Nutrition Tracking: New Recent Foods Tab

By , SparkPeople Blogger
If you use the Nutrition Tracker regularly, you probably already know that you can save foods you eat frequently to your "Favorites" list. This makes it much faster to add foods to your tracker every day. But now it's even easier to keep track of what you eat most often.

The new "Recent" tab on the Food Tracker automatically generates a handy list of all the foods you've recently tracked so you can add them in an instant. Since so many people eat the same foods day to day, this is another option for making it easier and faster to track your calories and nutrition.

To add a recently tracked food to your Nutrition Tracker, visit your food tracker page. Click on the "Recent" tab (next to Search) and you'll see a list of your foods. Simply check the box next to the food(s) you want to add to your tracker, then click "Add Selected Foods to Tracker" at the bottom.

The most recent quantity of the food is already noted, but can be changed easily on the same screen. Be sure sure change both the Quantity and the Measure columns to accurately track what you've eaten.

Finally, you can select which meal to add the food to by using the Meal dropdown menu to the far right. If you'd like to add several different foods to the same meal all at once, simply select the "Change all meals to" dropdown menu at the bottom right before clicking the "Add Selected Foods to Tracker" button.

We're constantly working to improve the Nutrition Tracker because it's been proven that people who consistently track what they eat are more likely to successfully manage their weight

If you have any questions or comments about this new feature, please share them below!

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UNIQUEMARY21 4/24/2019
I would like to know how to remove a food from the ''recent foods'' list please Report
How do you narrow foods on the ''recent foods'' tab? Report
how do you remove a food from the ''recent foods'' list? Report
I'm a new new member and I am trying to chart my first day of meals. I entered my Eggo egg and cheese breakfast sandwich and NOTHING came up. I tried every combination I can think of (Egg and cheese on waffle bread breakfast sandwich). When I settled on a Tim Horton egg and cheese sandwich and checked the nutrition fact, Tim Horton was way off. HELP! This is a produce I eat a lot.

Love the tab when it works. For some reason all blank....any suggestions? Report
How do you remove a item from the "recent" tab and/or can the list be cleared if you want to start over. the "recent" foods tab would be a much better tool also if the items the were listed alphabetically as they are in the "favorites" tab. Can these 3 things be accomplished Report
I LOVE this feature that you added!!! I know it is not new but I just found it today! I am slowly using it more and more. I use it and then I don't use it. I keep trying to make it a permenate part of my healthy lifestyle. I will continue trying to use it every day until it does. I believe that the food tracker is THE best tool here. I have learned so much from when I used to use it all the time that I have remembered portion sizes and calories for most of all the food that I eat. With this recent tab I will be more encouraged to really ensure that the food tracker becomes my healthy lifestyle for SURE! Thanks all of the staff at Sparkpeople, you ROICK!!! keep up with all of the good work that you do! Report
I love this new feature! I noticed it a couple days ago and didn't realize it was new, just thought *I* had not noticed it before. It's great that I can use it to track something I ate a couple days ago without back paging to copy the meal. Thanks so much! Report
the "recent" foods tab is inconvenient in that the items are not listed alphabetically as they are in the "favorites" tab. can this list be cleared? Report
Thank you. All the work is very much appreciated. Report
Thanks for setting up this new tab! It's very helpful...and time saving! Report
This is very handy. Especially helpful when having leftover something and not having to enter individual items in a recipe. Thanks. :-) Report
That is a great idea! I live alone and when I cook, I always have to finish up the leftovers. I might eat the same lunch or breakfast for 2 or 3 days. This saves me a lot of extra keystrokes... Thanks. Report
great feature. Makes tracking so much easier Report
Love it!! Love it!! Love it!!! Thank you for making it so much easier...and quicker!!! Report
Love it! Report
I love the new additions to the food tracker. When I first read about it, I thought "why bother?". Well, I tried it tonight and it's so much better than just having Favorites (I've hundreds). It remembers the last serving size you had, which really saves time for me, since I usually have about the same size serving each time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Report
Bringing back the fruit and vegetable tracker would be more useful. Report
Love it! I noticed it yesterday afternoon when I went to track my lunch; it must have just gone live! I regularly use the favorites and food groupings features, but as a long-time user I find those lists have gotten VERY long. It'll be so much faster to click through a day's meals out of a list of foods that I've eaten over the last week or two than from the last 2 years, lol. Thanks SparkTeam! Report
I don't use the food tracker because 1/2 of what I eat is not in the food tracker and there is no nutrition information for the foods I do eat. I made a blog post about this very issue the other day Report
What I would love is that when I enter my own food, say yogurt for example, the ability to save it with multiple measures. Say I just save it as 1 serving. Ok, but what if I need it in ounces for a recipe or even grams? I'd like to be able to use the same recording and select the ounces one time. Then another time back to serving. I wouldn't need to record another entry just so I could use the ounces.

Some of the common entries that SparkPeople plugged in from the site already have this ability for the fruit and veggies. Why couldn't we use this feature when we enter a food item? Report
This is awesome!! Thanks SparkPeople! Report
Anything that helps to make it easier to track food is a go for me!!! Thank You Spark People Web Planners etc.. :) Report
I just noticed this today, and used it already. Report