Stacy London Promotes Looking Good At Any Size

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Stacy London, co-host of TLC's show "What Not To Wear" is known for being critical of people's choices when it comes to fashion. She's even brutal at times when it comes to what's wrong with your wardrobe. But even though she might make negative comments about the shirt you're wearing, she will never comment on your size or tell you that you need to lose a few pounds.

London says her job is to accentuate the positive aspects of a person's figure and help them embrace their curves--not to make them feel bad because they don't wear a size 4. She doesn't feel that it's her job to question the health of the show's makeover candidates, but rather to help them see how a new scarf or pair of pants can take the focus off of those "trouble spots".

London knows what it's like to struggle with weight and fitting into the right clothes. She admitted that she's dealt with weight problems for a lot of her life, so she knows where many of these people are coming from. She thinks that learning to dress with style can make you feel good about yourself, regardless of the number on the scale. And if you feel good, that might give you the motivation to make changes in other areas of your life--like diet and exercise.

I know that when I'm not feeling good about myself (regardless of the reason), I spend less time caring about what I'm wearing or what I look like. But I can see how it could work in reverse: You look good, so you start feeling good, and that gives you the push you need to start taking better care of yourself. Even if they are critical of what these people are wearing, I think it's great that this show promotes looking good at any size, whether you're a size 2 or size 22.

What do you think? Do you watch the show? Do you think it sends a positive message about size?

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Never watched that show in my life. I have read a lot about how to dress to accentuate my best features. Very often I won't buy new clothes because they don't look good and would require a lot of alterations. It's easie to change my "look" with a cute new scarf or shawl, or a new piece of costume jewelry. Report
I love the show. They may not like what you wear but they don't say anything about your weight. Report
This is a good show and I've been watching it for more than 9 years. Stacy and Clinton have a great sense of humor and offer great advise. Every time I'm surprise to see the terrible "style" of the contributors in the beginning. They all look way better at the end of the episode. It's hard to change the pattern of thinking and the emotional issues that appear in each episode, S&C act more like psychotherapists. They are good and make the contributors feel like they deserve to take care of their appearance. Report
I love Stacy and Clinton. They are always stressing that people should not hide behind their clothes. They should properly dress the body they have. They always teach the people how to accentuate their features and love the body they have. Report
I watch the show and have seen sizes over 14 and ages over 45. They explain why they are being brutal in the beginning and actually work with the people on expressing individual styles while still looking good no matter what age, size, or body type. Report
I enjoy WNTW. Yes, they can be tough in the beginning. In the end, they really do care about the women who get the makeovers. This show is great for showing that you can look more polished and pulled together no matter what size you are. And I'm pretty sure they have had a few makeovers on women over age 45 and/or a size 14. Report
Watched the show now and then---- don't like it. Who made them the supreme decision maker on good style?? Stacey Londons self satisfied smirk irks me to no end. Report
I LOVE WNTW ! I DVR it each week so I can watch at my leisure. I try to channel Stacy & Clinton when I buy clothes.

It does make me a little critical of others though - when I see someone dressed really badly I always wonder where S & C are :) Report
This show is actually what helped me to accept my body and be comfortable with myself. I saw that people no matter what size all have issues finding clothes and have features they don't like about themselves. Women that I would look at and think "what could she possibly hate about herself" would be standing there tearing themselves down and it made me realize that size had very little to do with it. I love Stacy because she does never make a person feel badly for the size that they wear. She teaches them to dress their shape in take pride in themselves and I think that is a great message. Yes, you might need to lose weight but that doesn't mean you don't deserve to be happy while doing so. Report
Don't watch show; at work, but very encouraging article! Report
Love the show! Love both Stacy and Clinton! Love the fact that they think everyone can be stylish and look good! Report
I used to watch the original British version of WNTW. I love the women who did that show. After that the American version seemed pretty brutal so I never got into watching it. Report
What not to wear is a good show and I agree that at no time do either of the hosts criticize nor comment about the people they dress. Their sense of style is wonderful and gives us all the hope that with the right style of outfit, regardless of the price, we can look great. Report
I love Stacey and Clinton!! I especially like her emphasis on dressing the body you have now and not the one you are waiting for. I learned the hard way that losing weight doesn't necessarily make you happy. Being happy and self-confident comes from within no matter what size you are now. Part of being happy is dressing and looking like you give a darn! Report
I want to be Stacy's BFF!!! Report
I love WNTW and learned a lot from watching it. My sister is about 75 pounds overweight and a horrible dresser. I used tips from the show to treat her to new outfits when she visited, and I think it's helped with her self-esteem. Report
I just love Stacy and Clinton on what not to wear Report
Why when I click on the "Get you Spark Points" it does not go anywhere? It does not work. Report
Of the episodes I have watched, they have never commented negatively on someone's physical appearance. Never mention need to lose or gain weight. They just stick to clothing, tailoring options and try to help poeple put their best fashion foot forward. I'm positive if candidates expressed concern on wanting to hide certain areas of their body they may assist or depending try to show how it can work for them. It's a fun show to watch and I love all the tips! Report
They are always respectful. I've seen shows where plus size (over size 20) women were dressed and styled. There were no rude comments or put-downs on the person's size, in fact Stacey really rallied and shared how the women could look fantastic no matter what their size was. She told them to stop hiding themselves in clothes that were too large, loose and baggy. That in fact, they had beautiful body features - not just the face - and they should flaunt those features. She encourages the show-off of hips and booty. She doesn't believe one needs to hide them away. If we didn't live up north in Canada my nephew would have applied for his mother to be part of the show - with her encouragment. We don't have shops here like they do down there, what a privelage it would be to be able to shop in stores focused on plus size women. The first part can be embarrassing, seeing how you really look in clothes but if you refuse the money the show never airs and no one outside your circle is exposed to that. In all the years the show ran, only one person has refused. Once you agree, then I think that you should listen and work with them. They will fashion you to your lifestyle and what you are comfortable wearing. If you give them that information. I love Stacey London, she's very cool. Report
I watch the show and really like it. That is an accurate assessment, Stacy and Clinton don't criticize their subject's sizes, just their clothes! While it's a stretch to think we all have $5k to redo our wardrobes, it can give all of us some ideas on how to step it up a bit and get out of the sweatpants and hoodies, and look professional maybe for a job, etc. Report
I do watch the show and they do focus on the body that you have. If they make a comment it is to let the person know that what they thought they were hiding, in fact, fooled no one. When you feel good about yourself in the current state, it will show confidence in everything else. If you look good, you will feel good. I think the show is great. Report
I have to agree with Sacrerouge and Crackermom - I have only seen this show a handful of times because it seems like every time I catch it, they are either brutal in an entirely uncalled for way or they ARE saying rude things about someone's size. There's being blunt and there's downright rude, and I feel like this show is more about letting the two hosts indulge their inner (not so inner, actually) bitches to belittle people. People like watching others being made fun of, even when they claim there's a higher purpose or "it's for your own good." Granted, the women come on agreeing to have their look changed and receive clothes and new haircuts, but while I do agree that at the end, they get a good look (can't dis all their style choices), I find the first section so distasteful that I rarely get to the end of the show. Shaming people about their size or personal choices isn't the way to go, and I have seen the hosts wear things that I would think are ridiculous. Just because some designer is selling that look doesn't mean it looks good!

I prefer the show "10 Years Younger" where they are more kind and talk to the person about why they may have come to the fashion, weight and appearance place they are in. They do a little more than just toss the person's clothes over their shoulder and say "WHAT CRAP!" and in the end, the people look spectacular and like themselves, not forced into a style that doesn't work or that is radically divergent from their natural style.

My other gripe with What Not to Wear is that no matter what a person's hairstyle is like, they think that they must go with the polar opposite, even if it's not particularly flattering or what's in tune with that person. If a woman comes in with long hair, she probably LIKES having long hair. Chopping it into a 30s'-style flapper bob is probably going to make her cry when she gets off camera and realizes her hair is gone, even if you say it's great. Change for the sake of change isn't always best.

Rant over! :) I'm glad that so many can find inspiration in this show - that must be why it's so popular. Report
From Clinton and Stacy I have learned that baggy t-shirts and hoodies ARE NOT hiding the fact that I'm kinda chunky! Good face looks chubby. I was only fooling myself! Report
Yes, I watch her show once in a while. I especially like it when she is doing the "ordinary" person who just needs some advice on what works and what doesn't. I like to hear what someone with a big middle should wear; or with big thighs or chest. I find myself following her advice sometimes when I go shopping, when I can find anything or afford it that is Report
I love the show and Stacey London. I am a firm believer in "dressing for the body you have, not the one you want" ... No matter what your size or shape there are gorgeous clothes that can make you feel HOT and that feeling means confidence, which is sexy all by itself. Report
Love how they tell contestants to dress for the body they have not the body they used to have. They also show how to make the most of what you have and how to use clothing to hide the trouble spots. Report
I appreciate that the emphasis of the show is to look your best using the body you have now...not dressing the body you used to have or the body you want to have in the future.
I like the hairstyling portion of the show, too. It isn't often that one sees attractive haircuts for curly hair and round faces. I even Tivo'd one of the shows and took photos of the TV for my hairstylist! Report
I think that it is a great show.. and i think it is true that if you feel good you will be healthier. Dressing for your body type can make you look slimmer and help with the self esteem! Report
I very much enjoy the show & applaud their approach to REAL people and dressing for your body type. I do wish they showed a few more "contributors", as they call them, who wear larger sizes. Report
I lovee this show..I do like how they always work with wat you have and encourage you show off your curves. Report
I love that she never disses someone's size. I wish the whole world were as enlightened. Report
I keep hearing about the show, but never watched it. I may take a peek at it! Report
I heart Stacy and Clinton! I think they're spot on with their taste and advice everytime. I read that she had psoriasis and has been a size 16, and felt like an awkward geek for a large chunk of her young adult life. Kudos to her and Clinton for recognizing and accentuating the beauty in ALL women. Report
I used to watch the show with my daughter before she moved out on her own. I don't remember ever seeing anyone larger than about a size 12 or maybe a 14 on the show. And someone over 45? Never! Report
I do enjoy watching this show, I think they are brutal, but it's in the best interest of those being "made over." Another show that I can't get enough of is called, "How to Look Good Naked." This show, in my opinion, goes to the extreme to promote beauty in all shapes and sizes. It is heart felt and encouraging. Report
I have watched the show a couple of times. I have learned something about how to dress myself that will help minimize my trouble areas. When I take care better care of myself in how I live (eat, exercise, hygiene, dress), I feel better and I am more confident. The whole package makes me feel in control over myself and that is a good thing for me. Report
I watch the show and have always admired how they pick participants that are all shapes and sizes. It is never about the size but about the person. It is hard to see them break people down and get to the issues, but I think it is necessary for people to get to the bottom before they can build back up. The show inspires me to try a little harder! Report
I love the show. I've always felt that it is more than dressing oneself. It is also about bringing back the person's self-esteem. And I totally love that Stacey won't let the person get away with dressing frumpy because they aren't at their ideal weight. The last episode I watched she didn't even let the person finish their sentence when they were starting in about their weight. Report
I am 62 years old and I love, love, love this show. I never miss it even though it comes on quite late here. I have never seen anyone my size on the show, but I have learned many tips for being the best I can at the size I am. The words "fat" and "slob" do not have to go together. Put on your make-up. Don't go to the store in your grubby old sweats that you cleaned the house in. Take a little pride in yourself and your appearance. It even makes you feel better.
Erin Report
Love the show. Stacy and Clinton's (and the makeup artist and hairdresser) show people how to bring out their best qualities. Report
this is my faaaaaaavorite show! they really send a message to embrace your body no matter what size it is! People are so hung up on trying to squeeze into certain clothes because of the number on the tag, but stacy and clinton are actually right in a sense that if you dress for the size that you ARE, you can actually make yourself appear slimmer. I tried it and it definitely works. They're improving women's self esteem all over the country! Report
Love the show. I have never seen her or Clinton address weight in a negative way. They always focus on the beautiful part of the person, and I have learned some great tips watching the show. Report
I love the show and I've always admired how Stacy and Clinton never belittle anyway about their weight. I esp like the shows that feature women who have lost weight but arent at their goal weights, They've made a huge impact on how they see themselves and helped them realized that they don't have to be at their goal weights to look good and be happy. great show! Report
I like her philosophy. I think it is so true. I would love for her to help me, too. Report
That is one thing I have always loved about this show! They are constantly telling and showing people how to dress their body the way it looks now instead of how they want it to look or the size they wish they were. It's helped me realize that I shouldn't be so focused on the size of my clothes, but how they look on me. It's amazing how much thinner you can look if you dress appropriately to your body size and shape. Report
I love this show! I have noticed in the past that they never EVER even hint at a person's size. They treat everyone the exact same which is a relief! Stacy can be abrasive but you knew what you were getting into going onto the show! She only gets really argumentative with clients who come on and still want to stay the same. Hello?? That's not what you can on the show for. That's not why we're giving you 5 grand! So I can understand her fustration. Otherwise, she is very positive in helping the people (And Clinton too of course but this article is about Stacy). I'm just glad to see they are really out there to help anyone who needs it.
~Ang Report
What not to Wear is one of my favorite shows! I think that both Clinton and Stacy are great, hilarious, and motivating! They give "tough love," but thats what most guests need, an unbiased outside observer telling the truth. Friends typically try to be positive about how you look, but sometimes you need someone to really tell you how you look so you can change. My favorite part of the show is afterwards where the rebellious guests grudgingly admit that Clinton and Stacy were right and how you look really does affect how you feel. Report
I love Stacy and Clinton. This show has actually done a lot for me. I still have a lot of weight to lose, but I have already lost a lot. When I got to a certain point I decided that I wasn't going to be frumpy anymore - that I'd try to look put together as often as possible. This has made me feel better about how I look, no matter what size I am. Just because I'm a size 18 doesn't mean I have to wear giant flower prints and box-cut shirts. Report
I love this show too and I like Stacy... yeah, she can be abrasive a bit but hey, the guest "agreed" to change their style in exchange for a fancy new $5k wardrobe and to be on TV... who wouldn't?! If they wanted to go on looking the way they were looking... then they shouldn't have taken the credit card. Report
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