A Dozen Trim Thanksgiving Recipes

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Are you ready for some new, healthy recipes to liven up your Thanksgiving Day table? I've created five new recipes that celebrate the season of giving thanks. No doubt about it, pumpkin takes center stage this year, along with squash of all kinds.

Whole Wheat Couscous with Spinach and Squash

228 calories, 2 g fat

Each one cup portion has a serving each of whole grains and vegetables.

Pumpkin Dip

32 calories, 2 g fat

Serve this instead of your typical chips and dip.

Pumpkin Soup with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

88 calories, 4 g fat

Sipping on soup at the start of a meal reminds you to slow down and savor each bite.

 'Seedy' Pumpkin Pie

168 calories, 7 g fat

The crust has a secret ingredient. Any guesses?

Petite Pecan Tart

103 calories, 5 g fat

A Southern favorite gets a boost of nutrition and fiber.

Pair those with these old favorites:

Vegetable and Fruit Stuffing

78 calories, 1 g fat

Sweet and savory, this stuffing won't leave you feeling stuffed.

Sweet Potato Tarts

150 calories, 2 g fat

Can you tell that I'm a fan of tiny tarts? These replace sweet potato casserole on my table.

Roasted Squash Soup

129 calories, 3 g fat

We always start Thanksgiving with a soup. Squash and pumpkin tastes creamy and rich with no cream!

Roasted Root Vegetables

82 calories, 2 g fat

These just sing of the harvest to me. The balsamic drizzle dresses them up.

Mini Apple Tarts

124 calories, 4 g fat

There's nothing better than apple pie, except maybe these trimmed-down tarts.

Herb Roasted Turkey

154 calories, 3 g fat

Don't waste time basting your bird. This one stays plump and juicy!

Apple Cider Gravy

20 calories, 0 g fat

Non-fat gravy? Yes, it can be done.

Last year, we shared our 500-Calorie Thanksgiving Dinner. This year, you can add in a few new recipes and still keep Thanksgiving at 500 calories.

Chef Meg's Feast Calories Fat
Herb Roasted Turkey, 3 oz light meat 140 3 g
Apple Cider Gravy, 2 T 20 0 g
Whole Wheat Couscous with Squash and Spinach, 1c 228 2 g
Pumpkin Soup with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, 1 c 88 4 g
Cranberry Relish, 2 T 42 0 g
Total: 518 9 g

Tip: Instead of trying to squeeze your dessert calories into your meal, wait a couple of hours for dinner to settle and count them as a snack.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving Day dish? Which of my dishes will grace your table this year?

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This sounds great. Thanks. Report
Awesome recipe Report
this all looks good Report
My favorite dish to create is homemade cornbread dressing. Really have slimmed it down since I joined SparkPeople! And lower sodium as well. Those little sweet potato minis look good. My son likes the Gooey Butter Pumpkin or Sweet Potato cake. I know how to slim that down also. He is a little 23 year old who can eat anything...at this time! Thanks! :) Report
The desserts look like the best thing, the rest is pretty normal, but that's ok. After all the cooking, I don't eat much, anyway. Report
Wonderful ideas, ok - no one in our family likes pumpkin at all *lol* but i def will try out the veggie stuffing and the gravy, that will save tons of calories for everyone at the table. Desserts got cut to zero in our planning anyway already. ;o) Report
Where is the "save" button for this article? I feel like I'm blind. I can't find it. Report
I saved these to try on Thanksgiving Report
Interesting. The date of this blog says it is 11/13/13 and it is only 11/12/13 Report
I always feel behind on Monday mornings, but how is this article dated 11/13 already? :-)
Love roasted veggies anytime! Report
Yum ! Every thing looks some good! Hum where to start? Report
This is fantastic--and delicious looking!!
The soups, the tarts, and the gravy look really good to me. Report
My fave is fruit salad! I'm not cooking this year, but I favorited this to my "food" folder. :) Report
Chef Meg, these recipes are awesome! I have printed several of them for the future. Happy Thanksgiving! Report
Will probably try the gravy, stuffing, and the pumpkin pie. I haven't yet been disappointed by a Chef Meg recipe. :) Report
Mini apple tarts sound delish! Mmmmm...yummy...can't wait to try 'em! Report
What am I overlooking?
In that 500 calorie menu, on which food do you put the gravy? Report
We have already had our thanksgiving...but these recipes look great. My favourite is the turkey and stuffing, do love pumpkin pie. from Canada! Report
These look fantastic! Can't wait to try these recipes out on the family Report
Looks good. we go out to eat and I don't cook anything. That way there aren't leftovers. Report
The gravy Report
yummm!!! Report
I'm definitely trying some of these recipes, especially the tarts & the stuffing! Report
Wow-- a ton of pumpkin, squash, and sweet potato-based things. Too bad I hate all three!

We have a great light Thanksgiving menu from Cooking Light that we use every year (though the apple tarts above looked tasty). It has a lot of low-carb choices, too, which is important to me.

Our turkey is glorious, and simple: Put apple butter up under the skin and then salt and pepper the outside of the bird. Fill the cavity with big chunks of Granny Smith apple and white onion (about 1 large of each). Then Weberize the sucker in a charcoal grill. Fabulous!

You can also make a great apple-cider gravy with this recipe by collecting the drippings in a pan, skimming off the fat, and then heating and adding a little apple cider and some corn starch. Report
The root vegetables and the pecan tarts sound great! Actually, all of the tarts sound great, and I might try the turkey also. Report
I am responsible for the pies (my son's school does a pie fundraiser) but I will definitely be bringing the pecan tartlets instead of the pecan pie.
The apple cide gravy sounds good too. Report
If I get to cook this year it'll for sure be the turkey and the mashed potatoes. I always eat a light breakfast adn lunch so I don't have to worry so much about the calories. Then I sample a little bit of everything, but no real big portions. I get to feel like I pigged out but the calories stay in check. Report
I'm planning to try the pumpkin dip. Yum! Report
I think I'm gonna try the stuffing. My sister will be making the traditional family stuffing so I'll bring something different to spice things up. Report
The whole wheat couscous works for me. I would do the roasted root vegetables, but a family member is allergic to some types of vinegar, so I'll have to make that for myself. : ) Report
I am going to try the gravey. Report
They all sound great! I am making a healthy sweet potato salad this year. Report
I'm going to do a test run on the pumpkin pie this weekend as I'm in charge of pie at Thanksgiving. Looking forward to it. Report
Does anyone have any recipes that I can fix my son who is an vegetrain. I'm running out of ideas. Please email me @ teric@theheritagecompany.com Thank you. Report
I'll do the roasted veggies! Thanks! Report
Thank you for the great ideas...I will be using them for sure. Report
I am definitely having the roasted veggies again! Very good. My family will even eat some of the veggies they wouldn't normally touch alone. Report
Are ANY of these low in carbs? There are still a lot of people out here who are using low carb for weight loss yet the vast majority of recipes still have over 25 grams of carbs per serving. I guess we won't be trying any of these "great"recipes for Thanksgiving-well, maybe the turkey. Report
The apple cider gravy seems intriguing. Report
This sounds so good!!!!! Report
The pumpkin dip sounds like a good alternative!! Looking forward to trying it! Report
I am sorry to say that not one of my family members would eat any of these items, except for the turkey. Report
you didnt figure in the dip or the tarts as part of your calories. Are they 0? LOL Report
I'm anxious to try the soups....I love soup especially this time of year. Report
Those pecan tarts sound great, and will be easy to transport on the drive to the family! Report
I passed on the pumpkin dip to my mom....we have different people bringing different things. I think that I might make a version of the herb roasted turkey. I might use a cooking bag though...and add more citrus in the middle of the cavity....lime, lemon, and orange. I also am thinking about the roasted root vegetables with balsamic vinegar. The recipes look so amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. Report
I love sweet potatoes and look for any excuse to eat them! What a powerhouse veggie, too. Report
I think I will try the pumpkin dip, or any of the pumpkin receipes and the sweet potatoes to. Might even try the apple cider gravy. Report
Sigh - two of my least favorite foods are being pushed so extremely - sweet potatoes & pumpkin..,....YECK! I'm getting depressed just thinking about them (and I really don't need any more depression)!