It's Here! The Best App for Eating Better On the Go

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Over the years, we've learned that some of our best ideas and most useful tools come from you, our SparkPeople community. A few months ago when we were releasing the newest updates to our Calorie Counter and Healthy Recipes apps, we asked our members (that’s you!) how we could improve our tools to better fit them into your lives. You responded with honest and insightful ideas that are helping us decide which tools we want to work on next.

There was one suggestion in particular that we kept hearing: You wanted a simple app that could pull up the nutrition information for any food, without the food tracker component. That's it--just a streamlined, one-use app that wouldn't take up much space on your phone, but would still be able to access SparkPeople's extensive food database to deliver quick nutrition information on demand. So, we decided to give the people what they want! Today, we're proud to announce the final product: the SparkPeople Nutrition Lookup App.

Think of Nutrition Lookup as a slimmed-down version of our Nutrition Tracker app. This is the perfect tool for those times when you want to see what's in a food you're going to eat, but don’t need to track it. In the grocery store and looking at a food you've never tracked before? Fire up the Nutrition Lookup app and get the nutrition data instantly. Aren’t sure what to order at a restaurant? Pop open the app and quickly compare your options. By creating a standalone app for one of our members' most frequent needs, we hope to make it easier for you to get the information you need, wherever you go!
With Our Nutrition Lookup App, you’ll get:
  • Access to our extensive nutrition database of over 3 million foods
  • Barcode scanner for efficient searching of any food with a UPC label
  • Charts breaking down the carb, calorie, fat and protein content for each food
  • Detailed nutrition label for each food
Starting today, you can download the app for FREE from Apple's App Store, Google Play (for Android Devices), the Amazon App Store. And if you have a Windows phone, don’t worry - we built this app for you too! We are trying to build more apps for our Windows Phone users so that they can continue on with SparkPeople on the go - if you’re using a Windows Phone, let us what you think!
So give the app a try today and tell us what you think; we're always open to suggestions. And if you like the app, tell your family and friends. With your help, we can spark millions more people to live healthier, happier lives!