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Lateral Shoulder Raises with Mini Stepper Exercise

Lateral Shoulder Raises with Mini Stepper

Starting Position Stand tall on the mini stepper, holding the handles of the resistance bands in each hand. Keep your back straight, abs engaged, knees soft, arms at your sides, and palms facing your body.

Action EXHALE: Keeping arms straight (but not locked), slowly raise your arms up to the sides until they reach shoulder height. INHALE: Slowly lower your straight arms back down to your sides (starting position) to complete one rep. Repeat.

Special Instructions Perform this exercise with or without the lower body stepping motion. Do not lean back or arch your back as you raise and lower your arms. Keep your wrists straight and in line with the forearm, not bent. Move at your own pace, ensuring you are balanced, exercising at your own level, and maintaining good form and control with the arms.

Body Benefit: Shoulders (strength training) and cardio

Exercise Categories: Beginner Shoulders Upper Body Strength