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What Does 100 Calories Look Like?

Learn How to Estimate Portion Sizes

Portion control is a crucial part of the weight-loss process, but it's not always convenient to weigh everything you eat. Instead, you can learn how to eyeball portions of common foods so you'll know about how many calories you're eating. You might also be surprised to see how much or how little of certain foods you can eat while consuming the same number of calories. 

100-Calorie Servings of Fruit
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Fruit 100-Calorie Serving
strawberries 2 cups (10 oz)
blueberries 1 1/4 cups (6 oz)
grapes  52 grapes (9 oz)
watermelon 2 cups diced (11 oz)
peaches 2 medium (8 oz)
pineapple  3/4 cup chunks (8.8 oz)
banana  3/4 large (4 oz)
orange 1 large (7.4 oz)
kiwi  2 kiwis (8 oz)
apple 1 large (7 oz)
dried apple rings 6 rings (1.4 oz)
dried apricots  6 (1.5 oz)
raisins  65 (1.2 oz)
dates, medjool 1 1/2
prunes  4 (1.4 oz)
banana chips 1/4 cup (0.75 oz)
100-Calorie Servings of Vegetables

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Vegetables 100-Calorie Serving
sweet potato  1 medium (4 oz)
jicama  2 cups (8.5 oz)
edamame (soy beans)  1/2 cup shelled (3 oz)
grape tomatoes  33 tomatoes (20 oz)
broccoli  5 cups flowerets (12.6 oz)
corn  3/4 cup kernels (4.3 oz)
Romaine lettuce 1 head (22 oz)
celery 12 stalks (25 oz)
baby carrots  28 carrots (10 oz)
cucumbers 3 medium cucumbers
green beans  2 1/4 cups cooked (18 oz)
asparagus  22 spears (18 oz)
avocado 1/2 avocado (2.4 oz)
baked potato  1 small (3.8 oz)
peppers  4 peppers (12 oz)
100-Calorie Servings of Nuts

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Nuts  100-Calorie Serving
almonds 15 almonds (0.6 oz)
cocoa-dusted almonds  15 almonds (0.6 oz)
cashews  12 (0.6 oz)
macadamia nuts  5 (0.5 oz)
peanuts 17 (0.6 oz)
peanut butter  1 Tablespoon (0.6oz)
pistachios  30 (0.7 oz)
walnuts 8 halves (0.6 oz)
soy nuts 1/4 cup (0.7 oz)
sunflower seeds 1/8 cup (0.6 oz)
100-Calorie Servings of Protein

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Protein  100-Calorie Serving
hard-boiled egg  1 1/2 eggs (2.3 oz)
chicken breast  3 oz
steak  1.5 oz
tofu  1/2 block (5 oz)
tuna (packed in water)  4.2 oz
roast beef  3.4 oz
ham 2.2 oz
turkey 3.4 oz
bacon 2 slices
sausage links  two 4-inch links
100-Calorie Servings of Cheese

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Cheese 100-Calorie Serving
mozzarella  1.5 oz
Cheddar  1 slice (1 oz)
Swiss 1 slice (1 oz)
string cheese 2 sticks
cottage cheese, 1%  5 oz
goat cheese 1.3 oz
Parmesan  1/4 cup plus 1/2 tablespoon (0.8 oz)
100-Calorie Servings of Grain

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Grain 100-Calorie Serving
blueberry muffin  1/2 large
French bread  1.3 oz
pita  1/2 large
whole wheat bread  1 slice
English muffin  1 muffin
flour tortilla  1 (6-inch)
bagel  1/2 regular (1.3 oz)
rice cake 3
oatmeal  1/2 cup cooked
brown rice 1/2 cup cooked

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Member Comments

    I think you should have an infographic on impactful protein. For example to say to show a picture of bacon and ham, etc and say it has this much protein ingnores the fact that it also has a lot of cholestrol and fats that can negate the impact of the protein.

    I don't think protein when i see bacon. I love having it bt if serious i would not go to it for my protein intake vis-a-vis lets say egg whites?
  • a half on an avocado is only 100 calories?? That's great news!! LOL...I love avocado!
    Would be nice to have a more rounded list of proteins. You only show tofu as the non meat/dairy option. There are many vegetables that pack lots of protein in them and examples like this should include them as well.
  • Saving this to favorites! Very helpful!
  • Very informative. Wow!!!!
  • KJONES966
    This was very helpful. Visual aids are what make me understand portion sizes. Now to put that info into real life plate filling days! Thank you so much.
  • This was very helpful! Thanks!
  • This is helpful, but would be considered more informative if nutrition information was also provided...Thanks for sharing#
  • What size is the plate? A salad plate? A 9" dinner plate (meaning one dating back to the 60s). It makes a difference. Also with all the emphasis on fresh it was a surprise to see some of the protein items being deli sliced meat and cheese.
  • It would be nice to see how many carbs are in these 100 calorie items. It is good to see the calorie content.
  • I liked to see the portions on a real plate--I'm very visual and can relate to a picture.
  • I'm eating too many nuts! But, hey, I can eat a ton of broccoli! Now to avoid heavy ranch dressing with my veggies, lol.
  • Where are the beans and lentils?
  • Some of the pictures are surprising in good ways. And then I'm surprised in the negative way in now knowing just how much the foods we think of to be high in calories are indeed true to a relative extreme which gives me an extra pause in how much of the foods I will consume when the time is unavoidable. I now know specifically how much exercise it is I would need to do in order to burn off the extra unnecessary calories when the times come that make it practically unavoidable to decline a very dense sandwich.
  • l am using this topic for my tops program this Wednesday thanks for posting norma

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