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Exercise Demonstrations

Low Mount Double Crunches with Band

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Low Mount Double Crunches with Band Exercise

Starting Position

Attach a resistance band to a low wall mount or wrap the center of a band around a bench or furniture leg. Either put both of your feet through the handles tightly, or tie the two ends of the band together and place the band over your toes. Lie on your back facing the fixed point. Keep your back flat, abs tight, and place across your chest or behind your ears. Scoot away from the wall, until legs are only slightly bent when raised up off the floor.


EXHALE: Simultaneously lift your head, shoulders, and upper body into a crunch position while bending your knees in towards your shoulders. INHALE: Lower upper body back to the ground and extend your legs back to the starting position to complete one rep.

Special Instructions

Make it harder: Scoot farther away from the wall for more resistance.

Make it easier: Stay closer to the wall and decrease range of motion.

Muscles Worked: Abs, hips