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Is Your Kitchen Due for a Makeover?

Clean up your Kitchen to Straighten Your Diet


Is your kitchen less attractive than it used to be? Do you find yourself spending less time with it? Has your kitchen held up as a healthy haven that encourages nutritional eating and smart choices? Or has it sagged into a calorie-packed danger zone that uses up space and heat so you can reach in and grab whatever food you find in its depths?

It’s time for a Kitchen Makeover!

You can restore the healthy magic back into your kitchen. Thankfully, no walls need to be knocked down and you can keep that lime green paint you’ve enjoyed for the past 10 years.

This makeover will transform parts of your kitchen that you can’t see right away. Like you’ve always heard, it’s what’s inside that counts. In this case, it's what’s inside your drawers, cabinets, freezer, fridge and pantry. Following these simple strategies, you can bring life and luster back to what should be the healthiest room in the house.

Build For Speed
We’re all pressed for time. Kitchens often go unused because it can simply take too long to cook, and seems more like a hassle than a help. In this hurry-up world, a clean, organized kitchen will get more use than a cluttered mess that’s difficult to use. Creating an efficient workspace makes for healthier, faster and more enjoyable meal preparation.

  • Clean and organize your pantry and cupboards. Throw out the old stuff and move the commonly used items to the front. Group together canned fruits, canned vegetables, tomato products, pasta items, canned meats, cereals, etc.
  • Clean and organize the refrigerator and freezer. Then designate a specific shelf, drawer and area for your commonly used items. Make a special place just for leftovers! Do the same in your freezer, with a section for meats, vegetables, entree dinners, pizza. Don't pack the fridge tight; air needs to circulate to keep things fresh. Store meat on the bottom shelf of the fridge.
  • Label shelves so you know exactly where all your ingredients are and grocery storage is a snap – so even the kids can help!
  • Make sure all of your small appliances – crockpot, toaster oven, mixer, blender, dicer, can opener, pasta maker, wok – are easily accessible, clean, and in working order.
  • Create a leftover storage system. Have freezer bags, plastic storage containers, labels and markers handy. Label and date everything that gets stored in your freezer or fridge.
  • Untangle that jammed utensil drawer! You should be able to put your hand on just the right tool in 2 seconds flat. This includes the spatula, measuring spoons, measuring cups, ladle, can opener, knifes, pastry blender, etc. Hang frequently-used items on the wall, or store them in an open container on the counter for easy access.
  • Place a recipe box and cookbooks in full view, not stuffed in a drawer somewhere.

In With The Good, Out With The Bad
Food substitution and sifting is the name of the kitchen makeover game.

  • Throw out: Thick dressings, creamers, chips, dips, soda, pudding and just say no to Twinkies!
  • Keep: Vinaigrettes, spinach, nuts, tomatoes, oatmeal, carrots, salsa, yogurt, natural applesauce.
  • Take a close look at the calories on your condiment shelf. Mustard can be a low-calorie, tasty alternative to mayonnaise; barbecue is a nice substitute for sweet and sour; soy sauce and teriyaki sauce are loaded with sodium, an oyster sauce or some spicy mustards may be a better choice; hot sauces are usually low in calories and can spice up just about anything.
  • Pay particular attention to carbohydrates. Whenever you see refined products like white rice, white pasta, plain bagels or white bread, replace them with more natural choices, like whole grain (brown) rice, whole wheat pasta or whole grain bread.
  • Load up your kitchen with as many Super Foods as you possibly can. Click here to learn more about these nutrient-packed powerhouses.
  • Have a can of nonstick cooking spray on hand. Use instead of higher calorie oils or butter.
  • Load up on fresh produce. Canned and frozen varieties can keep well and be nearly as nutritious as fresh, if not packed in syrup. But they also often come with a lot of sodium, and anytime you eat fresh, you know you’re doing well.

Special Item Checklist
Beyond the fridge and the pantry, a healthy kitchen involves a number of other items and a lot of smart organization. See how many of these you have right now, and then see how you can slowly add more over time.

  • Picture of your goal on the fridge
  • Healthy cookbooks
  • Very visible grocery list
  • Coupon envelope or storage system
  • NO pizza coupons
  • Cutting board
  • Easy-to-read and categorized recipe box or book
  • Full set of measuring cups and spoons
  • NO television in the kitchen or eating area (distractions can cause overeating)
  • Usable kitchen table – free of clutter, bills, bookbags and projects
  • Spice rack and spices
  • Water bottles (preferably reusable ones) in the fridge
  • Water filter
  • Snack bowl on the counter, for all of those fresh fruits and healthy snacks you’ll have

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Member Comments

  • GOLDIE216
    My pantry and fridge is always well organized.
  • RIVKAH12
    I do check my food pantry and fridge every week, and throw out stuff that is outdated and try and keep healthy foods on hand.
  • JASMINE1704
    I cleaned my pantry out last week and also my fridge put my older cans and boxes in front of the new and bought some healthy stuff as well.
  • CRYSTAL417
    My pantry is always organized. I also put all my older cans or boxes in front of the new one's that I buy.
  • January is always one of the two times per year I completely empty cabinets, drawers, pantry, fridge, freezer, etc. It will take me all month probably but so pleased when it's done.
  • I gave up on organizing my pantry or fridge. My wife helps me with my weight loss... but has no concept of organizing a pantry or fridge. As soon as I organize things she can whirlwind it right back into a mess ha ha... So, no worries, it will stay a mess... Such is life. :)
  • It's taken a while but my kitchen is ready to roll. All items in inventory, new Tupperware in pantry. Looks fab.
  • I already had done most of these things but I really need to clean off my dining table, it's become a dumping ground. And I do eat at the coffee table, I know that's not the best.
  • the kitchen is DH's domain, as he's the chef. I do breakfasts sometimes . . . but he designed and built the kitchen himself, and it is so well organized . . . same with the refrig. I am SO blessed!
  • This article came just at the right time since I've got the bug for spring cleaning!
  • I haven't unpacked from moving. Somehow I believe someone is trying to give me a hint! ;)
  • Most of my stuff is in good order but that kitchen table? PLEASE! I wish I had one! My kitchen is streamlined out of necessity- it's a cramped NYC apartment kitchen. I'm just lucky I have a functioning (and full sized) stove!
  • Will go through my spices and herbs today and reorganize them. Everything else is in good order.
    I do this periodically anyway. In the process once again cleaning, pitching and having a good time. when my kitchen is organized, I am happy happy:)

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