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Hi, everyone! We'd like to make a quick announcement about some changes we made to a few SparkPeople features today. Hopefully you're loving the new look and feel of the site! Here is what we changed and what you can expect:
  • Streamlined Articles and Resource Center Pages. We gave our Article and other Resource Center pages an upgrade. You’ll find bigger images, a cleaner format, and some other small design adjustments on these pages.
  • Get SparkPoints for Re-Reading Articles. Due to popular demand, we now let you get SparkPoints for articles you read in the past. We know sometimes our members like a refresher on certain article topics, and we wanted to give you points for re-reading!
  • Refreshed Fitness Library with Animated Gifs. We completed a huge enhancement of our animated exercise demonstrations. We have new, clearer photos and animated gifs, plus a cool new search tool that lets you filter exercises by experience level, equipment, and muscles worked.
  • A Bigger, Better "Share" Bar. The ''share'' bar on our articles and videos and resource pages has been improved to allow quicker sharing, and we fixed a bug to make sure you get SparkPoints when you share our content.
We hope these changes enhance your SparkPeople experience and make it even easier for you to reach your goals! Some things have been moved around, so if you have a hard time finding something, just shoot a quick note to for help. Thanks for your support, and Keep Sparking!

The SparkPeople Team

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Great improvements! Thanks! Report
Thank You! Appreciate ALL you do to improve our healthy lifestyle experience. This site is truly a blessing with all the tools you have available for our FREE use! Always grateful! God Bless!!! :)))))) Report
Great! But I wonder why I can't get Sparkpoints for rereading slideshows? Report
The Daily Spark frequently re-posts; I re-read.
More SparkPoints for more re-do's can only be a good thing!
:-) Report
Thanks for keeping us updated! Report
Wish more resource areas were set-up like the Weight Loss area - a list of articles without a lot of pictures. Would not mind maybe a line or 2 being added like what is under the pictures in other areas but BRING BACK the checkmarks AND add them to the blogs. (Never have understood why the checkmarks were not on both.) When I first started reading the articles was selective in what was read but over time made it a goal to read all or at least the vast majority before resetting. This pushed me to learn about some new things, see some things in a different light and/or consider taking a closer look at something I otherwise would not have. Like others have already stated, now there is no way to know what has been read. Rereading and getting points for doing so is fine but donít limit those of us who were trying to push ourselves to learn new things.

Another problem Ė the pictures are bigger data users than lists. Some people have limits on their internet plans and adding all the pictures could limit them in what features they use and therefore miss something that would be beneficial to them. Will also mention, unrelated videos which have been on some resource pages (at least in the past), present the same kind of problem. Report
Thank you Spark People. The site is fun, informative and encouraging. I often reread the articles just because at different times I would glean different information for me as I tend to be a skimmer. Everyday I find the site useful! Report
Love the re-reading points as I would want to go back and re-read an article but wasted time finding ones I hadn't read yet to accrue points. Thank you. Report
You finally put the "Add Exercise to Fitness Tracker" button back on the demos! That was what I most hated about the change to the fitness tracker!!! Oh, I was so angry when we were forced over to the new tracker, because I couldn't add the exercise from the demos. This made my day! My week, even!

I love having Coach Nicole in the demos, but I will miss that other lady with the black outfit with the pink stripe. She was all right. =) Report
I don't care for the new changes. I really enjoyed getting a check mark next to the articles I read. Now I feel lost when choosing an article to read. Could you at least make it so a checkmark appears next to the article after we read it as a guide? Report
What happened to the Bonus points? The icon is still there on the Sparkpoints page and it sends you to the same page but the Bonus points icon on that page is now gone. If you have eliminated that option please remove the icon on the Sparkpoints page. I really liked that option as I earned a bunch of points that way. Like others I liked knowing if I had already read an article and was trying to read through them all. Now I have to start reading it to figure out if I have read it before. Too bad you couldn't have left the check mark to indicate when an article had been read. Report
GREAT ! Especially like re-reading points
I hope these are better changes than the latest misguided ones. The changes to the team pages have made participation not worth the time and effort. Like the poster above me, each change makes me wonder why I stay! BLEH! Report
I checked out some of the changes... Thank you. They are GREAT :) Report
I too was working my way through the articles, now I have no way of knowing what I have already read.
Not a fan of the changes. Report
Thanks. Good about the rereads. Many times I read an article and find out it's been read already. Sure after reading some I knew I had read it, but wanted to refesh what I read. nice to gets points again.
The changes are VERY frustrating, confusing and NOT user friendly for us older people. I only joined a couple months ago but and quickly regretting my choice. Report
I am highly disappointed!! I liked tracking what articles I read so I could continue to learn new things, now I have no idea what I have read and what I haven't. It was the ONE thing I looked forward to reading on SP every day!! I can track food and exercise anywhere. Report
Awesome! Thx! Report
Thank you a whole bunch! = ) Report
I like the features. Although, I think the articles should be refreshed after 6-9 months. imho Report
Thank you! Report
A huge thank you for keeping this site FREE! Report
Sorry to see some negative feedback. I love the changes but I can see how some Sparkers were counting on the system to keep track of what they had already read. I'm old and basically can't remember what happened yesterday so reading or re-reading, it's all new to me ;) Report
Thanks for keeping SparkPeople updated and user friendly. I like the latest changes and anticipate it will make navigating your already great site even easier. SparkPeople has helped me a lot over the past 6 years and I am so thankful to know you are dedicated to keeping the site looking fresh and easy to use. That keeps me coming back daily to stay on track with healthy choices that extend beyond just weight loss. Report
I really like all of the changes. I like the layout in the resources, much easier to navigate. I like the animated exercise demos, and the tabs in the exercise categories. I use just a few categories regularly, and I like that I can simply get to just those quickly, and I like seeing all of the exercises on the page in that category. I can easily get a new idea, or quickly pick a few to rotate with. And I'm glad the share bar is larger and easier to see.

I really like the streamlined look with easier access. Thank you for all you do, and thank you for continually to improve the site to benefit all of us.
Does this mean we get points for re-reading blogs, too? Articles could be reset before but blogs were not--and when Spark "reused" blogs, we couldn't get points. I do hope you fixed this, too! Report
I was also working my way through the articles. It's a little frustrating that I may not know if I ever got to read all of them. Report
I look forward to exploring the changes. When I go to the next page of a continuing article, having to scroll down through the photo each time has been a bit frustrating. I just want to keep reading! Thanks for all the articles, though! Glad about the rereading points, too! Report
I was working my way through the articles and now the list is gone. So many changes I sometimes wonder why I stay... Report
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