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It’s getting ugly out there. With “stacks,” “towers” and “explosions” of menu items, plates are coming out of the kitchen absolutely huge with food. It’s almost like a conspiracy against weight loss. The good news is that some restaurants are more fit-friendly than others. To find and compare healthier restaurants for future dining decisions, use this Restaurant Rating Scorecard. Keep ‘em and collect ‘em. Never leave home without ‘em.

Restaurant Name:  ______________________

Healthy Feature
Value Score
Healthy options highlighted
(items low in cholesterol, sodium, fat, or calories)
+10 points  
Special vegetarian dishes +3  
Presence of “Red Flag” words
(minus 1 point for each Red rice Flag from Menu Watch Word card)
– 0 -??  
Copy of menu available ahead of time +2  
Lunch portions available at dinnertime +10  
These lunch portions are still at lunch prices +3  
Server/kitchen willingly boxes up ½ of your meal before bringing it out +2  
Able to share a meal without extra plate charge +2  
Overall impression of portion sizes Scale of 0-10
(0 = gargantuan, 10 = tiny)

Kitchen Flexibility

Whole grain snacks available instead of refined flour (white) versions
(rolls, bread, crackers, biscuits, tortillas)
Chef will make a fruit or veggie platter on request +2  
Chef will remove skin from the chicken +2  
Catered to special needs or preparation requests +7  
Restaurant Atmosphere    
Restaurant has a mascot or cartoon character -10  
Overall impression of dedication to health
Scale of 0-10 (0 = who cares?, 10 = fanatical)

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