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16-Minute Bollywood Cardio Workout

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Fitness star and yogi, Hemalayaa, leads you through a fun and intense cardio dance routine (see part 1 here). Jump, lunge, and shimmy your way to a slimmer waist; belly shirt optional! This excerpt is one of three routines from the ''Bollywood Burn'' DVD.

  • Length: 16 minutes
  • Equipment: None
  • Type of Workout: Cardio (aerobic)
  • Fitness Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Impact: Medium- to High-impact
  • Safety Precautions: Exercise at your own intensity level, using tips provided to lower your intensity if necessary. Only complete as much of the video as you can, taking a break to recover (by marching) when necessary. Never stop abruptly--if you get tired, try to stay moving, even if you're just walking in place. As you progress, try to finish the entire video or to repeat the video.

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Member Comments

  • I tried this video and it was good except i could not do some of them but did subsitute some of them but it was something different and i enjoy it thanks - 7/15/2014 9:30:35 PM
  • I did the best I could, substituting moves when I didn't have the ability to do what they were. Glad I clicked on it. - 7/13/2014 10:30:35 PM
  • These three are already slim, I wish I could have seen those who are a bit heavier and see how they get on. - 7/9/2014 12:58:18 PM
  • It looks like a lot of fun - I'm not ready for it, but I will be soon
    - 7/8/2014 9:11:51 PM
  • Fun workout. It gets the heart pumping. - 7/8/2014 7:54:05 AM
  • can we do this rite after pregnancy? - 7/8/2014 3:50:24 AM
  • This played for me on my iphone and laptop. It does say that it is intermediate level so if you are a beginner, you will find it challenging. I am terribly uncoordinated but I managed most of the moves and I kept moving and worked up a good sweat. It was fun! I wish Spark Peope would include a calories burned rage from doing the video though. - 7/3/2014 12:12:21 PM
  • Video not playing...
    - 6/28/2014 9:34:26 AM
  • Love this - the dancing is great and the music is sexy! - 6/13/2014 2:14:13 PM
  • Don't put videos that we can't do. - 6/6/2014 8:01:12 PM
  • I tried doing this one but kinda hard for me to keep up with. I just adjusted it for me. Liked the music. - 6/5/2014 12:05:40 PM
  • Fun workout. I'm not in the best shape, so had hard time keeping up. I enjoy dancing and this has inspired me to get out my dance tapes and have FUN while getting a good cardio workout. Thanks for providing this! - 5/31/2014 1:22:12 AM
  • not playing for me either... oh well, wasn't thrilled about the bouncing part anyway...
    will try another. - 5/28/2014 8:57:36 PM
  • The narration is awful; it's as if someone watched the video and then tried to remember what to say at the appropriate time. Although the dancing looks like fun (albeit far beyond my current skill level) the voice-over really detracts from the overall enjoyment of the workout. - 5/23/2014 12:09:07 PM
  • There is a lot of bouncing in here so wear your spandex accordingly! I didn't like the narration/gratuit
    ous laughing but otherwise it was fun. - 5/20/2014 1:15:31 PM