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How do I get my recipes to show up on my SparkPage?
  • Click on "My Recipes," then "Account Preferences."
  • Under Account Settings, check the box that says "Show Recipes I've Shared."
  • Click Save & Submit.
How do I change my email address, username, or password?
I submitted my recipe to be shared and it is not showing up in the search. Why is this happening?

It might take up to 24 hours for your shared recipe to show up in the shared database, but it will appear in your Recipe Box as soon as you enter it.

How do I add ingredients and foods shared by other members?
  • From the "Add/Calculate Recipe" tab, click "Add An Ingredient." 
  • When the new window opens, type in the food you'd like to add. 
  • Set "Search shared foods" below the large white search box. 
  • Click "Search," then select the food you'd like to add. 
  • Select the serving size and click "Add Food."
How do I add ingredients I've saved to my SparkPeople Favorites?
  • From the "Add/Calculate Recipe" tab, click "Add An Ingredient." 
  • Underneath the large white search box is a pull-down menu that says "Add From Favorites." 
  • Select a food from the list, then select the serving size and click "Add Food."
I entered the serving size or nutritional info incorrectly. How do I fix my recipe?
  • Click on "My Recipes," then "My Recipe Box" at the top of the page.
  • Click the "Edit" button to the right of your recipe.
  • Edit the recipe as desired, then click "Save Recipe."
I created a recipe makeover. How do I share it?
Recipe makeovers are not able to be shared.
The nutritional info of a particular ingredient is incorrect. What do I do about it?
Many foods have been added my members and therefore can't be verified. Either enter a food using nutrition info from a package label or search the database for another entry.
I can't find a certain ingredient in the database. Why don't you have certain foods in the database?
  • Our database is quite comprehensive, but we understand there are times when you can't find the food you're looking for. Here are some tips:
  • Check your spelling. Our search function will not correct misspellings.
  • Search for the singular version of a food rather than plural, or vice versa. Our site uses info from the U.S.D.A. nutrition database, so some basic foods are entered as singular and others as plural.
I still have questions. What should I do?

Please contact for more assistance.
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