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The Art of Eating Naked

Going Au Naturel with Your Food


So how can average Americans trim their daily intake of nearly 4,000 mg of sodium? For starters:
  • Take the salt shaker off the table.
  • Cook without salt.
  • Experiment with salt substitutes and other salt-free seasonings like herbs and spices.
It’s also a good idea to also avoid any seasonings that taste salty, including bouillon cubes, cooking sherry or cooking wine, chili sauce, meat tenderizer, seasoned salts, soy sauce, steak sauce and Worcestershire. Instead, try cooking with low-salt seasonings, such as lemon juice, vinegar and herbs.

Cutting your sodium intake is great. But why stop there? If you want to truly eat naked and be a noshing nudist, ask yourself these questions: Do I really need mayo on my sandwich, ketchup on my hot dog, and globs of dressing on my salad? The answer is HECK NO!

I find a juicy sandwich with low-fat cheese, lettuce, onion and tomato tastes great without secret sauces. Light oil and vinegar is a better choice than mayo on my Subway lunch (it lets me and my sub breathe easier), and salad dressings on the side offer more than adequate flavor. (Dip a forkful at a time rather than fishing for your veggies under a sea of Thousand Island or French.)

The calories you save will really add up each day, week and month that you reduce your use of condiments. And if you don’t replace those fatty sauces and dressings with other high-cal foods, you just might drop a few pounds to boot.

Now, who’s ready to go skinny dipping for dinner?

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