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Slash Your Grocery Bills: A Dozen Smart and Simple Tips from Food Bloggers

Experts Share How They Eat Well and Save Money


Cost Per Serving: "When I'm scanning the price tags on the shelf, I try not to pay attention to the overall price, but rather focus on the fine print that is cost per serving. There are two yogurt brands in particular where one tub is cheaper than the other, but if you compare how much the yogurt is per ounce, the larger, ‘more expensive’ tub is actually cheaper overall." (Meghann from The Inner Workings of a College Graduate)

$ocial Media: "Follow your favorite companies on Twitter and Facebook – you'll be alerted to sales and giveaways! This past week, So Delicious let me know where So Delicious Kefir was on sale!" (Molly from Fuel Her Up)

Shop at Farmers Markets: "They offer a wide variety of produce at prices less expensive than the grocery stores. Many of the fruits and veggies are organically grown, and you usually get to meet the farmers themselves. The markets foster a great sense of community. Also, Chinatown neighborhoods are a great place for less expensive produce, and they can also introduce you to an unusual variety of veggies, such as bok choy." (Liane from Running for Wine)

Compare Frozen vs. Fresh Prices: "Buy fresh, in-season fruit. It’s often cheaper than frozen fruits. I just bought four pounds of fresh strawberries from a local market. I chopped up the entire thing and put it in the freezer to add to smoothies. They taste so fresh!" (SparkPeople member *Amber512)

Avoid Convenience Produce: "Sure, it’s easier to buy the cut celery, carrot sticks, or fruit. But those items can be close to double the price of the unwashed or uncut items. Taking the ten minutes to wash and cut up your own fruit and veggies can save you so much. Plus, the uncut stuff is usually fresher, tastier, and more nutritious! (Ali from Food Fitness Fashion)

Ask for Rainchecks: "If you find a great sale at the store, but discover that the store is out of the item, ask the clerk or manager for a rain check! Almost all stores will honor the advertised prices when they are back in stock. Plus, these rain checks are usually good for thirty days from the time they are issued." (Dottie from Food Cents)

Use Your Arms: "Don't get a cart or basket when going into the grocery for a few things. If you have to carry what you are buying, you can only get what you need!" (Megan from Eat Scrap Run)

Online Coupons: "An easier and more manageable approach to printing coupons is to load them up on your grocery store card. You can do this via, which I found through" To see if your grocery store participates in the Shortcuts program, check out this link. (Melinda from Melinda Hinson Neely)
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