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Buck Up! Try Buckwheat for Breakfast

Just like the boy of the same name would say, buckwheat is o-tay!  I recently became a big fan of the triangular grain that is growing in popularity.  Buckwheat is actually not part of the wheat family, which means it is gluten free.   It also provides eight amino acids, plus plenty of fiber and protein.
To learn more about this unfamiliar, trendy grain, I phoned my agriculture expert. He is actually on my speed dial under "Daddy."
Turns out, my dad has been growing buckwheat for years, which was a surprise for me. I know the farm and its fields well, and he has never mentioned buckwheat! Part of the reason I had never heard of the harvest was that my family does not harvest the crop.  My Dad grows it as a source of food for the deer and doves that call our farm home as well.  Buckwheat, as my Dad explained, is a short crop that does not require pesticides or fertilizers.  Because it is a short crop, meaning that the plant matures in about 30 days, farmers can come in after its harvest or consumption from animals and then plant a second crop during the same season. The short season makes it perfect for climates with shorter growing seasons like the upper Midwest of the United States.   
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