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Remember last week when I mentioned some big news and an article in a major magazine? I couldn't divulge details then, but that magazine is now on newsstands, so I can share: I wrote an article for Good Housekeeping (in the February 2010 issue with Amy Grant and Vince Gill on the cover). The article is a cover story! (Can I get a Woo-Hoo?)

When I was in New York, I had the honor and privilege of meeting GH Editor Rosemary Ellis--and got a tour of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. It was really impressive to see all the research that goes on there, and it's an incredible honor to have such a respected magazine give us such amazing coverage.(Happy 125th Anniversary, Good Housekeeping!)

While I won't tell you exactly what's in the article (you'll have to pick up a copy to find out), I will tell you it's a six-page spread, with photos of members D710DANCE, PUMPKINFACE73, and BEMORESTUBBORN. It starts on page 138.

Good Housekeeping is also sponsoring a SparkPeople contest: Enter to win an autographed copy of The Spark and a SparkPeople Super Fitness Kit. Click here for details. NOTE: You do have to sign up for a trial membership of the magazine to be entered in the contest.

Thanks for helping me Spread the Spark, Good Housekeeping! All of us at SparkPeople are thrilled to have our story in such a well-respected magazine.

Have you seen the story yet?

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We got our copy Saturday. Been trying to get my sister onboard with the program. If that article doesn't do the trick, I don't know what will. Very inspiring! Report
maybe I will make it in the next Spark book!!! Report
Ditto! Congrats to all & what encouragement for us too. Will be getting my copy next trip to the store! Report
I get Good Housekeeping as a subscription. It came before your announcement and did not have the cover wording you show above. I stumbled upon your article while reading the issue, and it was a lovely surprise and validation for what I'm already doing. Thanks for the boost. Report
WOW!!! I Will get a copy today! Report
What a great way to spread the spark! Report
Congrats to all! Guess which magazine I'm going to pick up later. :-) Report
Woo hoo .. This community is the best ! Report
WOW!!! I will look for it today! Report
Way to go! Report
This is Great! I entered the sweeptstakes and plan to pick up the magazine! :-) CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!! Report
Got a copy of the magazine and also entered the sweepstakes. Looking forward to reading the article. WTG! Report
Can't wait to get this!! Report
Getting my copy Today! Report
Amazing Report
way to spread the spark!!! Report
I got my copy, great article, I hope it encourages more people to join the spark. Report
Great article.

There is a link to enter the contest and not subscribe, which is what I did. Report
I'll check this out tomorrow. Report
Sounds like a great article. Report
Can't wait to get my copy of Good Housekeeping. I'm trying to spread the word with my family & friends. How could anybody not want to be involved with SparkPeople? Even without weight to lose, because there's such a wealth of other wonderful things that could apply to almost anyone. Just love SparkPeople! Report
Bought it! Read it! Loved it! Spreading word about it! I'm a forever Sparker!

Sparkpeople, you've come a long way, baby!! Report
That is the article that brought me here!
Somebody (I dont know who) brought my neighboring business copy of this peticular Good Housekeeping into my restaurant. I read the article about The Spark and that is what brought me here. Thank you Report
Can't wait to read it! Report
A very nice article about real people that have lost weight on Sparkpeople, Thanks for creating such a comprehensive site. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks that it is free. Report
I'm not sure if it was mentioned below, but the subscription copied mailed to your house does not have the "Get Thin for Free" headline, but the article is in the magazine. Report
Can't wait to get a copy! Report
I currently live overseas and I picked up my copy a few days ago at our grocery store on base. The next time I went, I noticed a copy of the magazine sitting open near the cashier and was turned to the article. I asked them who was reading it and they replied that they had been taking turns. The women are local nationals (Germans) ...anyway I told them about how I use the site and that I highly recommended checking it out ;) I was tickled to death to be able to share what I knew already about the site LOL Anyway, I LOVED the article, way to go! Report
just got mine Report
I'm very happy for SP that there is this article as I'm am always for spreading the Spark...BUT I'm going on my soapbox again - SP IS NOT ABOUT GETTING THIN!! The GH cover is misleading and sends a very unhealthy message that people in this country are constantly being bombarded with. Can SP and the rest of the world stop equating HEALTH with being THIN or SKINNY?!?! Report
Just picked up my copy yesterday. Haven't had a chance to read it yet but tonight is the night. Report
Woo-Hoo!!! Just picked up a copy! Report
i get this mag anyway but i just loved the article, have told friends to go buy it and to check out this great site. though i have been here a short time it feels like home to me and helps me each and everyday. thanks to everyone at Sparks for helping me to understand i can do anything...i just have to take it one step at a time Report
Great stuff! WOO HOO ! Way to go XXX Report
I actually learned about this site and joined after reading that article in good housekeeping! Thank you so much...I'm having an amazing time, and already feel the difference its making in my day to day activity! Report
Actually, you don't have to sign up for a free trial of GH (although it is a great magazine) in order to enter the contest. There is an option to enter without the trial subscription!

WooHoo! Report
that's great!
Way to go! Report
Whoo-Hoo!!! Way to Go... Report
I would have gone a little more to the right when photographing the mag.. it looks like it says "New! Good Ho .. Get Thin For Free" haha.

But I WILL pick up a copy. Report
I'll pick it up at the store. Congratulations Report
Yay! Can't wait to read it at the library. Report
Woo Hoo. That is awesome.
Shirley Report
Will pick it up tomorrow. Congratulations,
Chris! Report
That's awesome Report
Great news!! Congrats on getting a spot in such a widely read magazine. I will certainly pick up a copy. Report
WooHoo SP Report
thank you! Report
I bought that issue the same day I read about it here.
Made a special trip to get it. Couldn't wait.
WTG Spark. Report
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