A Thank You and Well-Wishes after 18 Years

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Hi everyone!

We wanted to let you know that our Registered Dietitian, Becky Hand, will be parting ways with SparkPeople. After so many years helping people through her Message Board post responses, articles and blogs, we thought it important to let you know that she is leaving SparkPeople. More importantly, we wanted to publicly thank her for her many years giving advice to our members. Becky has been with SparkPeople almost since the beginning, so the number of members she's helped is immeasurable.

Rest assured, you'll still receive high-quality content and information from our wide variety of experts, which continues to grow. Becky helped set the foundation for the nutritional recommendations on our site, and those will remain the same—all based on well-researched, scientifically verified studies.

Thank you, Becky, and best wishes in your future endeavors!
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Congratulations Becky! You've helped so many of us reach goals and come back to do it over. We'll miss you.
Now go out and have some new fun.
Thanks Becky. Congrats and wishing you all the best : ) Report
Thank you Becky! Report
Oh wow!! I have read many of her articles. Sad day for us, but thank you for helping us get healthy and learn so much about living a healthy life Report
Thank you and best wishes! Report
Thank you and good luck with your future endeavors. Report
farewell Becky thank you for all your valuable information and support Report
Thank you so much Becky. You have helped so many of us and best wishes in your new endeavors!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for sharing your wealth of wisdom with us.
I will miss you Becky! Your articles have helped me on my journey! Report
Language does not describe my thanks! Have fun! Report
Thank you for all you have contributed to this amazing site Becky! You will be missed. All the best in what ever you are choosing to do! Report
Thanks for all you have done Report
Thank you for all your contributions to us Sparkmembers. All the best on your next chapter. Report
thank you Report
Thanks Becky for your years of help and reliable information. You will be missed. Report
Enjoy your retirement Report
Have a lovely retirement Becky!!!! Report
Thank you Becky! You helped me when I needed reassurance that I was doing the right thing and i felt very grateful. You were a friend! Report
Thank you Becky. Best wishes to you. Report
Thanks Becky for all the years you have been helping all of us on Spark People. All the very best to you, you will be missed by many. Report
Thank you for your years of nutritional advice. Best wishes for your future. Report
Thank you Becky! The number of people you have helped is so huge! Report
Thank you Becky! You helped me on my journey so many times. Your words always came when I had the questions, doubts, and fears, I wish you the best in your endeavors. Thank you! Report
inspirational Report
Thank you so much Becky! I have learned a lot from you and have made a lot of changes related to your teachings. Good luck to you, whatever you are doing next!! Report
Congratulations on 18 years with Spark! Report
Thank you Becky. I learned a lot from you! Best wishes! You will be missed. Report
Congratulations on your future plans. We've enjoyed reading and learning from your thought-provoking blogs. Report
Thank you and wishing you well on your new adventures in life! Report
Good luck and best wishes! Report
best of luck...you will be missed Report
Thank you for everything you did for all of us Sparkies! You will be missed! I wish you all the best with your future plans and endeavours! Report
The best to you in all you do and for everything you've dedicated to SparkPeople! Report
Thank you and best of luck, Becky. Report
All the best, Becky. Report
Thank you Becky!! I have made so many of your delicious recipes over the years. I wish you all the best in your new adventure. Report
Thanks Becky for all your help over the years!
Thanks you again Report
Thanks, Becky! You have enriched our lives! Report
Thank you Becky! Report
Thank you, Becky, you will be missed! I hope the sun shines on your path, wherever it may lead you. Report
She will be missed! I wish greatness for her in her future endeavors. Report
Thank you, Becky! Good luck in your future endeavors. We'll miss you. Report
Thank you, Becky. Report
Thank you for all your help! Will miss you! Good luck! Report
Thank You Becky! Best of Luck! Report
Thank you Becky for all your advice and nutritional know how! Best wishes for the future! Report
best to you Report
Thanks for all you have done Report
Thank you, Becky. Best wishes. Report