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If we're being honest, I'm sure we'd all appreciate it if some things moved just a little bit faster. The workday, the line at the post office, the timer on the treadmill, highway traffic and, especially, your weight loss.

Losing weight can often be a tedious process measured in ounces lost and endless exercising that seems to lead nowhere. While no one has invented a magical pill that you can take to instantly shed weight, there are some diets that can help you safely shed pounds more quickly than others.

Backed by science-based innovation, Jenny Craig's new Rapid Results program is one such weight loss program developed to deliver faster results  by working with your body’s natural clock, your circadian rhythm. This latest addition to the Jenny Craig program is different than any other major weight loss program because it takes into account not only what you eat and how much, but also when you eat, as the current nutritional science says this is an important factor in weight loss and weight management.

Read on to discover how Rapid Results can work for you.

How Does Rapid Results Differ From the Classic Jenny Craig Program?

The main difference focuses not only on what you eat, but when you eat. The new menu matches the best times of day to consume your calories. Your metabolism follows a daily pattern, and because of this, from morning up to mid-afternoon is the most effective time to burn food calories. Once your daily nourishment period is complete, your body’s cells reset, regenerate and regroup. With Rapid Results, every member still receives comprehensive support from a weight loss consultant as well as the delicious Jenny Craig food.

You still eat six times per day, and you’ll continue to follow your Jenny Craig menu, and check in with your consultant every seven days.

How Much Weight Can I Expect to Lose on Rapid Results?

Members who completed Rapid Results lost up to 16 pounds* in the first four weeks of the program. The average weight loss on Rapid Results, was 11.6 pounds (in the first four weeks) compared to 8.5 pounds on the Classic Jenny Craig program, which is a whopping 30 percent** more weight lost!

How Do I Lose Weight on Rapid Results?

1. Follow the Rapid Results menu. Each day of the Rapid Results menu is based upon appropriate nutrition for healthy weight loss. The daily calories are apportioned to provide more calories during the morning and afternoon, which are the more metabolically active hours of the day.

The decision to reallocate calories is all about working with your body's natural state to optimize weight loss. Recent studies1 have shown that each cell of our body contains a biological clock that is affected by our daily, 24-hour light-dark cycle. Referred to as the circadian rhythm cycle, it tells our bodies when to sleep, awaken and eat. From dawn until mid-afternoon, our metabolism is optimal, and the body is most efficient at burning calories as fuel. Therefore, it makes sense for us to prioritize consuming the majority of our calories earlier in the day and avoid large evening meals after our metabolism has started to slow.

2. Stay accountable. This is where accountability really comes into play. Using your Rapid Results menu, track your food and meet with your consultant weekly, paying attention to when you eat in addition to what you eat. 
3. Meet with your consultant every seven days. Jenny Craig consultants are professionally trained to help guide you through the journey to weight loss and that expertise remains important with Rapid Results. Just like in the Classic program, participants will meet with their consultant once every seven days to receive guidance and support. Every four weeks, consultants will also take your measurements to gauge your non-scale progress. 

4. Take a 12-hour rejuvenation break. People typically overeat later in the evening, often resulting in constant weight gain. The rejuvenation break resets this self-destructive eating behavior and enhances overall health. To reap the benefits, Rapid Results experts recommend all meals and snacks be consumed by 8 p.m. at the latest to ensure you aren't burning calories at a slower rate. If you can't imagine not eating or drinking anything for several hours, fear not: Water, coffee, tea and the occasional diet soda are allowed during your rejuvenation break as long as no sugar has been added to your beverage. 

This rejuvenation break also acts as a critical reset period for your body's cells to regroup, rejuvenate and regenerate. During this time, many processes should take place, such as old cells being replaced by new ones, your immune system being boosted, appetite and hunger becomeing more manageable, your energy increasing, your brain functions being enhanced and your body fat (especially belly fat) decreasing while your muscle mass is maintained.2-6  

*First 4 wks only. Avg. weight loss 11.6 lbs for those who completed the program.
**Members following the Rapid Results program for their first 28 days lost, on average, 36% more weight than those on the standard Jenny Craig program for the same time period.

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