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3 New Supermarket Products!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Who's hungry? Me, too!

It's a great time to share some of the NEW foods and drinks we've tried--and want you to try! Here are some quick reviews of these new products.

NEW flavors from Gnu
The folks at Gnu sent us their high-fiber bars to try a few months ago, and we reviewed them on the dailySpark.

Now there are two more flavors, which we recently sampled: Lemon Ginger and Espresso Chip. If you like lemon, you'll love the new Lemon Ginger bar. The Espresso Chip bar has more espresso than chip, so if you like coffee, this is the bar for you. Like all Gnu bars, these have 12 g of fiber (about half of your daily recommended value). The lemon flavor has 130 calories and 4 g fat; the espresso bar has 140 calories and 4 g fat. It's just my opinion, but I think the Lemon Ginger bars are the best Gnu flavor yet! For more info on Gnu bars, including where to buy, read this post.

Who's thirsty? We were recently sent some new drinks, too.

SoBe LifeWater with PureVia
SoBe has been making its LifeWater for awhile now, and it comes in eight flavors. Those are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup and have 100 calories per 8-ounce serving (2 1/2 servings come in each bottle). Now there are five flavors of SoBe Lifewater with PureVia, a type of stevia. We tried three of them: black and blue berry, fuji apple pear and yumberry pomegranate. These drinks have zero calories per serving.

They say: "SoBe Lifewater with PureVia is a unique 0-calorie, naturally sweetened enhanced water beverage that gives you a high level of vitamins and antioxidants and is infused with natural herbal ingredients. With unique flavor combinations, Lifewater is naturally refreshing and thrilling! To learn more about PureVia visit:"

We say: If you like stevia, you'll like these drinks. If not, you won't. We noticed the distinctive taste of artificial sweetener, which some people didn't like and others didn't mind.

V-8 Fusion
We've also been sipping on three new flavors of V-8 Fusion: Acai Mixed Berry, Passionfruit Tangerine and Goji Raspberry. Though these juices do contain some of the superfruits in their names, the majority of the juice is vegetable juice (carrots, primarily) with apple and grapes. We couldn't taste the goji or the acai in particular, but we did think these were nice and fruity.

V-8 Fusion provides a serving each of fruits and vegetables in each 8-ounce glass, with no added sugar or corn syrup. It's always better to choose fruits and vegetables over juice whenever possible for the fiber, but this juice is a tasty beverage. (110 calories, 0 g fat, 70 mg sodium, 26 g sugar, and 0 g fiber per serving)

Have you tried any of these products? Will you? What new products have you seen on your supermarket shelves?

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Sobee water i am going to start drinking. I drink a cup of v8 fusion every morning and I love it!!! Report
V-8 Fusion is awesome. I have had them every now and then and am a believer. My wife would, but I love them. Report
love V8 fusion - will definitely look for the Gnu bars - YUM! Report
I'll be looking for the Gnu bars. They sound yummy.

The Sobe is already is a regular in my household. I love the Fuji Apple Pear, to me, the taste is the same as biting into a fresh, crisp apple or pear.

As for the V8 Fusion, I'll probably pass. The caloric intake of these drinks is much higher than other V8 offerings, including the V8 Splash which is also fruit flavored. Report
I've been enjoying Lifewater for some time now. It's great. I didn't care for Fusion much. Report
I just bought one of these products for the first time. I like soy fruit smoothies (home made). I purchased the V8 VFusion Light Pomegranate Blueberry and mixed with my frozen berry blend and 100% soy protein powder and it is GREAT!!! It is even delicious straight.
I was a bit skeptical but I'm hooked now. Report
Since I eat lots of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits I already get plenty of fiber; too much in fact according to Spark; I always go over the recommended amount.

The SoBe Lifewater with stevia sounds interesting. Sometimes I put stevia in my oatmeal which seems to cover up its licorice aftertaste. I usually drink my iced tea unsweetened but when I want something sweet stevia works here for me as well; the tea covering the slight licorice aftertaste. I never tried ProVia but I'm suprised the reviewer found it tasting "artificial." I would expect it to have the licroice twang I'm used to instead of tasting artificial. Makes me wonder if it tastes as artificial as sacarine. Report
I love the V fusion drinks. I have a granddaughter who will not eat many fruits or vegetables but she will drink the V fusion drink. She loves it. I always keep it for her. I buy the light V fusion for me. It has less sugar, less veg/fruit also, but being diabetic, less sugar is very important for me. Report
I MIGHT try the gnu bars but not the others. I came across water in the juice-box style packaging the other day. Unusual, but a smart way to reduce plastics. I also saw 2-calorie/no dyes/no sweetener electrolyte tablets to mix with water. If I had the money I would have tried it. Report
They were giving out the SoBe lifewaters at the concert in the park the other week. I really liked it. Report
I love V8 Fusion and try several of their flavors. I try to buy it when I have the money and will continue. I use a form of stevia for my coffee and I can't tell the difference in the sugar taste. I haven't tried the gnu bars. I don't think they sell them here. I've never seen them before. Report
I buy the ODWALLA Juices, but not the other brands. Report
Thanks. I spend so little time in the supermarket that I rarely have time to check out new things on my own. I'm just now discovering sugar-free flavoring syrups from DaVinci, Walden Farms and Torani. Even my non-dieting husbands likes some of them. Report
Have always enjoyed the V8 Fusion, but sometimes they taste a little too good, almost sweet. I'll try the water now. Report
I have tried several flavors of the V* fusions. They are good tasting. Not something I would drink every day, as I enjoy chewing my fruits and veggies most of the time. My one idea is that they would be even better if they had fiber included, like the whole fruits and vegetables they are extracted from. Report
No I haven't tried either water or juices. Might try the water since I do stevia in my tea and like that over some of the other sweetenets that are out on the market. Report
I'm thinking about getting a juicer for Christmas. Maybe I'll make my own. Report
ACK! No - none of these products fall into my "whole and close-to-the-source" food critera. Since I avoid processed foods, I won't be trying these.... Now if someone would come up with a cool new grain or fruit or veggie - sign me up! Report
My kids like all of the flavors. I am not a big fan. I buy it for all of my kids so they can get their veggies in. When my daughter saw the two new flavors we had to get them! Report
I tried the V-8 Fusion: Acai Mixed Berry and found it too sweet for my tastebuds. However, I poured it into molds and made popsicles for the kiddos. They loved it and I loved that they found juice (even just frozen juice) to be such a treat. Report
I love the V8-Fusion drinks strawberry, peach, and acai mix berry.

Thanks for the information. Report
I love the V-8 Fusion drinks. They are so yummy. I think this is a better option then soda Report
I tried the Sobe Fuji Apple Pear water a few weeks ago; it was on sale and I had a coupon for it; it was actually very good! Report
am a huge fan of the gnu bars. i receive a shipment every month! plus they're vegan. wish they were a little less "processed", but still a great treat. Report
I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of these articles reviewing processed foods. Give me some fresh fruit, water, or green tea any day over something processed that's pricey and, for me anyway, tempting to overdo! Report
the V8 fusion juice drinks are delicious...but maybe a little too good. I could drink a lot of it...and its kind of pricey. So as a treat its good - but I buy fruit as a regular thing.

yummy but for splurges only or if you can not eat solid fruit its a good alternative that way... Report
I prefer eating the fresh fruits and vegetables , but my husband only eats a few fruits and vegetables a week. I will pours him a glass of V8 whenever he refuses to eat what i'm eating. Report
I really like the sobe life waters my kid's want them all the time..i have not tried the v8 yet.. i will we are getting a T.J. and can't what to try it out .. Report
I wouldn't mind trying the bars, but the artificial sweeteners send my sweetness cravings through the roof. I avoid them at all costs. Besides my one cup of coffe in the morning all I ever drink now is water and I'm finally to the point where I don't have to have sugar drinks to quench my thirst so I probably wouldn't try the drinks, but I wouldn't object if the kids wanted to try it. Report
So pumped about the GNU chips! Those are some of my favorite bars so I can't wait to get some of those. I was at TJ's and WHole Foods yesterday and I didn't see these next to the GNU bars - but I will keep a lookout (or go to their website). I have tried to Sobe Lifewaters and wasn't too impressed though, the flavor I had tasted way oversweetened. But to each their own! Report
I've tried the V8 fusion pomegranite. It was ok, I don't do a lot of juices b/c of the sugar Report
We usually do Vitamin Water in the zero or 10 cal bottles. They are tasty. I'm game to try the Sobe. As far as the Gnu bars, not sure if my system can handle that much fiber in one setting yet. ;)
When I first found the V8 Fusion drinks, I was very excited, then disappointed when I found that several of them were made with High Fructose Corn Syrup. Maybe they changed their formula, or maybe it was only the ones I checked, but I won't buy juices that are sweetened with HFCS. Report
Unless Spark People is getting paid to do these reviews (and it should be noted if it is a form of advertisement) then spare us the new product promos. Report
I love the SoBe Fuji Apple Pear Life water. I usually get a bottle when I am running my errands or grocery shopping. It taste so good. I would like to try the Gnu Espresso chip. That sounds delicious. Report
I have a couple of jugs in my frig right now. I prefer the banana/kiwi V8 if I have to drink it. I also like the V8 Splash Mango flavor & I add benefiber or fibersure to them to get my part of my daily fiber. Report
Both of the Gnu bars are great. Strong espresso flavor is a perk in the morning. Report
I love the Sobe waters. In fact, they have helped me up drink less soda! VItamin Water also makes a 10cal/serving option that is good too. Report
I'm a fan of the other Gnu bars, so I can't wait to try these. Especially the lemon ones! Report
Stevia is the best no calorie sweetener out there as it is plant derived (I actually had a plant last year and dried and crushed the leaves). I use stevia in everything! I haven't touched sugar in over a year. Report
The V8 Fusion dosn't have any fiber? That seems impossible if it is mostly made up of carrots and such. I think I'd rather eat a carrot!!

The SoBe is good, and I don't mind the taste of the sweetner in it. Report
I've had a couple of the V8 Fusion flavors and I like them very much. But I do try to get my fruits/veggies in their raw form whenever possible. Report
I have had some of the other flavors from the gnu bars. They are great! :) Report
I have a stubborn tot who refuses to eat anything vegetable. I have turned to smoothies made with banana, strawberries, sweet baby carrots/or baby spinach and the V8 fusion. It is the only way I get vegetable nutrition in him. I like the fact that the v8 has the benefits of both vegetable and fruit and by using them as the liquid in fruit smoothies, at least he also gets some of the benefits of the fiber as well. Report
Dh drinks the V8 fusion all the time and loves all the flavors....I'm not quite the fan, but do drink it from time to time. Am anxious to try the Lemon Bars and shall look for them the next shopping trip. Thanks for the info. Report
i love the chocolate gnu bars! Report
I like the V-8 Fusion but haven't tried the others. I'll try the Sobe next. Report
I adore the Sobe lifewaters! The Fuji Apple Pear is my favorite! Report
I have tried the V8 juice and I really enjoyed it! I normally couldn't drink the regular V8, I always found it too thick, so it was really nice to enjoy one their products. Report
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