How Katie Lost 115 Pounds--and Kept It Off!*

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Meet Katie Foster (SLIMKATIE) a SparkPeople member who has maintained a 115-pound weight loss for two years! Find out her secrets of success here.

What is your age?: 30
How long have you been a SparkPeople member? How did you find SparkPeople?: I have been a member since 2007, but I started actively using the site in 2009. I found SparkPeople when I did a Google search for weight-loss success stories.
What is your favorite feature on SparkPeople?: I love the recipe calculator. In the beginning of my weight loss, I typed in all my recipes and then saved them to use for later. Whenever I cooked dinner, I just had to look it up and the nutrition info was right in front of me. It was a big time-saver!

How much weight have you lost?:  I initially lost 125 pounds, but I've been maintaining a 110-115 pound loss for two years.
How long did it take to lose the weight?: It took 16 months to lose 125 pounds.
What was your light bulb moment that made you decide to lose weight?: My son Noah, who was 5 years old at the time, was learning to ride a two-wheeler bicycle. He needed someone to run up and down the street alongside his bike. I tried, but was physically unable to keep up. I felt like the worst mother ever, and my sister had to take over for me. I vowed to lose the weight so that when it was my younger son Eli's turn to learn, I would be the one to teach him. (And I did!)
What was your biggest obstacle while trying to lose weight?: My biggest obstacle was dealing with other people's opinions on what I was doing. Everyone seemed to want to tell me how I should or shouldn't be eating, so I just had to do what I knew was right for my body. It was hard at holidays and parties when everyone kept telling me that "just one bite" wouldn't hurt.
What does your weekly exercise schedule look like?: Depending on whether I'm training for a race, I usually run 3-4 times per week (anywhere from 3 to 10 miles each time). I've also recently started doing some mild strength training between my running days.
 What is your favorite way to exercise?: I am addicted to running! I don't really love it while I'm doing it, but my body feels amazing when I am done. I love when my muscles feel tired and used!
Do you have any personal fitness goals coming up?:  I am currently training for my second full marathon! I also hope to run a half-marathon in under two hours and a 5K in less than 26 minutes... both are goals that I've had for a long time.
What does a typical day of food look like for you? How does this compare to the way you ate before your transformation?: For breakfast, I usually have oatmeal--I love oatmeal with coconut, dried cranberries, and banana. Lunch might be homemade lentil soup or scrambled eggs with potatoes and cheese. A favorite dinner is homemade pizza--I make a whole-grain crust and top it with pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella, feta, and green peppers. For snacks, I like to have toast with nut butter. And I always have dessert--usually a brownie, cookie, or ice cream.  Before I lost the weight, I used to skip breakfast, or just have a huge coffee loaded with cream and sugar. Lunch was a giant bowl of pasta or risotto, and dinner was deep-dish pizza with pepperoni and bacon. A snack would have been a pint of super-premium ice cream.
What is your favorite healthy food?: I love nuts and nut butters! Natural peanut butter is probably my favorite, and I eat it every single day.
What is your favorite treat food?: A chocolate chip cookie topped with buttercream frosting. I save this for days when I do really long runs!
Who is your biggest inspiration?: I wouldn't say that any certain person inspires me... I get inspiration every time I am able to go for a run, or play with my kids, or even bend over and tie my shoes without having to hold my breath. It's the little things in life that have gotten so much easier that keep me inspired.
Do you have a personal mantra/saying/quote that you live by that you’d like to share?:  "Don't make any changes you're not willing to live with forever."  I live by that! The only changes I've made are ones that I know I can do (and don't mind doing) for the rest of my life.

Does Katie inspire you? What healthy changes of hers can you incorporate into your own weight-loss journey?

*Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.

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What a great job! You arWhat a great job. You arean inspiration.!e inspiring. Report
I love mantra !! I lost gain the same 50 pounds several times!! This time I am learning make changes that I can live with !! I am also training for first 5 k in April Report
Your story is wonderful and i can relate to bending down and I am not that big. Thanks for sharing. Report
Very inspirational. Well done Report
Wow, way to go! You look fantastic, amazing, healthy, etc. You inspire me! Thank you for sharing your journey. People like you motivate me to continue on this journey. Report
Wow, what an inspiration you are. Congratulations on your continued success. :) Report
You are very inspirational! Thank you for your story! Report
im inspired!!! I tried running .. but my feet hurts whenever I do.... :( Report
Wow!!! Thanks for sharing! Report
Thank you for sharing your story. Job well done! This gives hope to the rest of us still trying to lose. Report
congratulation! your my inspiration a nice story! Report
Awesome job Katie! Thank you so much for your success really inspires me and I know I too will have one! God bless!! Report
Great accomplishment & WTG!!!! Report
Slimkate was the first success story I ever read here and her mantra really stuck with me. I have tried to follow it and only make changes that I know I can live with forever. Thanks Kate! Report
Amazing! Way to go! Report
Katie is such an inspiration to me - such a rockstar! Report
Love your mantra! Report
Simply amazing! Report
I love your personal mantra!!! AWESOME thank you for sharing :-)
Simple and effective.Congrats . Report
Yes Katie is a true inspiration! Congrats on your success with both losing the weight and keeping it off! Sometimes that can be the very hardest part - keeping the success going after you've reached the first goal. Your story can teach us a lot. Some people think that once they've reached a goal that's it, they can stop pushing themselves and go back to enjoying life. However, that's the fastest way to gain back the weight and go backwards from the goal that was reached. Katie's story shows us that there is a way to live happily while keeping the good habits going so that you don't lose the benefit of any success you've had!

In particular, I'm happy to see that most of the changes she made were small things that any of us can do. She changed her eating habits to be much healthier, but she still allows herself desserts and foods that most of us would consider tasty. She also started eating breakfast, which we should know is a huge help and boost to metabolism. While her running may be more high-intensity and longer than many of us are able to do right now, she basically works out 4 to 5 days a week. We can each do that, right? And she also overcame something that many of us are probably dealing with on our journey, which is negative opinions and comments from others about what we're doing. Katie has shown us that when you overcome negative obstacles you can achieve amazing goals. Bet those people who were constantly questioning her habit changes during her journey aren't doing so now and haven't been for the past couple of years!

The best thing is that she did it for the right reason. Her decision to change wasn't motivated by society or it's feelings that only slim people should be considered beautiful. Instead, she did it to be a better parent and person for her children, and she did it for herself. That is amazing, and what true motivation should always be based on. Way to go Katie!!! Report
Congratulations on your success! I am just starting out and I look forward to the day when I can bend over to tie my shoes without holding my breath. I had lost 10 pounds using Weight Watchers, but when my 3 months were up I couldn't afford to stick with it financially and I regained those 10 pounds and then some without the program to motivate me. Inspirational stories like yours help me to believe that with Sparkpeople I can lose the weight and keep it off by building a better lifestyle instead of trying to diet. Thank you for sharing your story. Report
Thank you for sharing! You truly are inspirational!! Report
Thank you for sharing! Congrats to you. :) Report
I love the quote do not change anything your not willing to live with forever very insightful and great job.... Report
I found your experience very relatable. I also have found that I love running's results, but not the act of doing it so much. I also indulge in a major treat when I run 10+ miles (I'm training for my first full marathon) and have a sweet tooth. You are also right about everyone having something to say and that you just need to follow your own body. You did an amazing job with your weight loss and at this point, it looks like your habits are for a lifetime. Congratulations! Report
Wow! This read was very inspiring to me. It really met me where I am at. Wondering have you alway liked to run or did you just begin during your weight loss? I too am getting into running and want to get to the point where I love it :-) Thanks keep inspiring others. Report
Very inspirational. Report
Katie... I love your blog and read it everyday. We share lots in common, two boys, stay at home mom, live in Midwest, amount of weight needed to loose. You have the most "normal" approach to weight loss. I love how you still eat things you love and are so open about days when it's been difficult. I regularly watch your video to be reminded of what is possible! I'm at 53.4 lost...Congratulations on your many accomplishments! Report
Way to go! Very inspirational job maintaining! Report
Thanks for sharing your story. I love your mantra. Will be something to remember! I hope to (eventually) lose 100 pounds, so your story caught my eye. I've got about 75 to go and was moving slowly. Love the sharing and encouragement that is always passed along here!! Congrats for staying healthy! Report
Great job. Report
I love you Katie! I love your story but you are also so cute and positive person! Thank you so much for shering and pictures and great! I am proud of you!!! :))) Report
You look and sound great !! Congrats ! Report
Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing. Report
I love your mantra so much I'm adopting it. Thank you for sharing your inspirational story and what worked for you! Report
You have done such a wonderful Job. I wish you the best. Cheers to you!! Report
I just wanted to caution some people that don't run, to not try to follow your meal plan. It's great for're burning a ton of calories when you run,the nut butter would do me in!! heehee, my former spouse was a marathon runner that could eat 3X what I ate and stay skinny as a rail. I think you're awesome, great inspiration. Report
Thank you! Inspired me. I like they way you worded, "Don't make any changes you are not willing to live with forever". That's the way I am trying to make my healthy changes. I was talking to my husband about that the other night, but not in those words. I like your words. Thank you Report
This is exactly what I needed to read. Thanks Katie! I too am a runner, but have hit a bump....and put on 7+ lbs. I want/need to get back my stride! It feels so great. Thank you!!!! Report
Great story!! I'm so inspired to reach my goal weight. Report
good job!! i went to a weightloss place a few years ago, and lost nearly 40 lbs. but i hit a plateau and gave up. ugh! i was so disappointed in myself that i just started back to my old ways and gained it all back. now that i found this site i have lost 2 lbs and im gonna keep going. you inspired me to keep it up!!! thanks so much!
You look fantastic! Congratulations! Report
i really like 'Inspiration'. You are a poster child for inspiration. You found a need and made it work for yourself. Thank you. Report
I am so encouraged to see that you have done so well and yet eat "like a normal person". Sometimes I get discouraged when I see how little people who are losing weight eat, and think that I will never make it because I couldn't eat that way for long, but you eat real food, and even have dessert- I think I can too! Report
What a great story! You should be very proud of yourself. You have inspired me for sure. Report
Thanks for sharing your story!!! I love that you said you always eat dessert. I LOVE sweets also. I love to bake & have been feeling like I'll have to give that up. Report
Thank you for sharing you success story Katie!

I am so happy for you!

You breakfast oatmeal sounds delicious! I am going to be trying that for sure ~ all my favorate things and healthy.

Have an amazing 2013!
Staci Report