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Food prices are rising, there's no doubt about it. It seems like I blow my food budget every time I go to the grocery store, and unfortunately, unhealthy foods seem to be cheaper than the healthy ones I prefer to buy.
I mostly cook from scratch (it's my hobby!), so there are very few coupons in the Sunday paper that I can actually use. Then I noticed a coupon book in the natural foods section of my local grocery store.
Mambo Sprouts prints a coupon book each season, and it's full of "health food" coupons.
I've seen coupons for brands like Organic Valley, Silk, Clif, Simply Asia, Tazo, Evian, Kashi, Luna and more! These are "gourmet" coupons for brands that I like to splurge on from time to time. Search the Mambo Sprouts website for stores that carry the coupon booklets or order one if there's not a store near you.

The booklets can be found at Whole Foods, ShopRite and bigg's, among other grocery store chains. The site is going to be adding e-coupons soon!
While you're at the Mambo Sprouts site, check out their recipes and other freebies!
How do you save money on grocery bills? Have you used Mambo Sprouts coupons?

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Too bad we dn't have any of the stores that carry these coupons here. If it's not good at Wal-Mart, Albertson's or Safeway, those of us in small towns probably can't use it. :( Report
Thank you for the link! I tend to shy away from untried expensive items - but a coupon adds incentive! Report
thanks for the link! I love coupons for healthy foods. Report
awesome post, i love free coupons, especially for healthy food!! Report
Just signed up for the coupons and bookmarked this site. Will look at it later tonight. Thanks, Mary Ann Report
Whole Foods is expensive, no question there ..... but, on occasion, they do have some sales on products I often purchase (plain yogurt, tofu, cereals, etc..). That's when the coupons from Mambo Sprouts come in real handy. I love their website too : ) ! Report
I LOVE Mambo Sprouts coupons! I used to get them at Wild Oats; it really helped a lot. Then Wild Oats was bought by Whole Foods, who closed my store eight months later. The closest store is just too far away. A lot of the products nowadays can be bought at Publix, Winn-Dixie; even Super WalMart! I wrote to them and asked me if they would put me on the list even though they don't mail to Florida at this time, and explained why. Report
Thank you !! Report
Thanks for the tip, they have some great coupons Report
I will be checking this out!!!

Jenny* Report
Thanks for the head's up. Every little bit helps! Report
I love coupons, print them all the time and I will check this site out. Thanks for the info. Report
I tried to have some sent to me but they don't have any available in Alaska as of yet :( Report
What is the web sight address, I am starting to use coupons and the free stuff. Report
thats awesome! i'm gonna look for it! Report
Thank you so much for the tip. I will definitely check this out. Report
Thank you, I just signed up, I had not heard about this before, I will come back and let you know what I think once I start receiving information from Mombo Sprouts.

Lisa Report
Thanks for the tip! Report
I don't use coupons either, since I don't buy a lot of packaged food. Lately, I've been saving some money by buying less vegetables more often, sometimes daily. I have the advantage of living next door to Raley's. The produce is more expensive than other stores, but I don't throw anything away. That has helped a lot. Report
lol JIBBIE49, whole foods is more than our whole paycheck! Report
I don't use a lot of coupons for the same reason - I cook a lot from scratch. I have found that my local Wegmans has a monthly free magazine in its "Nature's Marketplace" section, and that contains coupons for the brands you mentioned like Silk, Organic Valley, Kashi, Clif, etc. These are a find because there aren't a lot of other ones I can use! Report
ooohhhh, I can't wait. Since discovering more food allergies haven't been able to use coupons(most food coupons is for gluten containing food and can't have it) and getting more expensive food that is safe for me to eat has been killing my budget. Report
I was told the joke that "WHOLE FOODS" was really "WHOLE PAYCHECK."
LOL Report
I didn't know about it until I read the article. I am going to have to check it out now!!! Thanks SP! Report
I'll look at web stie jus to see what the spark about mombo sprouts is. Report
Wow, thanks for the information. I always thought that Mambo Sprouts was specific to Whole Foods and I didn't realize it had a web site. Will check it out! Report
OMG thanks for the website, I signed up for everything on their site. lol Report
I just visited the site and signed up for their newsletter and coupons. Thanks for spreading the word. Report
I signed up, but I'm not in one of the areas to receive the coupons in the mail; hopefully someday they will expand that though, as the stores in my town will not take internet coupons. Report
I print out a lot or coupons on line. Report
Wow, I have the same problem, but I like fresh, organic, raw foods, so I am not sure the Mambo Sprouts will help. I do use Silk soy products, so I'll look. Thanks for the tip. Report
I've never heard of the coupons but that is probably because we don't have stores like that nearby. It is awesome that someone is actually doing this though! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
That's great, there's a Whole Foods right down the street. Report
very interesting, my boyfriend and I work on being healthy and we often complain about prices of healthy food, maybe this can help us save some $ Report
Thank you for the info. :) Report
The website is really interesting! Thanks for making me check it out!! Report
LOVE the website! Thanks for the great share!!!! Report
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