Megan Fox Doesn't Work Out, Eats Once a Day

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Megan Fox is a huge movie star and undoubtedly a beautiful woman, but she's also an example of how appearances can be deceiving.

Though she's been lauded as "the sexiest woman in the world," she probably won't be named "the healthiest" or "fittest" woman in the world any time soon.

The star of the Transformers franchise said in an interview that she only eats once a day, smokes and rarely exercises. She actually had to gain weight for her big role.

"I don’t have a special diet, I just sort of exist and survive," she said.
According to the Examiner, she said: "I’m 23. I’m prepared for when I hit 28 and I’ve got to change my whole thing. But, for now, if I can get away with it, I’m going to do it."

Fox, and other celebrities who are thin and unfit, proves that what you look like on the outside isn't always reflective of your overall health and well-being.

Skipping meals is a really unhealthy habit. When we're trying to lose weight, it's tempting to cut calories dramatically or eat just once a day. Experts say that does more harm than good. SparkPeople recommends eating three meals a day plus snacks to keep energy levels up and blood sugar stable. Going too long between meals can lead to crankiness, irritability and even dizziness, and you're more likely to overeat when you're ravenous. (I'm a real grump if I've gone too long between meals!)

At times, it's easy to lose sight of the goal. This journey we're on is about more than reaching a number on the scale or pulling on those skinny jeans.

It's about lowering our cholesterol, strengthening our cardiovascular systems and achieving our goals. Exercise helps us slim down, sure, but it improves our mood, helps us sleep more soundly and allows us to relieve stress, too.

It's not all about the number on the scale or the label inside your dress. Pro and Olympic volleyball player and new mom Kerry Walsh knows that. She said recently that while she's shed much of her pregnancy weight, she's tired of being "skinny soft" and needs to rebuild the muscle that she lost.

I have battled poor body image since I was a teenager, and I still have my struggles, like most women. At 5'10", I'm just bigger than most women, and when I'm out with friends, I still size myself up against other women occasionally. Yoga teacher training helped tremendously. While I might not be a size 2 (or a 4 or a 6!), I can now do more than 10 REAL pushups. I can hold a headstand. I can do some really cool arm balances. And I can lift, move, carry and hold almost anything without asking for help. That, my friends, feels much better than smaller dress size ever would! Don't you agree?

The next time you compare yourself with someone else and bemoan the size of your thighs or the curve of your waist, think of how fulfilling it is to walk up stairs without getting winded, to cross the finish line of a 5K or to carry your groceries with ease.

"Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size
But when I start to tell them,
They think I'm telling lies.
I say,
It's in the reach of my arms
The span of my hips,
The stride of my step,
The curl of my lips.
I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me."

From Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou

Megan Fox says she knows that she'll have to exercise as she ages to keep her trim physique. However, let's hope she realizes the other important benefits of exercise (and kicks the smoking habit) sooner rather than later.

Do you know anyone who's naturally thin but out of shape? What nonphysical benefits have you noticed since you started your healthy journey?

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KATHYJO56 12/30/2020
This is sad. Since she is older than when this article was written, I wonder if she still lives the same. Report
KATHYJO56 4/6/2020
I tried this once and it worked for awhile, but then I started eating off and on all day. Sorry Report
I should be "naturally thin" about six months posthumously, I should think! ;) Report
GO AMANDALYNNE415! LOVED your comment and I truly can relate! Report
Thanks! Report
Sometimes the truth can hurt you! Report
you based this information on her in 2009. She is 10 yrs older now. Give her a break! Report
Not in her target audience Report
She's still young. Her habits will catch up to her sooner or later Report
When I was young I could eat, anything, but as you age things change. She will learn this also. Report
Benefits of eating three regular meals a day plus a healthy snack and tracking food/water intake and fitness on SP:
~cholesterol is at a healthy level now
~clothes fit better and feel looser
~boundless energy to keep up with my child!
~stronger muscles are helping keep osteoporosis at bay!
~more stamina Report
I guess unhealthy relationships with food can go in both directions! Report
My sister is one of those too skinny people. She was telling me yesterday how she's too under weight to donate blood, so I told her to eat a sandwich. She then started complaining that eating even ten wouldn't help. I tried explaining to her that she should try to build up some muscle, but she's too stubborn to listen to me because I'm "overweight" and she looks "great." On the other hand, I have two kids, can go further and work harder than she can... and did I mention she looks anorexic? Report
I'm in my 60s and I have friends who kept their skinny figure by smoking, diet coke, and one meal a day. Now some of them have something new to oxygen bottle. Hurray for healthy and fit, even with a few extra pounds! Report
Many people not just Megan Fox and other celebrities eat just one meal a day. I think today with the unemployment and the fact that people are just trying to survive and keep their homes, and have some food in their homes. For some it's a struggle. I grew up in a home that usually one meal the dinner was the meal . Eatting breakfast my mother didn't like so she didn't put forth the effort. I love breakfast I think it catches my body up. I do struggle with eatting three meals a day and so I don't think Megan Fox is alone. I know when my daughter had friends stay with us they thought we ate too much. I had breakfast, lunch and dinner and small snacks. Mind you these were small not large meals. They were balanced but to these kids this was a lot. They were used to maybe having one meal. I think sometimes people think eatting breakfast and lunch they don't have time for. I know that the only way I found out that other people ate three meals a day when I was young was through relatives or family friends. They are always shocked when they go on trips with my parents and discover my parents only eat one meal a day. I strive everyday to change that some days I am successful and sometimes not. However; with Spark People and having sparks and setting goals helps. Report
Although I am still not the size I would like to be and I agree that we should not gauge ourselves by appearances alone or at the very least, but years of this mindset will take some time to undo. However, since I have started my journey I have noticed that I have more energy, less body aches and stiffness in the mornings, and I'm hungry less or rather I am recognizing the difference between real hunger and boredom hunger.

I know several people who are skinny but unhealthy and although I feel somewhat envious of their size and know that my journey will lead to a overall better quality of life at any size and I hope that all will receive that message too. Report
Too bad for her. Report
I like how you balanced this out by including a good example of someone staying/getting fit the healthy way! Thanks, Kerry Walsh, for doing it the healthy way :o) And yoga has been my main workout lately as far as stuff that has helped me to tone up :o) Report
I wish I was thin and unfit! what does being "fit" and "chubby" get me? NOTHING. ZERO. I'd rather go with being a twig and survive... but apparently i have to work my butt in the gym to shed cpl of inches b/c my darn weight is so stubborn... bleah.
Yes I envy those who can stay thin regardless of the methods they do it. Report
This is telling of her age. I used to have poor eating habits when I was young and got away with it. My lifestyle caught up with me when I turned 30. Eating poorly, staying out late, getting little to no sleep... I hope she changes her lifestyle. Eating once a day is going to mess w/her metabolism rate. Smoking is going to give her smoker's skin and those fine line wrinkles around the mouth. Maybe she'll start changing when she hits the wall. We all do. Report
I eat one meal a day and I am healthy. The glitch is in my reporting, however. I prepare the evening meal for the family and we all sit down and eat together. The rest of the day, we graze. If one was to gather all the foods we eat in the morning and afternoon and arrange it on a plate, one would have two other meals and possibly a couple snacks. The definition of meals and exercise are subject to the user. Most people do not consider, walking from store to store for two hours as exercise. It is. Many sports are not considered exercises by the participants, but they are still exercising muscles. Report
Thanks for a reminder of the wonderful Maya Angelou quote and she knows A LOT more than Megan Fox! Report
I have a friend who is toothpick skinny. She is so cute, but so tiny. She is a picky eater, for instance she only like plain cheese pizza or hamburgers plain. She eats Romain Noodle soup for breakfast sometimes. She is my idea skinny, but unhealthy girl. Report
I don't think I have ever been naturally thin except at birth Report
Oh yes! My boyfriends sister (and he too actually) are what I call vampires. Anyone who watches or reads vampire stores (Twilight Saga) will catch my drift. The two have bodies of underwear models. Neither ever exercise, yet still have toned muscles, tiny waste, perfect legs (uuugh!!)... and when they eat (they are the types who can go hourrrsss without eating), they eat garbage like "homemade" BACON CHEESE FRIES, cookies, candy that I would only dream of eating as a kid, and other forms of garbage that I would never desire to eat. Me on the other hand, I eat a mainly Vegan diet (with the exception of some products on various occasions), I exercise most days of the week, and honestly I feel great :) I do catch myself wishing I had my future-sis-inlaws body, especially when we are home for the summer sunbathing together, or on one of our various island vacations together... but then I remember how she cannot do the things I can do, because I am healthy, I am strong, I am fit. She often makes comments about the way I eat, and sometimes I get annoyed, but I just tell myself that mayyybe she is jealous of my willpower, my strength, my health, and my present and future of being a strong woman. I may not have the genes (or jeans) that she has... but my fight for a long and healthy life is all the fun :) Report
The last time I was "naturally thin", I was 3. Report
This is going to sound unbelievably catty, but HAH! Megan Fox! You are incredibly gorgeous and yeah, I would love to have that body, but you're only doing yourself harm by not eating right or exercising. I've had friends like that all of my life and it is unbelievably hard to accept that that is just their body type. However, I'm making headway and I've realized that its going to take hard work to look the way I want. I think in the end I'll be much more grateful for what I have than those girls who don't have to work at it. Report
All I have to say is,when I was in my 20's I never worried about my weight,and I stayed thin by chasing after my babies.So very sad that this world measures beauty on the size of your body!Its all about "money"!Be healthy,be closed! Report
My mom, dad, sister, daughter, grandparents, pretty much my entire family is naturally thin, but not necessarily healthy. My mother inparticular lived on junk food and cigarettes. I may be overweight, but I am way healthier than she ever was. Report
I have a friend who is thin and eats junk food every now and then. Not all the time. She did track all throughout high school and college. She eats pretty healthy, too. One time she wrestled both me and another best friend, when we were trying to see her senior pictures! lol. There are people who are thin out there who do exercise, eat well and have the occasional junk food! She's one of those people who have the genetics and is not taking it for granted. Report
It didn't take a Health Journey to know the differences really. Common Sense & knowledge helped. Though I do think that eating to Live instead of Living to Eat are words of Wisdom. Report
A couple of my friends (and my fiance!) are naturally very thin and don't have to do anything to maintain it. My fiance and one of my friends both get activity regularly -- walking to/from work, walking pets, swimming regularly. But the other friend rarely exercises and has extremely irregular eating habits thanks to a very stressful job as a Social Worker. And WOW do I see a difference between us when we go out hiking! My active friends and I can keep going (even though it's pretty hard for me), whereas my inactive friend has to take frequent breaks and go very slowly. The weight has nothing to do with it! Report
Ick. I'd rather be overweight and working toward living a healthy lifestyle than rail-thin and living like her. I may be overweight, but I can at least take comfort in knowing that I'm doing good things everyday to make my body healthy. Report
I was skinny-fat at one time in my life....through most of highschool. After I hit 21 it made my life horrible, I was unhappy & unhealthy! I am surprised Megan Fox has gone this long without her body turning on her....hopefully she gets smart about her body & starts living healthfully. Being healthy is sooooo much better than just being skinny. Report
I think it's sad that she is accepting of her smoking and eating once a day...what happens when shes older and has osteoporoses because all the nutrients her body craves is being stripped way from her bones and muscles? If anything she should stop smoking and then she may discover how hungry her body really is. I detest smoking soo much I wish cigarettes and the idea of smoking altogether was never discovered by humans at all! Report
I couldn't stand this girl before - always opening her mouth to the media, blabbing about things that no sane person should have even a remote flicker of interest in - but now I really can't stand her. Bragging about skipping meals, smoking and not exercising? What a dip$hit. Report
Megan Fox is a tart and is famous for her looks, not her brain. Certainly not her acting. Report
This story is typical and not surprising. I am relieved to see articles that discuss "skinny fat". That is me. I am "thin" by the definition of all around me (including my clothing size). I workout to be thin but I still consider myself to be skinny fat. Those around me make fun of me when they see me watching what I eat. I often post about going to the gym on Facebook - because then it makes me follow through, and they post fun of that as I sit on the couch. I am thinner than most of them, but I am not healthier than most of them. It is frustrating! I am trying to be healthy and they see it as obsessing or whining. I am not trying to be perfect - there is no such thing, just healthy. What is so wrong with that? Thanks for the reinforcement. Report
Hey, she does what most of could do when we were her age. I still love her, and she is absolutely not threatening to me. She's gorgeous and I enjoy her for what she is - an entertainer, not a role-model (at least not for me). Report
Pathetic! She's on a diet alright - the kind on which you die, then look like a T! She thinks she's waiting for 28, when she has to change? I can hardly wait to see if she really does change. Call me a skeptic, Twiggy, call me a skeptic. Report
Oh the skinny-fat girls in our lives! We love/hate them! I lived my life with a skinny-fat best friend. I'm a tall, curvy girl... 5'7" and had C cups by 8th grade! I was never "fat" and ALWAYS exercised (I danced until I was 19, when I started doing yoga and aerobics and weight lifting instead because I hated the competition in ballet) and I was always food-conscious, but my skinny-fat best galpal never worked out, lived her life on powdered donuts and soda even SMOKES and never got bigger than a size 5! We are now 23 (Megan Fox's age) and she is still skinny fat and me... I'm FIT! :)

She may be a size 4, and I may be an 8... but baby I work it! Skinny-fat bff slapped my butt playfully at my bachelorette party and exclaimed to the whole party "WHOA! Your butt is incredibly TIGHT!" and I said "that's right, bowflex, baby!" I try not to compare myself to her anymore, she's a size 4, 5'2" AA cup, chain smoker who has never worked out a day in her life and probably wouldn't last through 15 minutes of my daily strength OR cardio routine! I love her to death, but I spent all of my adolescence feeling fat because of her, when really... I'm just a differently shaped girl... and you know what I found out?

We are both beautiful!!! Now if only I could get her to stop smoking! Report
I love how a year ago I could not pick up my 40lb dog when she was having a "senior" moment (she was 12 then, 13 now) and now I can pick her up with no hassle. Of course she hates me for doing so but it is for her own good! And I lovelove having muscles. Soon it will be just muscles and not a bunch of fat with muscles :) I would rather be a healthy tone size 10 than a skinny size 2 that a 5 year old could beat up. Report
That I no longer have to ask my husband or son to open a new jar of something. I now have the strength to open them myself. Report
I'll admit she has a pretty face and hair but from the pic I'm not all that crazy about her shape. She looks kinda hippy anyway and wayyy too skinny arms. I've got curves at least. i was blessed with a perfect hourglass figure that I'm carving down to suit me more .......haha..but I'd rather look like me than look like that. Report
Stephanie, thank you for posting this! I have a handful of unhealthy, thin friends and it's very hard for me not to follow their paths just because it leads to a smaller dress size. Like you, I'm a tall girl (5'9"), and know how it feels to be out and feel bigger than everybody else. You're definitely right, though, the benefits of being healthy and strong greatly outweigh just being thin. Thanks. :) Report
I am so glad exercise has always been a big part of my life. Even if I havent been thin. I always glance to see who is huffing and puffing up the stairs next to me. I secretly pat myself for not being the out of shape one. I dont care how skinny you are. If you arent fit you arent doing yourself any good. Report
She's young and thinks/acts as I did when I was her age. I would like to tell her that she's storing up troubles for herself and any young women (far too many I guess) who will take her words to heart and copy her. Shame. Report
she's young, can lose weight overnight (i could at that age!) and she will regret the decisions she makes now, later in life. her body is so starved that it will begin to add weight for survival, especially in her belly. that is the hardest to get rid of and then menopause causes your body to store fat there too.

i wish i knew then what i know now about honoring my health and paying better attention to my body. due to other issues, it's easy for me to cut back the food but so hard to work out or maintain a fitness regimen for too long. i have another stumble, wait it out and try to start up exercise again. her unhealthy habits will make it much harder later to correct. Report
BRATTYBABY is so right. She really does look quite pissed. Eating once a day is really going to take a toll on her body over time. If she's been eating like this for the last 10 years (I have no idea how long it's been, but she probably didn't start this destructive pattern last week), she's willing to do it for another 5 (until she's 28), that will add up to more than half her lifetime. Her body may be very thin but it's probably squishy as it tries to hold onto all of the fat it can just to keep her alive. She's certainly not a role model for teenage girls.

The combination of smoking and not nourishing her body may eventually result in dementia in her later years (not at 70, but at 50). Even though she's not overweight (obviously), not eating AND smoking may be putting her on the path to Adult Onset Diabetes. Report
My high school best friend would do the same thing. She would only eat once a day and that meal was usually some sort of take-out. She was grossly thin and she had no muscle definition. It was never something I wanted to strive to be. One of the things I've noticed since getting in shape by eating healthy and working out is how toned my arms and legs have gotten. I think it looks a whole of alot better than skinny, saggy arms and legs. Report