do on the show. Report
I LOVE that they are constantly saying things like "LOOK at those gorgeous legs!" Or, "We need to draw attention to your beautiful face". Comments like those will make anyone feel beautiful! They are really a great example! Report
I don't get to watch the show often since I don't have working (beyond DVDs) TV to watch, but I catch when I can. I remember three shows where it really stuck out to me how much Stacy and Clinton were all about dressing the person for the body type they were then. They dressed one lady that lost a lot of weight and life circumstances (I think it was an illness of hers) put her in a standstill of finishing her weight loss goal. To me, she was simply at that point a bit thick. Well, the lady's view was to not buy any new clothes until she reach her weight loss goal. Stacy chimed in and sai what she needed to do was start dressing well for where she is now. There was another who accomplished her weight loss goals but was still wearing her plus size that she could no longer fit into and looked baggy on her slender body. Stacy and Clinton directed to stop feeling like she should hide behind those clothes, and embrace herself for completing such a great accomplishment. Finally, another lady was in my viewpoint was a good size, like a slender hourglass. Well, I remember her pointing out her body flaws such as her stomach was not that big and her hips which were not that big. I was seriously like, lady, I wish I had your problem right now, even though I am not that much bigger than her. (But I relate to nitpicking body parts0 Stacy and Clinton kept telling her that they wanted to find that would help bring out the best features about her.
I am glad to have read this. I often wondered if Stacy could relate to weight issues b/c she (and Clinton) never talk down about people's weight, but rather the clothes they choose to wear. I also wish they could help me b/c it's a challenge to find bottoms that fit my body type, my waist being smaller than hips, glutes, and thighs, and having a curvy body. Report
I like the show because they make the women look the best they can no matter what their size or shape. Report
i LOVE watching this show, especially when they have larger women on it because i can relate to their struggles with finding clothes in "regular" stores that fit them well. i think that the message behind the show is a positive one because they just want to show someone they can look great without changing their physical body, and feeling that you look great makes you feel great automatically. Report
I really like this show because they do put the emphasis on working with what you already have, rather than trying to make you feel bad for what you don't have. Some of their comments also really make you stop and think about how a person can sabotage themself and not realize it. Report
I've not seen more than a snippet of the show. Now I think I'll have to. How refreshing that they can differentiate b/w ugly clothes & people who just need different clothes to show them off well! Report
I really like this show because they make you realize how out of touch some of us are. Sometimes we just need help to see it. She doesn't make fun of your size and helps you find the good points you have. Report
I love this show! I have it programed on my playlist settings to "keep until I delete" just so I do not miss an episode. I also loved watching Stacy London's talk show. Report
My mother is opposed to the show because she feels Stacey and Clinton are too mean, but this blog explains exactly what I've been trying to get across to her! They insult the clothes, never the person, and the transformation that occurs is as much mental as it is physical. I love the show! Report
I don't watch this show religiously, but I have seen it and never have they made a negative comment in regards to a persons health or weight. They really do make a positive impact in the people they have helped lives, and show that a person can look good in clothes no matter what size they are! Report
I love the show too, but I have to agree that I would like to see more women with real figures (over size 14) on the show. In addition to my weight problem, I am also short (5' 1") which makes shopping really difficult. I would love to be on the show and have Stacy & Clinton give me some tips on how to dress my body! There are only a few stores that I have found clothes in women's petite sizes so I tend to stick with them, but the selections are limited. Report
I LOVE that show, and have not gotten to watch it in a long time. Stacy is not lying, not once have I ever seen her or her co-host comment negatively on the person's body, just the way they DRESS their body!

HOWEVER, I have never really seen any REALLY obese people on the show. It would be great to see someone in the 300's or lhigh 200's on the show and see how they dress them, because while I try to use some of their techniques, it just does not seem to work for me... Report
Yes my daughter and I are fans of the show and we do learn so much from it.We find it interesting educational and a great show,they do make such a life changing difference in the lives of the persons they have helped.
I am a huge fan of the show. I admit it grew on me, but now I don't miss it. And, for those of you who haven't seen plus and plus-plus size gals, you've just missed them. Having been a size 22-24, I was looking for the 'queenly' ladies and they are there. The point has been made that Stacy and Clinton help everyone to look better so that they can feel better about themselves and they do a great job at it, no matter what the size or shape. Report
I'm a partial fan to the show. I've seen the show plenty of times and yes, I do get ideas from them. And I feel for (and at times cry with) those contestants who are forced out of their comfort-zones.
However, what bothers me about the show is that I've yet to see someone on the show who's wearing a size bigger than like a 14-16. And even those people have the typical "pear-shaped" body where the upper body was smaller than the lower part of the body. It's true, I've never seen her "comment on a person's size or tell them that they need to loose weight". However, I'm pretty sure she (or whoever choses the contestants) actually turns down someone of a larger size from being on the show.
So, what I'm trying to say to Stacy London and the "What Not To Wear" producers is that bigger people need the love, attention, and advise too! Report
I love What Not To Wear and catch reruns as often as I can along with the new episodes. It is great to see the transformations of each individual and the confidence it gives each and everyone of them. I also find some helpful hints and "What Not To Wear" and I have never seen weight mentioned. It is to find what works best for each person and accentuate the positive. Report
I have to admit that when I first saw "What not to wear," I thought that Stacy and Clinton were harsh and unnecessarily sarcastic towards their unsuspecting victims. However, I understand now that this is much of the appeal of the show and any victim cannot be unsuspecting if they actually agree to proceed with the process. I am sure there may be some who do not. But I love the show now. And precisely because I do not see or hear Stacy or Clinton degrading women because of their size. I find the show very touching and transformative for women. It really strikes a chord within women to take steps to change how they think about the way they present themselves to the world. There is a bit of a Cinderella-story in each of the women presented. And this can be a bit much -- but the actual way in which women change their attitudes towards their own bodies and how they want to put themselves out to the world is amazing. I use a lot of the tips that Stacy and Clinton give to women "with hour-glass shapes." I no longer look for cover-up tops and baggy trousers. I try to go for fitted items. This has made a huge change for me when I shop. Just a very positive and up-beat and women-friendly show, indeed. Report
I am a big fan of the show, and I agree that I have never heard a negative body comment from either Stacy or Clinton. (Unless they're telling you that your current poor wardrobe makes your butt look big.)
They definitely focus on how you can make yourself look and feel better, both inside and out! Report
I think Clinton and Stacy are great. I'd love for them to find and help me, too. Report
I love Stacy and Clinton for all the reasons mentioned in the article. It doesn't matter what size you are, they work to make you look good. They don't follow trends which is great because trends don't look good on everyone. At the same time they don't ignore the weight, they work with your body not against it. I've learned so many tips from them, I just finished watching a show about 30mins ago. Report
Our world needs this message that you can look good at any weight. I used to think I had to lose weight first. But that way of thinking did not help me one bit. Report
I watch the show regulary and I think that Stacy and Clinton are great. There have been people on the show that I would have thrown my hands up in the air and said " this is hopeless" but they don't do that..they teach the person what will make their body look the best...I have learned from watching them to fit the biggest part and then get the rest tailored... Thanks to them I have had several jackets tailored recently...the sleeves were too long, in the past I might have just lived with it or not bought those jackets. Report
I love this show. Time and time again, Stacy and Clinton demonstrate that every body, size 2 to whatever looks great when the clothes fit and flatter. Almost all of the candidates seem to have some issue with their own bodies and I can relate to that.

My family tells me that I should be on that show since I have lost nearly 50 pounds in the past year. Most of my wardrobe is workout clothing or clothes that are too big. It is a very daunting task to redo an entire wardrobe. Report
I like Stacy London, she's very stylish and helps any figure look good Report
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