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Exercise Demonstrations

Partner Triceps Toss with Medicine Ball

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Partner Triceps Toss with Medicine Ball Exercise

Starting Position

Stand face-to-face with a partner, at least 6 feet apart. Place your feet hip-with apart or stagger one foot in front of the other (for more stability). One person holds the medicine ball (or unweighted ball) overhead with elbows bent.


EXHALE: Keep your body still and extend your elbows to press the ball overhead and toss it overhead to your partner. INHALE: Bring your hands in front of you to catch your partner's toss in front of your chest to complete one rep.

Special Instructions

Practice extreme caution with this exercise, which requires good hand-eye coordination. Try it with a light or unweighted ball first and gradually progress to a heavier ball. .

Muscles Worked: Triceps