10-Minute Jump Start Cardio Workout

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About this Workout
After many requests from our members, Coach Nicole has created an easy-to-follow cardio workout that you can do anywhere, without any equipment. This video will lead you through a short warm up, cardio workout, cool down and stretching routine in about 10 minutes, making it easy to fit into your day. Free of complex choreography, this workout is appropriate for people of many different fitness levels and abilities.
  • Length: 10 minutes
  • Equipment: None
  • Type of Workout: Cardio (aerobic) & flexibility
  • Fitness Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Impact: High-impact
  • Safety Precautions: Wear proper footwear and pay attention to your footwork to avoid tripping or slipping. Exercise at your own intensity level, using tips provided to lower your intensity if necessary. Only complete as much of the video as you can, taking a break to recover (by marching) when necessary. Never stop abruptly--if you get tired, try to stay moving, even if you're just walking in place. As you progress, try to finish the entire video.
  • Extra Tip: Keep those arms moving! Moving your arms will help you to keep your heart rate up and burn more calories during this cardio workout.
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Member Comments

  • This workout is great. Exactly what I was looking for. Hope to incorporate it into my work day! - 1/24/2016 8:23:23 PM
  • I did this in my office on coffee break. I did not expect to get so sweaty, and I'm sure my co-workers thought I was crazy... lol

    Perfect for small spaces!! - 1/18/2016 11:36:52 AM
  • Thanks for this workout. Good for exercising anywhere. I definitely did the low inmpact version. I can do this even when watching Tv or I've been sitting to long. - 1/13/2016 10:13:43 PM
  • I really enjoy Coach Nicoles demeaner, it makes working out seem ok. I have significant heart issues but need the exercise, so I am able to do the easier ways and feel ok about it. Cant wait to be allowed to do more :) - 1/2/2016 1:17:32 PM
  • What is the fascination with high-impact aerobics? - 12/31/2015 10:33:51 AM
  • I did 2 sets of this last Saturday & by the time the 1st set was done I was sweating (proper sweating) so deem it a simple (well I struggled a bit to not jump on my separation line :-)) but effective workout. - 12/8/2015 3:41:31 PM
  • `Good workout for the pool.....easier on knees and back. - 11/13/2015 3:26:02 PM
  • Great Attitude, Laura! Woohoo! - 10/17/2015 10:54:38 AM
  • I can't IMAGINE being fit enough to do this, let alone TALK through it, like Coach Nicole does. Instead I got on my new treadmill and walked it. When she picked up the pace I picked up mine. - 10/17/2015 10:53:51 AM
  • Kicking my butt!!! I tried this video two days ago, and gave up after 3 minutes. I searched again for 10 minute cardio videos today and this was the first one that popped up. At first I was like "Oh, no, not this one again." But then a moment later, I said, "Ok, i'm going to do the whole video at the modified low impact movements when I need to and someday I'll be able to do the video at the highest impact." Woohoo!! - 8/22/2015 8:11:40 PM
  • What good work out. Doesn't feel like 10 minutes, it seems much shorter. This is probably due to that fact that I see it as fun and achievable. Thanks. - 7/18/2015 9:16:34 AM
  • I had to use my walker to balance myself while doing the jumping. I had to to do the low impact version with the walker but it was a good work out. - 7/11/2015 11:25:33 PM
  • Hi - had to modify BIG time, but glad to be starting this series. Hopefully down the road, I will be able to do as designed :) - 7/9/2015 2:32:53 PM
  • How did you keep talking while jumping rope, I was trying to talk and couldn't. You are just amazing... - 6/9/2015 10:20:45 PM
  • When did I stop being able to Jump!?!?! lol Oh well add that to my list of goals.. - 6/3/2015 4:27:36 PM