Celebrate Love Your Body Day!

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When you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, what's your reaction? Do you pick apart your flaws? Critique the face smiling back at you? Avoid the mirror altogether?

Starting today, look into the mirror and find one part of your body that you like. Whether it's the curve of your hip, your pearly whites, or big brown eyes, take a look at that body part and remember that you're beautiful, no matter what the scale says, no matter how you feel on the outside, and no matter how much other people try to tear you down. (And don't even think about a disclaimer after that compliment.)

Today is the National Organization for Women Foundation's Love Your Body Day, and it's as good a time as any to start loving yourself. If you didn't love yourself, you wouldn't be embarking on this journey to good health.

Don't make excuses. A pimple, some pudge, a couple of fine lines--they're what makes you you. Stop focusing on the flaws. The woman who's going gray is more confident, more financially secure and happier than the young woman from 20 years ago against whose beauty ideal you hold yourself.

So today, throw back your shoulders, hold your head up high, stand up tall and head out and face the world. You're beautiful. You're smart. You're strong.

You can't control the rest of the world, but you can control your attitude.
Go ahead. You rock!

Name one thing about yourself that has improved in the last five years. (It doesn't have to be physical.)

I'll start: I'm more patient. How about you?

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I can look in the mirror and say I love you- and really mean it. Report
I have just recently discovered to love my body even though it's not perfect. At 46, I'm loving my new toned arms/shoulders. Also noticing dimples in my face that I never knew I had. Report
My Christian journey has brought me closer to God in the last 5 years. Report
I do appreciate this post, it gave me a huge boost and reminded me of how much I have done and where I am today and to love my unconditionally. Thank you :-) arich3112 Report
Thank you for your blog. I really needed to read it, because lately I've been feeling unattractive. My hair is in some sort of weird stage, and it just gets me down. I don't have an appointment until the 11th, so I just need to deal with it. My husband must think that I am crazy for constantly asking him how it looks. :) Of course there are worse things in my life than a few bad hair days, escpecially since we all know what happened 10 years ago on the 11th. ...I will follow your example by finding the good in myself and my body. Therefore, I will be smiling for days!! Report
Just learning to except my flaws and start looking in the mirror start saying postitives things about myself. IT WORKS!! Report
I am definitely a much nicer person than I was in my 30's .... does knowing twice as much have any bearing on this? I truly believe that being a Christian and stopping to think before I speak or act has made a profound difference in the way I touch other's lives and the way they touch mine! Report
In the last five years I've become more positive and willing to ask for help when I need it. Before I thought that I had to go it alone in whatever I was doing. I know better now. Report
I'm much more comfortable with who I am and what I want out of life than I used to be when I was "hot" and in my early 20s. I don't want to go back to that girl. I like what I've become. Report
I'm more mellow, patient and much more giving and happier. I've found that being spiritual without a religion to hold and hamper me is what allows my heart and soul to soar and enjoy the beauty all around. Report
In the last 5 years
i have become a proud owner of a house
i have save some money for rainy days
i have started living a healthy lifestyle
i have decided that if all the work is not done today, its okay there is always a tomorrow - no need to beat ME about it
i have a person who loves and supports me for everything

and now
i have decided to love, pamper and induldge ME and put myself first
Two years ago, I'd have a tough time aswering that question. But, now, what's not to love??? I suppose I could say the ONE thing that has improved is my confidence. Report
I feel so strong now. It is great to get up and go to the gym and accomplish something before I even get to work. I have never felt this good on the outside and inside. Report
I've actually starting doing things for myself. *LOL* That sounds weird even for me to type. For the longest time (since I was 12), I was always taking care of someone and for the first time I've been starting to take of myself -- doing the things I like. :D Report
I'm quite proud of the body I'm growing into. It's more muscular in places, definitely more trim. I may as well love it because it's the only one I have!LOL Report
I'm learning to take time out each day for myself. Work, home, church...life...can take all 24 hours of the day and I'll put "me" at the bottom of the list (if I'm on the list at all!) If I'm taking care of the temple that God gave me, then I am taking care of HIS business. It feels good to feel good!!! Report
This year I want to take time out for me and learn to love myself. I am going to get fit and healthy. Report
Ever since I've lost weight I feel great about myself. I love looking at myself in the mirror each morning. It makes me feel as though I've accomplished something...and I have. Report
I started making a conscious effort to be less of a control freak :) It's hard, but I'm getting there, and the funny thing is, I'm feeling so less stressed as a result which is great. I guess the lesson is that there's a difference between being less controlling and being out of control, hmm. Report
I stopped smoking!!! Report
I am nicer to people. I think it's because I have slowed down my life a little and take the time to be more patient and kind. Report
I am finally comfortable with me and not what people think that I should look like. I've learned to just say NO. Report
I am a stronger woman. Report
Thank you for this article. So many times i have totally ignored myself in every respect. This is a great reminder for my self worth and value to myself and others. I like my long legs lol.....They have taken me on many a walking journey through the years and i have loved every one of them.
hugs, CharmedTwoBits Report
I am more confident. Report
I like this article it brings home the fact that you need to love you and I would like to express a thought I share with others as well, love yourself at all stages of your journey. Sometimes we critique ourselves too much hence we should love ourselves as we go through the various stages of our healthy life style journey which will encourage us to do more. So love yourself in all aspects of your journey, you are worth it !!! Report
Name one thing about yourself that has improved in the last five years. (It doesn't have to be physical.)
My understanding and coping with emotions has improved greatly and that has improved my overall health.
In the last 5 years i've found me.... I no longer have to hide who i am :) Report
I'm still learning! Report
I don't take what people say so personally. Most of them don't know what they are talking about anyway. Report
I love me! Report
I laugh and smile a lot more and enjoy being me!!! Still a struggle at times with giving in to what others want or need but I am learning to me love and loving the skin I'm in!!! Thanks for this post :-)!! Report
I've learned not to hate what I see in the mirror. I'm seeing me the way others see me, and realizing it's pretty darn good!!!! Report
Hey Stepfanie,

Thanks for the great entry on Love Your Body Day. Having a positive self image is a struggle for so many of us. It always nice to learn about ways that can help boost our self esteem. The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt is also celebrating Love Your Body Day and Fat Talk Free Week. They recently added an entry about LYBD and Fat Talk Free Week to their blog that highlights the importance of great events such as these. To read their entry click here: http://eatingdisorder.org/blog/2008
Sounds like lots of other comments: 5 years ago I was pregnant. I am definitely more patient, more comfortable in my own skin, and "less perfect" (in a good way). Report
I weigh 150lbs less, I'm more patient, I'm more physically and mentally fit, and the list goes on! Report
I haave to say, I am so much more comfortable with myself. Our children have now all left home and are settled 7 happy which leaves so much more time to do nice things for myself & my hubby. Before this I would always be rushing about doing everything for everyone. Not now. I smile in the mornings when I go to the bother to cook myself breakfast. I have only done that since joining spark. I used to go without & have morning tea at work with my hubby. Yes liffe is good, and so much better when u love yourself. Report
I do not hate my ex husband anymore and I am not as angry at everyone and everything around me. One day at a time. Report
I am more calm than I used to be. Report
I am a much stronger person today than I was five years ago. I understand how lucky I am to be alive, and I didn't know that 10 years ago. I look forward to changes ahead, when last year, I was afraid of them. I know longer let other make me feel bad about myself, like I did 6 months ago. And I am a home owner now too! Report
I'm a loving and sweet person. Report
I ended a relationship with a verbal abusive alcoholic husband and married a wonderful, supportive, loving man. I'm the happiest I've ever been in a relationship! Report
I see myself and not my weight and I am so beautiful Report
I take better care of ME! I quit smoking 4 years ago this coming Valentine's Day. I chose that day because I love myself! =) Report
I have learned to not be a control freak and just let go and let God Report
I'm a little more comfy in my skin Report
I am much more centered and balanced than in the past. Report
I can do 3 times the exercise in the pool now and still go to the market and pick up the groceries without using the mart cart. Report
I am more compassionate towards others, where before I was just so impatient with people! Report
I just WON'T QUIT. I start every day anew. Report
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