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A couple of weeks ago, Debbie Alan had me on her Internet radio show. I talked about the very timely topics of healthy entertaining and slimmed-down baking.

Tune in and learn:
  • How to save 112 calories from each slice of pie
  • How Stepfanie slimmed down Debbie's favorite dip
  • What you should never mix with alcohol
  • How to boost the nutrition content of your cocktails
  • And much more!

If you'd like to listen to the show, you can click on the following link to hear the interview from your computer!

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Good job all! and great tips Report
Thanks for all the great ideas and inspiration! Report
I like to turn on some music my 12 year old likes to hear and dance around the room with him. We get some quality bonding time along with some great exercise. Report
Thanks for this great site. I feel more motivated than ever and so far I have lost a pound. Not much, I know, but a real beginning. It is better than gaining a pound. I will keep working at it. Report
I cant believe I have already reached my calorie goal for the day and I havn't even had supper yet! I think I should alter my food choices! You think?
I have fun getting fit with my 8 and 11 year olds we pretend wrestle like we are the WWE and I walk away out of breath, so I feel like it is a workout. I bond with my boys and it is fun in the process. Report
Would love to have our own Wii and Wii Fit. Love to play with my Son and his friends at their apartment. My favorite game on the Wii Fit is the Ski Jumping and my husband is great at Hola Hooping!! Report
I enjoy walking and shovelling snow in winter for exercise and I enjoy my gazell when the weather doesn't co-operate for walking. Report
We purchased a dog so I am enjoying getting my daily walk with my new friend. Report
as an owner of a gym, i contacted elderly people with no holiday plans and who are normally shut in, to spend time with me at the gym, doing numerous exercises to enhance health and balance. i found most just wanted interaction with someone during the holiday season. they were surprised to know that they were not too old to regain a healthier life style, and that a gym is not just for young people wearing tight/sexy workout outfits. Report
Fun, Fun....power walking and listening to my favorite r&b tunes on my mp3 that's fun to me !!!

I eat a salad and drink 8 oz of water first before lunch & dinner......then I eat 4 0z of meat, poultry or fish with roasted that's eating.

Here's to exercising and healthy eating --2009 !!!!!


I've made friends with the members of my exercise classes at the Fitness Center and we check in with each other and help to keep each other faithful. Report
I like doing spinning classes. Some are hard but alot of fun. Great workout. Report
I like to use my elliptical machine, and dance around with my 6 yr old daughter. Report
I take my Golden Retriever, Ellie, out for a walk. I throw the stick and chase her around a little. Fun and good exercise! Report
I love to do Turbo Jam and walk. I bet half of my town knows me by sight because of my walking. It gives me a piece of mind, calming affect and I love it. Report
Thanks for the great info! Report
I find that I have the most fun going to the gym and taking the "Zumba" class which is where you combine dance and exercise. You use your hips alot. Report
I have fun jogging it is really a kick when I get someone to jog with me. Report
I do two water classes twice a week at the Y and I do the weight machines twice a week too.. Report
I love to play raquetball or wallyball. Not real quick at it yet but alot of movement around the court chasing that ball!! Report
Shopping at a Super store like super walmart. You Have t go miles within the store to find what you need. LOL or want! Report
for me fun and fitniss says one thing work out with a best friend or a daughter it an extremely fun and challenging when one is down the other one sheers you on and inspires us. Report
My friend, JoAnn, and I want and need to lose weight and find if we walk or exercise together, we have more fun and stay with it. Now that is winter, we can't get out and walk because of the cold, ice and snow. A Wii fit would be marvelous for us to continue our exercise program. Report
Fitness is always fun if you remember how you feel once you're done. It's great to run on an eliptical and listen to fast music. Makes it easier to keep up with the workout. Report
I love to get my walking in by going shopping with my two girls. It's hard to keep up but it sure gets the heart beat up. Report
This rocks! Report
I am sorry i just do not do Alcohol or sweets , your podcast was informative for those that do that should not . Alcohol is a number one weight gain cause. Always willing to try something new, Love to exercise to get extra wieght off but it just do not come off . Report
I am new here, am in desperate need to lose weight and get fit and I look forward to you all being my guiding light. Happy New Year! Dana Report
Thanks for the great info Stephanie. I've never played the Wii but i think if i had one it would be a really go way for me and my 4 year old to play together.... Report
I like to put on my workout outfit and put myself into the roll as a fitness instructor. Report
I like to combine fitness and fun with a walk in the park with my dog. Report
I love to dance. That is how I combine fun and fitness. I like to learn different dances. My next class is Salsa. I've found that dancing burns lots of calories and it is a great way to meet people. Report
Woo Hoo! Report
Recovering from surgery once again has taken a little fun out of life, but thankfully I'm looking forward to getting back into the groove. I'm fortunate to be able to start slowly & will be getting together with Denise Austin on DVD & enjoy a little tropical local to counter Denver's winter weather will & begin the New Year Report
When I am at work and not busy, I make a track through the gallery and do my walking. I sometimes will do lunges instead of walking. While I'm behind the counter, I do mini pushups against the counter or do squats or leg lifts. This gives me some exercise instead of just sitting for the day. Report
We walk around the park that we winter in. It is so easy to so twice a day as you are greeting all your friends. The only problem is trying not to stop and chat.!! Report
I played a Wii with a friend had a blast. It would be awesome to have one of my own to help keep me motivated to keep the body moving. My entire family could be involved. What a great way to spend quality time together. Report
Great info. Here's to a New Year and continued great fitness. Report
I like to watch TV while using the treadmill - can switch channels, listen to good music, or watch my favorite CSI or Law and Order movie too. The hour goes by very quickly and then I can shower and get ready to go to bed, or do some reading before going to sleep. Report
thanks fri the info. I am trying to trim down my weight. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about ayear and a half ago. I lost 60lbs, but during the course of last winter on have gained back 50 of it. I am hoping to maintain the diabetes with diet and exercise and looking for easy ways to get fit during the cold months to help me keep medication free and hopefully manage to lose the weight too. Any tips to help with this would be great as I feel as though I am starting over and really don't know where to begin. Regards, Sophalex! happy new year!! Report
Thanks for the info. Not sure how to do this. I am trying to enter for the Wii Fit and the way I make it fun is to go with my friends to work out. Thank you. Leendoshka Report
I'm excited about beginning a new fitness routine in 2009!! Report
i am excited to begin my new healthy lifestyle since i allowed ms to rob me
of my success no more because i an in charge of my health getting better.goodbye ms, hello stronge body Report
Will start a new exercise program called "chair dancing" since nerve pain in legs restricts other type of exercise and will monitor diet with the help of suggestions, journal and recipes found here. Happy New Year to all. Report
I love my new Wii The Boxing is quite a workout! Report
Awesome info! Thanx! Report
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